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    Future of AMD's GPU business.

    I used to like AMD gpus, I'm not that active in gaming any more though. Lately I come across more and more news that AMD's GPU business is not sustainable, and they can't compete anymore. What do the enthusiasts think? Would you buy a AMD gpu now? Is it possible that they don't have a future...
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    Question Windows 11, AMD 7900X, stuttering, freezing problems.

    I built my new ring last month. Until last week it has been working flawlessly. Occasionally and as far as I can tell only after the first boot , for some reason the screen slows down, buttons don't respond to mouse clicks but they respond to keyboard and I can hardly close all the windows...
  3. candasulas

    Question ROG Strix LC III 360 Liquid cooling hose direction

    Hello everyone, I purchased and installed an Asus Rog Strix Lc III 360 liquid cooling for my new system. I mounted the radiator on the top of the case correctly. However, in the installation manual, it is stated that we recommend that the pump hose inlet be next to the rams. However, I...
  4. candasulas

    Question 7900x3d System Impact of Core Isolation and Virtual Machine Platform (VMP) on performance

    Hello everyone; I am faced with an interesting situation. I switched from 5900X system to 7900x3d system. After Windows installation, I installed AIDA64 to do a small test. And when I did the test, it gave the warning I shared below during the memory test. While researching the subject on...
  5. M

    Question Ryzen 7900X igpu black screen problem.

    I built my new rig 3 days ago and I'm having a problem I can't figure out the source of. AMD Ryzen 9 7900X IGPU of the CPU ASUS ROG STRIX B650E-F Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 32GB (2x16GB) 5200MT/s DDR5 CL36 DIMM Monitor: Asus MG278Q After a cold start into the Windows 11, I started getting black...
  6. M

    Question I need RAM advice for AMD CPU.

    I about to build a new rig. I'm a bit out of the loop about the new hardware. The new Rig will be based on AMD 7900X + B650E motherboard. Officially supported speed by this CPU is 2x1R DDR5-5200. The problem is I can't find every ram I need on the online shops. Corsair Vengeance 64 GB (2x32)...
  7. vixeko_

    Question My R7 250 turns off randomly

    A few weeks ago while I was playing TF2 on my desktop PC, the screen suddenly went black and made a noise and stopped displaying an image. I looked at the PC and it was still on since the fans and lights were still on except the GPU fan so there I could tell that the GPU turned off but the PC...
  8. Q

    Question Build help: I7-13700k vs Ryzen 7 - 7800X3D and mobo pairing

    Hi Folks, Looking to upgrade my motherboard, processor, and ram. Need some help with mobo and processor pairings. Looking for best bang for the buck, OC if i need it (possibly), will be used for gaming and as my plex server (must have at least 6 sata ports). ATX mobo. Want it powerful enough...
  9. Sovauthority

    Question Cables for direct power line from PSU to GPU Question!

    I have .an AMD Radeon 7900 XT and a 1,000 Watt Rosewill RBR1000-M PSU with connectors being from the PSU itself of 6+2 Pin & 6 Pin Cable which I use a 6 Pin to 8 Pin Converter (the GPU requires 2 8-pin Cables).. (Image 1 - Current Cable Hook Up) My issue is that my computer crashes when I: -...
  10. Sovauthority

    Question Black Screen Crash on entire brand new PC

    So I bought a brand new PC from scratch: - GPU: AMD RX 7900XT by Powercolor - CPU: Intel I7-13700K - Mobo: Z790 Aorus Elite AX by Gigabyte - RAM: G.Skill DDR5 2x 16 GB Sticks. - SSD: Samsung 990 m.2 nvme with a fresh install of Windows 11. The only thing NOT new is the PSU. - PSU: Rosewill...
  11. Psycho381

    Solved! Will i7 8700k bottleneck amd 6750xt?

    I have i7 8700k cpu and I am soon upgrading to RX 6750 XT, Will there be any bottleneck? If so will there be noticeable difference in perfomance/fps. Don'f feel like spending on a new cpu for few fps loss.
  12. Psycho381

    Question Will Asus VG248QE monitor work with AMD graphic card?

    I have Asus VG248QE monitor and 1070ti gpu, I am soon upgrading to AMD 6750xt gpu, will this monitor work just as fine as with the Nvidia gpu? Will there be any noticeable difference/problems?
  13. Vattila

    Discussion AMD 2022-Q4 Financial Results

    After Intel released their dire earnings and forecast this week, AMD again passed Intel in market capitalisation (currently $122B vs $116B). It will be interesting to see if AMD can retain their higher valuation this time around, which very much depends on their own financial results in the...
  14. Brainonska511

    MSI RX 6600 8GB PCI-E4.0 GPU at Newegg - $189.99 after MIR

    Newegg has an MSI Mech Radeon RX 6600 8GB GDDR6 PCI-E4.0 GPU: $239.99 - $30 promo code - $20 MIR = $189.99 when all is said and done. This is the last day for the promo code. The card also has a BF price protection -...
  15. BenHe

    Question Performance of 7950X with 4-DIMM 128GB ram?

    Planning on building a workstation with 128GB DDR5, can't decide whether to go Intel, or AMD, or wait for Zen4 v-cache. Please advice: Q1: I am a bit confused with 7950x's memory limitation. According to the spec, in the 2x2R configuration, max memory speed reduces from 5200MT/s to 3600MT/s...
  16. JayMX

    Question Virtualization Machine - Intel or AMD?

    Hello I am looking to build a new computer which I want to use as a VM host - I use Windows Hyper-V (hypervisor) sometimes VirtualBox too. Doing some research (not extensive) I read that latest big/little Intel CPUs have issues with Virtualization in that p/e cores are assigned in a random...
  17. Vattila

    Poll: CPU upgrades on the AMD AM4 platform

    Today I finally put in the order for an interim upgrade of my old desktop PC (based on an Asus PRIME B350-PLUS AM4 motherboard with an 8-core Ryzen 1700 "Zen" 14nm CPU with 8 GB of memory). So I will soon enjoy 16-core Ryzen 5950X "Zen 3" N7 goodness. Thanks to AMD for the amazing AM4 platform...
  18. Win11

    Question Windows 11 nightmare - Randomly crashing on new-build

    PROBLEMS: Windows 11 randomly crashing just prior to login screen and sometimes on Wake-Up - Shows black screen and no response. Windows and Hardware Specs Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 Installed on ‎10/‎12/‎2021 OS build 22000.493 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack...
  19. franelpro

    Question FOR A R9 390X 8GB SAPHIRE what is this capacitor and where to find it?

  20. FlameTail

    Question Why don't CPUs have an odd number of cores ?

    There are 2,4,6,8,10,12,14...32..128 core CPUs. But all these are EVEN numbers. CPUs with odd-number of cores are almost non-existent. WHY ? 1. Making an actual CPU die with an odd number of cores. In this scenario, I know the answer to the question. It's possible to actually make a die with...
  21. FlameTail

    Question Core i9 11900K vs 11980HK : What's up with the naming ?

    The Intel Core i9 11900K is the top end desktop CPU from Intel, and it is obviously more powerful than the 11980HK - the top end laptop CPU from Intel 11th gen. Intel Core is 11900K vs 11980HK ( Nanoreview )...
  22. H

    Question New M.2 SSD: got "device does not exist" error, but now it's working, should I keep or return it?

    Hi everyone, I got a new XPG SX8100 4TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4 SSD. Yesterday, I installed it in my motherboard (MSI MEG X570 UNIFY with AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU), in one of the M.2 slots, and covered it with the motherboard's M.2 heatsink. There are two other SSDs in the other two M.2 slots, both PCIe 4...
  23. Croc3LL

    Question Ryzen 7 3700x Overheats 90 C on Idle please help

    hi, so i've been using Ryzen 7 3700x for like an year now and suddenly i noticed that the FPS in the games are going down and my PC restarts alot for the specific reason "CPU Overheating". as soon as i checked the temperatures, they were over 90C on Idle and i was like BRUH when i play games or...
  24. candasulas

    Question Which ram is best for Ryzen 5900x?

    Hello to everyone. I use two of the Gskill TridentZ 2x16GB CL16 (F4-3200C16D-32GTZR) memory kit in my system. So I have a total of 4x16gb Ram. First kit is Samsung B die, Second kit is Hynix A Die. I've been reading comments on the internet that CL14 memory kits perform better. They also talk...
  25. Vattila

    OT: SYCL will replace CUDA

    Argonne, ORNL and Codeplay just announced that Codeplay has been awarded a contract for implementing SYCL support for AMD GPUs — as an open heterogeneous programming model for the upcoming exascale supercomputers...
  26. Vattila

    OT: SYCL will replace CUDA

    Argonne, ORNL and Codeplay just announced that Codeplay has been awarded a contract for implementing SYCL support for AMD GPUs — as an open heterogeneous programming model for the upcoming exascale supercomputers...
  27. H

    Question x570 boards for zen 1

    Currently i'm OC'ing my Ryzen 7 1700 and im really limited by my motherboard, i've seen some x570 boards taht run with zen 1, is there a way to find out wether the board supports zen 1? because the support is basically unofficial and only possible becuase the motherboards had some memory left...
  28. V

    Question Vega 64 displays nothing but a black screen on TV, works fine on monitor

    Hey all, recently rebuilt my HTPC (new mobo, cpu, ram, and drive) and moved my Vega 64 into it from another PC. Everything works fine on a monitor, but I am getting nothing but a black screen when connected to my receiver or directly to my TV. Using latest drivers, tested that the HDMI 2.1...
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    Question -

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    Question Asus Prime X570-P USB-C issues

    My mobo is Asus Prime X570-P but it doesn't have usb-c, so I am trying to add it, however when I stick a usb-c card into 2nd pcie 16x slow, I think it becomes 1x slot since speed is capped at 200MB/s. I also have a thunderbolt 3 external hd with USB-C connector and I connected to the back of it...
  31. Maheshpm

    Question Caveats of using Ryzen 4750G with MSI B550 UNIFY / Gigabyte B550 Arous Master

    Hello, MSI B550 UNIFY Board has total four M2 slots. 1st is directly coupled with CPU, 2nd and 3rd M2 slots actually share PCI-E 4.0 x 16 bandwidth. If I put SSD in any of these M2 slots, PCI-E slot brought down to x8 mode. This is fine as long as there is 3000/5000 series CPU with graphics...
  32. furrkan209

    Question AMD hd 4650 doesn't work on some of systems, WHY ?

    * I am new on this forum but maybe you guys help me. That's really important for me and sorry If I have English mistakes hope you can understand them * I am trying to make a new computer from secondhand (thrift) But I met a really crazy problem. I have AMD HD 4650 1GB DDR2 graphic card but it...
  33. R

    Question White LED and display problems with my VGA monitor, APU and GPU. New Ryzen 5 & Asus B550f gaming motherboard. Tech Support

    Hi Guys, Having some weird problems here. The whole problem here seems to be due to VGA, GPU or some incompatibility. Old build AMD A8-7600 (APU) Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X (VGA+DVI) Asus GTX 660(VGA+DVI+HDMI) LG VGA Monitor New build AMD Ryzen 5 4650g (APU) Asus ROG Strix B550f Gaming Wifi...
  34. O

    Question AMD with USB4/TB4?

    Hi, I'd like to update my Skylake from 2015 to a Zen 3, either 5600X or maybe an APU with integrated graphics when they arrive ... BUT I want a system with USB4/TB4 for future proofing. What are my options? How long will I have to wait? Should I hold out for Zen 4? Thanks!
  35. candasulas

    Question PBO setting for Ryzen 3800x processor

    Hello, There are a few things I am curious about with my Ryzen 3800X processor. I want to learn from friends who have knowledge. I have an Asus Crosshair VIII motherboard and Asus Strix LC360 AIO liquid cooling. I want to increase the processor performance a little more. But in my research...
  36. G

    Question Screen Flicker When Setting Refresh Rate Above 60hz

    Hi, As the title suggests, my monitor screen flickers very badly when I set the refresh rate in Display Settings of Windows 10 64bit to anything above 60hz. I'm using a Pixio Prime PX7 monitor. I am on the latest BIOS version. I have tried downgrading the display driver, and then it works at...
  37. burninatortech4

    Question Opteron 6300 Series Dual-Socket Build 'Mr. Stupid' - Build Log

    Opteron 6300 Series Dual-Socket Build Log - "Mr. Stupid" - Introduction I've been teleworking for the last 3 months and have started to have a build itch. I've been wanting to experiment with used server hardware for the last few years because: 1) I'd like to learn more about Virtual...
  38. N

    Question Working on PSU cables with PSU Power switch on cause damage ?

    Reconnect , connect or check cable conections ,internal cable connections like 24 pin cable.or others ,with PSU switch on but PC powered off can cause any issue to the computer ? in my case I was only pushing the 24 pin cable to make sure the connection was good , I think was good anyway . the...
  39. C

    Question Does Sapphire R9 290x tri x oc require a copper shim

    Does Sapphire R9 290x tri x oc require a copper shim for the Kraken G12 water cooler?