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Best replacement LCD panel for Dell XPS 15 (L502X)?


Aug 19, 2007
I accidentally cracked the display panel on my Dell XPS 15 (L502X) laptop. It looks like I can just replace the LCD panel rather easily by looking at the Dell service manual, but I am so confused about all the possible choices for the replacement panel models. This may be a chance to upgrade to something better than the stock "320-1673 : 15.6FHD TLF B+RGLED LCD" that it came shipped with.

Generally I like the color quality of IPS panels, the widest viewing angle, and a matte finish.

I noticed that some people choose the B156HTN05.2 to spice up their laptops since this is 120Hz, but I don't know if this TFT eDP panel is compatible with the L502X laptop:

Also there are 7 panels listed here as compatible with the L502X but I don't know if any of these would be the same as or better than the stock panel: