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Aug 21, 2017
Hello everyone!
I'd love some advice on a new laptop. (I tripped and spilled water on my current one and part of the keyboard stopped working so I'm using a wireless one right now)

My budget is $650 Canadian or so.
Windows Operating system heavily preferred (even though 10 is bleh)
I use my laptop for watching movies and TV shows mostly.
I play a few games but nothing intensive.
I also use it for work, Microsoft Office and Google docs/sheets/and such.
So I guess a good all around with a really good screen and graphics card would be great.

I do commute on the bus/subway with it but battery life isn't a big issue because I can plug in at work.

My current laptop has 8GB RAM and 750 overall
Not sure what this stuff means but Processor AMD A10-5745 APU with Radeon and 2.10 GHz

So I'd like one that is the same or better.
Touchscreen would be cool but not necessary.

My budget can stretch if there's something really good.

Also if anyone has advice on spill proofing laptops and/or scratch proofing the screen... mighty appreciated as well.