Question White LED and display problems with my VGA monitor, APU and GPU. New Ryzen 5 & Asus B550f gaming motherboard. Tech Support


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May 24, 2017
Hi Guys,

Having some weird problems here. The whole problem here seems to be due to VGA, GPU or some incompatibility.

Old build

AMD A8-7600 (APU)
Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X (VGA+DVI)
LG VGA Monitor

New build
AMD Ryzen 5 4650g (APU)
Asus ROG Strix B550f Gaming Wifi (HDMI+Display Port)
LG VGA Monitor

I used to run my GTX 660 by using an DVI-VGA converter as my monitor is VGA. My old motherboard has an VGA port so no problem even if I used the iGPU of my processor.

I bought my new build yesterday and tried to boot it with my GPU using DVI-VGA like my previous build. But it failed to boot and I could see the white solid LED on my mobo and the Green Boot light. Thought something wrong with my wires and reset all the wires, reinserted my GPU and tried again. Still same issue. Read some forums and came to know that the LED light of VGA is due to incompatible wire/GPU or no signal from monitor. So I got an HDMI-VGA converter and connected it to my GPU. Still didn't boot and same LEDs were glowing.

I removed my GPU and connected the HDMI-VGA to my motherboard. Bingo!! I could see the boot screen. What went wrong with the GPU?

The green light I understand was due to the BIOS not being setup and stuck at 'Press F1 for setup'

PS: I also noticed my Keyboard is PS/2 and my mobo doesn't have a PS/2 connector so I am waiting for my new USB KB. I know I gotta upgrade my KB and monitor :D

My questions:

1) Why wasn't my DVI-VGA not working with the GPU when it was with my old system.
2) How come HDMI-VGA is working for the mobo when not for the GPU?

Could it be that the default display needs to be selected on the BIOS...but doesn't the BIOS auto select the GPU when detected? It used to in my old system with the APU and also does for everyone irrespective of the configuration.