Ryzen.... Other than consumer desktop CPUs?


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Jul 25, 2006
What's the word on AMD's new architecture when it comes to laptop/embedded/mobile and Server Processors?

Having a broader sense of Ryzen's underlying architecture applied to other domains and how it compares to similar offerings would go a long way in gleaming a sense of, and demonstrating, it's power/thermal efficiency, scalability, and also the ability of Ryzen to capitalize in markets other than mainstream consumer desktops.

It's actually very interesting; the scuttlebutt surrounding Ryzen. Most, if not all of the discussion, rumors, and 'leaks', surround AMD's return to desktop CPU competitiveness. The 'return' factor aside, how applicable an architecture is to other platforms has been a cornerstone in projecting the near-future of architectures since Intel's Core appeared. Since that time, much of the news surrounding a new architecture has included a focus on the subject. Is it just me, the flury of excitement about a specific aspect of Ryzen in the desktop CPU space, or what? With Intel just announcing a 'world domination' class server chip, and a trickle-through of Intel-dominated architectures to laptop and ultra mobile form factors, it would be particularly interesting to hear more about AMD on other fronts.