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Using Optane memory on a supported Laptop

rc worx

Junior Member
Dec 20, 2017

I was considering to buy a Lenovo L470. It comes with 4GB RAM and a 1TB Hard disk. Since it already supports Optane, would it possible to plonk a 16GB card and speed up the machine?

Processor: Intel Core i5-7200U Processor ( 2.50GHz 2133MHz 3MB )
Memory: 4.0GB PC4-17000 DDR4 SODIMM 2133MHz
Hard Drive: 1TB 5400 rpm

Edit: It comes with DOS and i plan to install Linux on it and maybe use it as a swap partition.


Billy Tallis

Senior member
Aug 4, 2015
If you're planning to use Linux, then you can just make the Optane Memory module your swap device, or you could setup bcache to have the Optane module act as a cache for the hard drive. Either way, don't turn on any BIOS settings related to Optane, because those are only for Intel's caching software for Windows.

As a Linux user, you also have the option of using an Optane Memory module for caching or swap on any machine with a M.2 PCIe slot, even if it's not a Kaby Lake or newer system advertising Optane Memory support. As far as Linux is concerned, the Optane Memory module is just a standard NVMe device.