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  1. Krteq

    Radeon SW Adrenalin Edition 18.2.3 ( - 22.2.2018

    Download and complete release notes: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.2.3 Release Notes
  2. goldstone77

    AMD using TSMC for CPUs and GPUs

    Malta Tour Shows GF Rising Ryan Shrout 2/7/2018 00:01 AM EST 7nm LP will be used for mobile processor applications... What about the other applications like desktops? Maybe, TSMC will be producing 7nm CPUs for AMD.
  3. J

    Graphics driver crashes after a few minutes in game

    Hello. Bit of a frustrating few weeks. I built a new Ryzen system over the holiday break but carried over my known good graphics card. However, the amd driver seems to be crashing after a few minutes of processing anything 3D (the menus of games and mining is fine) according to the event viewer...
  4. F

    ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard stopped working after one night?

    I recently purchased an ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard for my new build but had to RMA it because I had thought it was not turning on, and ASUS ended up sending what I believe to be a new one. It turns out I had forgotten that I need to short the PWR_SWITCH pins on the motherboard to get the cpu...
  5. H

    Why are frametimes smoother on Nvidia than on AMD?

    I was browsing google for frametime graphs to see whether I should buy the gtx 1080 or the 980 ti cause people kept saying the 1080 has massive frametime spikes that have never been fixed. I was never an expert on which gpu company has better frametime stability but I came across a consistent...
  6. Selena Anderson

    AMD FX 6300 overclocking

    Hello all I'd like to overclock my FX6300 processor but I am confused what cooler to choose. Should I go for an air cooler or liquid cooling? any help would be appreciated.
  7. goldstone77

    Ryzen 2600 spotted

    Looks like a 200MHz lift in frequency over last year. Not much. This thread has quickly turned into a troll thread. OP make his contributions to the current, Ryzen 2 thread here...
  8. I

    does AMD have a "retail edge" program like Intel?

    I tried searching for information online, but only came across comments from years ago about a website (that now seems defunct) Does anyone know of a "retail edge" program for AMD, similar to like what intel has? specifically: Intel sometimes had holiday deals for retail...
  9. V

    Upgrade to Ryzen now or wait a few months?

    Hello! I'm currently using: AMD FX-6350 @ 4.0 Ghz. Radeon HD 7850 2Gb. 8GB 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM. 2 x 1TB HDD. 1080p Monitor. I was thinking to upgrade CPU, Mobo and RAM only and wait for the next gen GPUs since they are not that far away, my 7850 can still live through those months (and I can use...
  10. EXCellR8

    Odd Behavior w/ AMD FM2+ Ubuntu Box

    This started happening more recently... basically, my Ubuntu 16.04 system will turn itself on shortly after one of my other computers is powered up. I looked in BIOS just to check to see if there were any wake events configured but there aren't. The second part of this is that the system...
  11. F

    ASUS B350-F Strix's RGB and orange LED light up but nothing else works?

    Parts list: What I've done to try and fix it: I've tried rewiring everything, I've tried using another power supply, using different ram slots, and using different pcIE slots for the GPU. However, I still cannot get anything to post. The RGB on the...
  12. DeadlyTitan

    My take on Intel refuse to patch the bug.

    Apparently we all know that intel Chips (all the modern chips that are produced in the last 10 years) have a bug that skips some security checks to improve performance. Basically it checks 999 out of 1000 checks to save time so it can improve performance. Fixing this can cause intel Chips to...
  13. S

    Questions about LFC for FreeSync Monitors

    Hey guys, I’m hoping to purchase a new FreeSync monitor and just have some questions on the Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) feature. I kinda have a special gaming situation here, I play Total War, Mount & Blade and Men of War extensively. I always run mods which triples the amount of troops...
  14. EXCellR8

    Help Me Diagnose This, Out of Ideas Now

    Decided that this deserved its own thread; I've mentioned this before somewhere (maybe in Vega builders) but it's still not fixed. So, here we go... sorry in advance for the length. [system in question is first in my signature below, the Ryzen 1700 computer] Started a few weeks ago while...
  15. goldstone77

    Huge AMD ‘Fenghuang APU’ with 15FF Graphics Spotted – The Ryzen APU For Desktop

    Huge AMD ‘Fenghuang APU’ with 15FF Graphics Spotted – The Ryzen APU For Desktop By Usman Pirzada 3 hours ago
  16. Dayman1225

    AMD Ryzen Gen 2 Set For Q2 2018
  17. M

    Request suggestion for new build for Virtualization

    I am looking for suggestion for new build purely for virtualization (openstack). Currently looking for a single system, CPU: AMD (Ryzen preferably) , FormFactor: MiniITX Motherboard with 2 NIC's RAM: Minimum of 16GB Decent IO for hard-disks, At any point of time there will be 4 VM's that...
  18. Vattila

    Ryzen 2 slide in KitGuruTech video

    Take a close look at the Ryzen 2 slide at 08:20 in this video — some remarkable specs, prices and schedule. Too good to be true, so probably fake. Strangely, no one mentions it in the comment section. I've tried to find other sources for this slide, but none shows up.
  19. M

    I cant install the drivers after 10.1 .

    Computer Type: Desktop, custom build GPU:Sapphire AMD R290 CPU: intel 4770k , mem @2333 Motherboard: Asus Hero VI RAM:corsair 8x2 , 2300 PSU: seasonic 750 Operating System & Version:Windows 10 , fall update GPU Drivers:amd 11.2 I Cant install any Amd driver after trying to install 10.2. Amd...
  20. W

    Recommend Energy Efficient Desktop CPU

    Looking for a computer that is snappy enough to handle video editing but not an energy hog. Just balancing power with electrical bills as I leave my computer on 24/7. Currently using this cpu that was released Feb 2009 and it's a bit underpowered: AMD Phenom II X3 720 Got any...
  21. Dayman1225

    "I just confirmed that Raja Koduri will in fact be going to work at Intel." - Ryan Shrout. Twitter

    I just confirmed that Raja Koduri @Rajaontheedge will in fact be going to work at Intel.
  22. M

    Ryzen 1200 system restarting after overclocking

    So i built a new ryzen based PC with specs as follows. Ryzen 1200 Asrock b350 pro4 Zotac GTX 1060 3GB AMP Zion 8GB DDR4 Ram Seagate 2TB HDD Corsair VS550 It boots up and works fine unitl i oc the cpu. I tried various combinations like 3.8ghz 1.32v and 1.33v, 3.7ghz 1.3v but the pc won't start...
  23. Dayman1225

    Vega Nano spotted on HWBOT. 1156/800 (Core/Mem)

    Vega Nano
  24. The Frozen Mind

    AMD Processor (heatsink grill marks)

    Greetings! Fellow Techs. "heat sink grill marks" on your AMD Processor. on the four sides of the processor (plate) -heat sink marks seems to be a discoloration -already cleaned it with 99% alcohol -this is a 7 year old processor -using the stock heat sink fan - the cause of the grill marks. I...
  25. B

    AMD results look pretty good, but not-so-good guidance.

    AMD earned an adjusted $0.10 a share on revenue of $1.64 bln for Q3, but sees a big drop in revenue for the fourth quarter.
  26. T

    Anyone feel CPU [AT] benchmarks should include gaming and streaming since multi core cpu's are out?

    As a person that just got a brand new ryzen7 system and lingering if coffee lake would have been the better path for gaming and streaming csgo,pubg, etc , I feel there simply isn't enough data out there for this topic. I was on the fence between 7700k and the ryzen 7, 99% of the time the 7700k...
  27. Nietzsche-san

    Vega 64 Beats 1080ti In Forza 7

    Source: This is an anomaly, yes, but is this a sign of things to come? AMD's architecture was beyond its time and now with DX12 and improvements in software, their research is turning out to...
  28. indydude345

    ASRock AB350M Pro-4... problems??

    I recently upgraded to the Ryzen 5 1600, and was looking at getting an X370 mobo, but it just didn't fit in my budget. I'm impatient, so I went with a B350 chipset. I knew deep down that it wouldn't OC that well, but I went with it anyway. Well, I kind of screwed myself, so to speak. It worked...
  29. TrackSmart

    "Eco-friendly" overclocking of Ryzen 1700?

    Is there potential for an "eco-friendly", near-stock-voltage overclock of a Ryzen 1700 that won't cause a loss of single-threaded performance? I'd like to maintain low idle power usage AND keep load power reasonable. What is "reasonable" to me? Generally no higher than the stock 1800X (about...
  30. B

    AMD WattMan volt settings revert to default when the workload changes

    PowerColor Radeon RX 480 4 GB, driver 17.7.2 Windows 10 Primary display connected to integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000, and extended desktop connected to AMD GPU (for Radeon Settings to even start at all). I set all power state volts to 1025 mV, and frequency +2% (~1290 MHz). I run a task that...
  31. harobikes333

    AMD RYZEN 7 1800X $389.99

    AMD RYZEN 7 1800X 8-Core 3.6 GHz Socket AM4 YD180XBCAEWOF Condition:New This deal was featured on ebay's front page. seller has a ton of feedback-- > refurbforless (37631) ebay currently has a 8% back in ebay bucks..... so.... Total Bucks You'll earn = $31.20 If you plan on using those...
  32. J

    AMD Radeon R5 M335 4GB DDR3 - Capable of streaming?

    I am looking into streaming my PC games (H1z1 Kotk, Destiny 2, Eco, etc.) and was wondering if my laptop is capable of streaming as a dual setup using a Capture Card because my CPU in my desktop isn't good enough. I tried finding these answers through tech support on each card's respective...
  33. T

    Workstation: Quad Channel (1900x+X399) vs. Dual Channel (1800x+X370).

    Hi all, I've setting up a Workstation and with the arrival of Threadripper I asked my self a new question: Would the Quad channel Ram from the X399 chipset suppose a big difference vs dual channel? I had in mind a 1800x + X370 AORUS Gaming 5 with dual channel RAM, but now I'm wondering if the...
  34. D

    R9 290 Reference/AIO Cooled Temp/OC

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has chucked an ID-Cooling AIO cooler on there reference 290 and what kind of temps you've gotten? I had the reference design and the temps would always be in the 90-96c range when gaming/benchmarking. I've recently bought a Dual AIO Hunter Duet Cooler from...
  35. DaQuteness

    Vega FE in hand - info source

    I've just received the Vega FE, if anyone is curious about performance or has any specific tests or software in mind, now's the time to ask away as much as you want, this is about as close as you'll get to getting fast responses to Vega FE related questions - I have never mined a day in my life...
  36. M

    AMD Southern Island and Evergreen Components Area

    Hi everyone I am looking for AMD Southern Island (Radeon HD 7000 Series) and Evergreen (Radeon HD 5000 Series) Components area. These components are listed below, L2 Cache D-Cache Hardware Thread Context I-Cache Lane Floating Point Unit Integer Unit Any help will be appreciated.
  37. Vattila

    Speculation: The CCX in Zen 2

    Hi all, it has been some exciting months in the CPU space since the Ryzen launch, with more to come before year end. However, I am already very curious about how AMD will evolve the Zen core with the upcoming 7nm Zen 2 next year — in particular how the CCX will be configured. There is a similar...
  38. P

    Does freesync mean anything w/ 4k resolution?

    Because high pixel density rocks, I would like to upgrade my monitor to something around 27" and 3840x2160. Such monitors are available with Freesync, which I had hoped would be really helpful in getting smooth gameplay. I'm sure that I would need to turn settings down (RX 480), but that's a...
  39. P

    Best Graphics Card Advice

    Hi All, I have recently started learning Blender with an interest towards Architecture modelling.My system specs are given below, I request you to please let me know which graphics card is pocket friendly and will serve my purpose best. Processor AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor, 3500...
  40. B

    My laptop GPU is strange.

    My laptop spec : Lenovo Y40-70 I7-4510U 8GB DDR3 R9 M275 DDR3 2GB Windows 10 x64 I have problem, plz help me. After Windows Update, My laptop had frame drops when I playing games, so I found out what's wrong with my laptop, Then I found that my gpu have stuttering, So I reinstalled newest...