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  1. EXCellR8

    Sapphire RX480 8GB Nitro OC - No video, Win 10

    Finally got around to finalizing the setup on my Z170 i5 computer and everything was going swimmingly until I went to install AMD drivers for a brand new RX 480 8GB... AMD drivers being the Achilles heel of any good machine of course. OS install went fine, as did the MSI board drivers, but...
  2. S

    Obduction & Divinity Original Sin 2 GPU Tests (GameGPU)

    Obduction 4K Screenshots
  3. Y

    FreeSync TVs may be coming to make console gaming smoother than ever!

    Very interesting article over on Trusted Reviews about AMD working on bringing Freesync TVs working with consoles through HDMI to deliver silky FPS smoothness. And really... lower FPS consoles are perfect to benefit most from this...
  4. B

    PC-Blackscreen while playing stays like this!?

    Edit: Motherboard is broken. Going to buy new Complete new Hardware. Thanks for all your help Hi. First of all my specs mainboard: Gigabyte GA 970a DS3 Rev 1.1 CPU AMD 9590 4ghz-4,7ghz GPU: AMD 7970 3GB 12gigs ram 1333mhz 650w powersupply by sharkoon I'm using the named CPU at a clock at...
  5. Arachnotronic

    AMD Bristol Ridge Desktop Release

    Yesterday, AMD announced Bristol Ridge/FM4 for OEMs. Here is the product stack: And here are the chipsets: Looks to me that performance doesn't move all that much forward (higher IPC than Steamroller, but offset a bit by lower frequencies), but power efficiency goes up. Chipsets look...
  6. B

    Jet - 480 4gb Sapphire Nitro+ for $192 TRIPPLE3 with bottom pricing option. If mods want to move it to hot deals thats fine, just figured people wanting one could at least see it here. Fury is...
  7. B

    AMD Crimson 16.8.3 drivers released Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.8.3 Highlights New AMD CrossFire profile added for DirectX® 11: Deus Ex™: Mankind Divided Battlefield™ 1 Beta Fixed Issues A random blank or colored...
  8. Y

    AMD hires former Forbes graphics cards reviewer as part of their Technical Marketing Team

    Things must be going well at AMD, they just hired Jason Evangelho, the review guy over at Forbes as part of their expanding Technical Marketing Team.
  9. superstition

    Should AMD spin off high-level SIMD to a separate chip?

    Consider the following: 1) CPUs used to do the work of GPUs. We can see from the evolution of the discreet GPU the advantages of having them separate: a) nimbleness – upgrade GPU without having to upgrade CPU/board b) more chip space – more space to use for transistors from having separate...
  10. AtenRa

    Deus Ex MD - CPU Thread Scaling and performance

    General Deus Ex : Mankind Divided thread for CPU thread scaling and performance. First official review from, i will update the OP with every new review available. Just a reminder, Deus Ex official DX-12 will be available via a patch on the 5th of September. So the numbers bellow may...
  11. Y

    AMD Sales surge 23% in 2Q16

    The news sites are picking up on news AMD Sales have jumped 23% sequentially the last quarter. So looks like AMD is shipping product alright, just still not enough to satisfy demand yet. I'd guess even they didn't predict this massive type of demand for Polaris and derivative products. Looks...
  12. B

    Advanced Media Framework Updated and Released as Open Source

    The Advanced Media Framework SDK provides developers with optimal access to AMD GPUs for multimedia processing. This SDK may be used in developing wireless display, remote desktop, video editing, transcode and playback applications. Specifically, developers can use the AMF SDK for accessing AMD...
  13. M

    AMD A10 7700K Dual Graphics

    Hi guys. I am thinking of buying the AMD A10 7700K 3.40GHZ APU and the MSI A88XM-E35 V2 Motherboard. What i wanted to ask is that will the APU be able to run dual graphics with my already owned GPU Radeon 6670 HD. And up to how many RAM mhz will the Moba be able to support, thanks in advance
  14. S

    No Man's Sky GPU Test (GameGPU)

    Windows 10 Pro Nvidia GeForce / ION Driver Release 368.81 AMD Radeon Crimson Edition 16.8.2роллевые/no-man-s-sky-test-gpu
  15. B

    AMD 16.8.2 Hotfix Released [Drivers]

    Nvidia Volta Discussion

    I call dibs nvidia will unveil its own Async Compute implementation called AsyncWorks with Volta and buried AMD/RTG with the new and improved GameFinallyWorks program. /s Joking aside, how are your thought on nvidia's upcoming Volta Architecture? It will have a substantial performance boost...
  17. S

    AMD Ryzen (Summit Ridge) Benchmarks Thread (use new thread)

    Everyone has been asking that this thread be updated, and it has not by the op for months, so a new thread was created today before this one was updated, and that one stands. This one is locked. Markfw Anandtech Moderator Link to new thread...