ASUS ROG 17.3" in $994 Newegg Black Friday Deal!


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Feb 15, 2002
81 got me to buy it! No seriously, I was about to scoff it off because it was an older model, and the 980 and gsync would probably give you zero battery life, yada yada. But then I browsed all the reviews I see that they gave it a high quality IPS screen, plenty of your must have upgrade solutions like multiple drive bays and thunderbolt, and the cooling solution is top notch.

My game time these days has been shrinking and I've been shifting to be a bit more mobile. I had reviewed over all the 1060 gtx laptops as a replacement for my 970gtx desktop system. Only the alienware looked like it had the answer to all the check boxes with its cooling, thunder bolt, M.2 bays, ect, but they were all $1500 for the average desirable loadout. While the G751jy 980m may not offer the rounder and more VR ready performance as a 1060, it packs far more value in a system that lags just a little behind them. These days my gaming staples are WoW and overwatch, with some GTA5 thrown in so I'll still get awesome performance for these games. As a bonus, the laptop was eligible for shoprunner 2 day shipping. :)

Just a note, the laptop has thunderbolt 2.0, the one you see on todays pascal laptops is 3.0 with usb type-c. Chances are when the eGPU enclosures do make it mainstream, thunderbolt 3/usb c will be required and this style of thunderbolt 2.0 will be mostly useless. I decided to stick with this laptop because it is over $500 less, so when eGPU boxes finally hit the market and are well tested, we will see more ideal laptops (IMO the perfect laptop config is a razor thin with x60 GTX speeds, good mobile speeds that won't kill your battery, but then you can come home and connect your x80 monster to your 4k TV). Then I will upgrade to one of those.

So yea.. 17" kick ass monitor, excellent cooling (fan noise is extremely nominal, hardware canuks didn't bother stressing the audible test because after 4 hours of load the thing never ramped up), and a gpu that will handle everything current at 1080p for $1k? hell yea. It IS a bit of a large beast, so if an 17 inch laptop is just out of your office space then this isn't for you. For me, I was not looking at 17 inch laptops, but if it came down to matching my needs and price points, Id take it.

Sean Kyle

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Aug 22, 2016
That's one awesome analysis. Thank you man and I'm glad it is more desirable than me for someone :D


Aug 22, 2004
I have the 970m version of this laptop and I paid $1200 for it. This is an amazing deal.