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  1. Comdrpopnfresh

    Ryzen.... Other than consumer desktop CPUs?

    What's the word on AMD's new architecture when it comes to laptop/embedded/mobile and Server Processors? Having a broader sense of Ryzen's underlying architecture applied to other domains and how it compares to similar offerings would go a long way in gleaming a sense of, and demonstrating...
  2. R

    Should I buy the MSI 15.6" CX62?

    Im looking for a moderately priced gaming laptop anywhere betwwwn $500-$750. I found the MSI CX62, and there is one I am looking at It is the MSI 15.6" CX62 7QL-058 Intel Core i5 7th Gen 7200U (2.50 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 8 GB Memory 1 TB, for $699 I'm looking at it to play most games made...
  3. bruno0920

    Help! Which Cheap Laptop Should I buy?

    Hi Everyone, With good reviews, different Sales person opinions, multitude of options to choose from, I am now confuse w/c of the items I have listed as the bang-for-the-buck laptop/netbook/notebook as I have gathered from the Internet Reviews Purpose: 85% = Heavy Internet MMORPG Flash-based...
  4. No this is Patrick

    Notebook freezes after swapping HDD with SSD

    Hi there, after upgrading my notebook with an SSD, it will freeze some minutes after boot. However, this happens only when running on battery. As long as the machine is powered by the PSU / charger, everything is fine. Here are the machine specs: Acer Aspire ES1-311-P6SJ, original setup with...
  5. L

    Supersampling in modern laptop?

    I have a question about my GTX 960M chip. You can force antialiasing in the nVidia control panel. However, the only options are MSAA and FXAA. I can't believe this chip doesn't support the oldest and simplest AA solution, SSAA! How can I enable it? It's important, because some games won't work...
  6. clamum

    Installing Win10 on Laptop with new SSD

    I have a Lenovo T510 laptop that I just put a new SSD in (Crucial MX300, 525 GB). Simple, after replacing the old drive with the new SSD it's time to install a clean version of Windows cause there's nothing on the old drive I wanted. Having installed Windows a million times, from 3.1 on up to...
  7. D

    laptop problem

    I have a Asus U56E laptop, which has now lost all video. I have no video on the LCD screen on the laptop, or through the VGA adapter port on the side of the motherboard. Is the motherboard dead? Or maybe some other component is broken? If i want to replace it, can below product fulfil...
  8. Fritzo

    Favorite "Road Warrior" laptop?

    I work for a large consulting firm and am on the road a lot doing on-site work. Over the years, I've found the perfect portable laptop has to have the following: - No more than a 14" screen - At least a 5 hour battery - A good keyboard/trackpad - A sleep function that actually works - All ports...
  9. S

    Can I deactivate windows 10 from my PC and use it on another PC?

    I have Microsoft Dreamspark key for windows 10 but i have already used it on my PC and my friend’s laptop. Can i deactivate the key on my PC and use it on my laptop (with DOS) Can i use windows 8 key(from dreamspark) to install windows 10 on my laptop?
  10. Sean Kyle

    ASUS ROG 17.3" in $994 Newegg Black Friday Deal!

    Just found this one and it really seems good to me in that price. what say? ASUS ROG 17.3" FHD G-Sync G751JY-VS71(WX) Gaming Laptop Quad Core Intel core i7 4720HQ (2.60 GHz) 16 GB Memory 1 TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 4 GB GDDR5 Windows 10 Home 64-Bit A few more via Cnet...
  11. R

    Perf. evaluating/comparing notebooks with sff and desktops

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this but I am wondering if/where I can find comparisons between different types of computers. When I see the review of the Gigabyte blah blah-950 all the performance comparisons are with other SFFs...Is there a site that could compare it with a laptop (yoga...
  12. R

    sff or laptop for extensive PS use

    Hi all, for space and travel reasons I can not have a full size desktop. Can you recommend a laptop or sff powerful enough for medium to heavy PS use, little to no gaming, heavy web use and streaming/netflix I'd prefer to not go above 15" for a laptop when recommending...I'd take it to coffee...
  13. B

    AMD releasing Pro 460, 455, 450 GPUs in Macbook Pro Laptops

    http://ir.amd.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=74093&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2216742 http://creators.radeon.com/radeon-pro/ Radeon Pro 460 1.86 TFLOPS PEAK PERFORMANCE (UP TO) 16 (1024) COMPUTE UNITS (STREAM PROCESSORS) 80 GB/S MEMORY BANDWIDTH Radeon Pro 455 1.3 TFLOPS PEAK PERFORMANCE (UP TO) 12 (768)...
  14. M

    10mm 5V cooler instead of laptop's dvd??? (slimline sata)

    Hi there. My laptop is super hot! (already replaced thermal grease, didn't help much :p) so I am going to replace my laptop's internal DVD drive with a fan. Initially found two possible "solutions" : 1)...
  15. P

    how o buy Gtx1060 for laptop

    I am trying to build my own laptop and I would like to know how i can buy a Gtx1060 for laptops. I know it is a pretty hard thing to do but I'm doing it anyways. Thanks
  16. S

    Looking to upgrade my video card.

    I currently have an nvidia geforce gtx 560 in my tower. However I'm thinking of upgrading it. Any suggestions on a good one that isn't over 300 bucks. Also If i decide not to upgrade then I'll spend a little more on the laptop I am going to buy for business (hoping to kill two birds with one...
  17. H

    Laptop battery not recharging but not sure it's a battery problem

    My laptop battery has not been recharging regularly. Sometimes when I plug it in, it recharges and most of the time it doesn't recharge. It now no longer recharges at all. I have had other laptops and usually the time of charge gets less and less but this was not the case with this battery...
  18. M

    Laptop Power Issues

    Hey, so recently ( yesterday) I disassembled my HP Pavilion g6 for cleaning and to apply a new layer of thermal paste. Everything went well and i applied the new layer of thermal paste. I re assembled the laptop and when pushed the power button, it wouldn't power on. I disassembled it and made...
  19. P

    Laptop buying help

    I am a Mechanical engineering student. I want to buy a laptop that will be capable of handling basic CFD simulations, FEA and CAD along with all other casual work. My budget is upto Rs.60000 in India. Can anybody please suggest me some good options to choose from? If possible please also give...