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  1. candasulas

    Question Which ram is best for Ryzen 5900x?

    Hello to everyone. I use two of the Gskill TridentZ 2x16GB CL16 (F4-3200C16D-32GTZR) memory kit in my system. So I have a total of 4x16gb Ram. First kit is Samsung B die, Second kit is Hynix A Die. I've been reading comments on the internet that CL14 memory kits perform better. They also talk...
  2. cgeorgy

    Question Gigabyte bios update best practices

    Hi, I have Ryzen 7 5800x and mobo GIGABYTE B550 AORUS ELITE AX V2. Requires bios update before using this CPU. I heard that is recommended to have an older CPU inserted into socket, which is compatible with the bios version present on mobo. Because otherwise, without a CPU, sometimes bios...
  3. cgeorgy

    Question What mobo for Ryzen 7 5800x ?

    Hello, I'm trying to decide about a mobo for Ryzen 7 5800x. I want reliability and stability more than high performance. I'm not a gamer, I just want to run a few VMs in parallel with Docker and various databases, do software development. No CPU intensive workloads running a lot of time...
  4. cgeorgy

    Question Intel or AMD for specific type of desktop

    Hello, I'm having a hard time deciding on a desktop configuration. Last time when I did this was more than 10 years ago, I have the feeling this is a more complex task in present. My kind of workload : run 2-3 VMs in parallel, software development, Docker, various databases. Display : I already...
  5. A

    Question [CPU LED Solid Red] B450 Tomahawk won't output

    Hi this was my first time building a PC, I connected everything, turned on the PSU and pressed the power button. My fans, graphics card, RAM, hardrive, etc. all come to life, but there is no output on my display and my keyboard and mouse don't receive any power. The CPU LED turns on, meaning...
  6. candasulas

    Question PBO setting for Ryzen 3800x processor

    Hello, There are a few things I am curious about with my Ryzen 3800X processor. I want to learn from friends who have knowledge. I have an Asus Crosshair VIII motherboard and Asus Strix LC360 AIO liquid cooling. I want to increase the processor performance a little more. But in my research...
  7. K

    Question The Offset voltage is changed to 0.1250V by BIOS of Ryzen. The cause of its bug and a mechanism were specified.

    The Offset voltage is changed to 0.1250V by BIOS of Ryzen. The cause of its bug and a mechanism were specified. -Offset problem - Basic : 0,0250V << Probably. XFR: 0.0500V TB: 0.0500V Question) Why is Offset changed to 0.025+0.05+0,05 = 0.125V? 1) Vcore and 2) Base Offset 3) TB and 4) XFR...
  8. K

    Question Ryzen hidden Offset Voltage 0.05V Problem in BIOS & CPU & DRAM & SoC

    Ryzen Offset Voltage 0.05V Problem in BIOS & CPU & DRAM & SoC (Requist : from Japan) In BIOS of Ryzen. Because the Offset voltage is being established 0.05 V without agreement, I want BIOS to change Offset to 0.025V, not 0.05V. I want you to change Offset to 0.025V, not 0.05V Vcore Offset of...
  9. cKGunslinger

    Question Sanity Check: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G mini-ITX build

    Putting together a smal (mini-ITX) PC for my wife. A 2400G w/ Vega 11 should be plenty for her needs + light gaming (maybe WoW Classic.) Small is important. Trying for ~$500. I was all ready with a cartful of parts (Microcenter + Amazon), when I starting second-guessing the parts. I haven't...
  10. M

    3950x high temperatures in IDLE (alround 50 celsius degrees)

    SETUP case : lian Li pc-011 dynamic motherboar : asus prime pro x570 cpu : ryzen 9 3950x (STOCK) rams : gskill 32gb 16x2 3200cl4 (b-die) psu : evga supernova 1200 p2 80+ Platinum ssd : adata xpg sx8200 pro (1tb) aio : asus ryjuin 240mm (push and pull) thermal paste usage : Thermal Grizzly...
  11. O

    Question Ryzen 3800X cpu overheating Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to building PCs and understanding various CPU/motherboard related/technical parameters and settings. I recently built a brand new gaming rig, after learning how to build a computer on my own, from various youtube videos and online resources. Here are the specifications...
  12. P

    Discussion What would you say to this person?

    My not-tech-savvy friend asked me to help building him a new PC for streaming and gaming. I told him that he is just in time, Ryzen 3000 is coming. He thought about it and said he refuses to build a Ryzen-based PC and also refuses to wait for 2 weeks for the reviews, he wants to build and...
  13. TurtleCrusher

    Just traded a 7th gen i5 w/ 1060 laptop for a Ryzen 2 system, big mistake with ryzen 3xxx coming?

    I've been out of the loop for a while since I left the semiconductor industry. I though the Ryzen 2xxx would be current for a bit until I got a google alert 30 minutes after making the deal about the new Ryzen CPUs. I traded a Dell 7577 w/1060 6gb for the desktop in sig. Am I SOL on future...
  14. FeuerFrei

    Deciding on a motherboard - AMD - Windows 7

    After being partially fried by lightning, my 5 year old pc needs some new parts. But I want to keep running Windows 7. (The existing hard drives function I believe - boot drive still boots, but there is no video output to confirm that, so I judge by noises and LEDs. However, I intend to...
  15. P

    (SOLVED!) Wrong CPU CORE count in any software (sometimes).

    Hello people, I have just built my first build with the specs shown below: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8 core/16 Threads RAM: 2x8 Corsair 2666MHz Ram Motherboard: Asrock X370 Pro4 GPU: Asus Astrix GTX 1050 Ti Power Suply: Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W OS: Windows 10 The PC is standing on a desk...
  16. G

    Question what is the best RAM for AMD ryzen 7 2700x

    I'm not sure what RAM to use for the 2700x build. Would like to go with DDR4-3000 or 3200. I'm looking at either GSkill or Corsair. I don't really care about LED lights or heat sink colors. The motherboard is an ASUS x470 Strix-F Gaming. Also, I need to run 32gb of RAM. So is it better to...
  17. arnuld

    Solved! 2 SSDs vs (SSD + HDD) vs M.2

    I am going to build a new PC and this is my PCpartPicker list. Since X470 gaming Plus does have 2 M.2 slots. I just don't want the clutter of SATA power and data cables in the case, hence inclined to buy M.2 SSDs. I plan to keep the PC 3 years at max and then build a new one again. So almost...
  18. M

    Question Ryzen RAM OC is successful but has no effect on performance

    Howdy y'all. I just successfully overclocked my RAM on a new Ryzen system, but it had no effect on performance. I thought this was odd, so I wanted to see how others reacted. CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X Motherboard: Gigabyte X470 Gaming 7 Wifi RAM: 2x16 GB Kingston KSM26ES8/8ME (DDR4 2666 MHz ECC CL19...
  19. C

    Question Which SSD for my Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 5 Laptop (Nitro AN515-42)?

    I have Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 5 Laptop (Nitro AN515-42). It only Comes with HDD 1TB. 1.is it possible to add 1TB SSD on Laptop Extra ( Without making warranty void )? 2.What is the maximum capacity of SSD my Laptop Can support? 3.Is it possible to make that SSD Primary (Bootable) to install windows...
  20. Murloc

    Seeking comments on new build based on Ryzen Vega, quieter/smaller form factor/integrated graphics/retired-casual gamer/movie watching

    I've been living with a gt610 since my gtx 265 broke and playing some e-sports games with the minimum settings once every few weeks hasn't made me miss a gaming PC at all. I watch more TV serials instead too so quietness has become more important and I'd like to tend more towards an HTPC. I...
  21. C

    Is a 620W psu enough for a 449W system

    The PSU will be a Seasonic 620w 80+ bronze PSU juicing up a Ryzen 5 2600x and vega 64. Pcpartpicker says its enough but I don't know. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CTJ9P3 (the parts list.)
  22. rivethead

    Question on boosting Ryzen CPUs

    After many, many years, I'm looking to build a new system this winter. I'm starting my research and am strongly leaning towards one of the newer AMD Ryzen CPUs. Probably the Ryzen 5 2600. I do not want to overclock, but I've come across this article on the MSI site that indicates there is an...
  23. x58haze

    Need help with ryzen 5 1600 community test request

    I'm trying to understand if my cpu is defective cause of high latency present on the software provided by resplendance company which is Latency Moon, the second software In depth test Latency, Just wanted to be sure if its normal on first ryzen generation cpus such ryzen 5 1600, or if my cpu is...
  24. tamz_msc

    Previously leaked AMD "Fenghuang" is a semi-custom APU for Chinese console/gaming PC

    4C/8T Ryzen @3GHz and 24CU Vega @ 1.3 GHz on single chip with 8GB GDDR5.
  25. M

    Ryzen 2xxx single rank vs dual rank, ECC vs non-ECC

    When the first Ryzens came out, there were several articles detailing how the default max memory speed changed depending on rank and ECC support. Best support was for single-rank, no ECC. For example...
  26. EXCellR8

    Ryzen 5 Upgrade Options?

    I'm tossing around the idea of upgrading the quad core Ryzen 5 1500X processor in my B350 gaming computer, since the 2nd gen 6-core plus processors are so cheap; the performance in some games does lack a bit as configured. This computer also uses the other Vega 64 card so upping the processing...
  27. MarkizSchnitzel

    Envy X360 13 Ryzen

    Anyone got this? I have a general question regarding performance of the Ryzen 2500U in this laptop. The most tasking thing I need the laptop to do is play Civ6 on FHD low. Since configurations and chassis do not have the same perfomance, which graphics benchmark should I be looking across the...
  28. U

    Are AMD planning to compete in the mobile workstation / mobile gaming market?

    Looking at the new generation of HP ZBOOKs having Intel Xeon as an option and Apple's still unannounced new MacBook Pro potentially having Intel i9 as an option, are AMD planning on having Threadripper's in mobile workstations / mobile gaming sometime or even a new mobile processor to compete...
  29. CatMerc

    Predictions for Ryzen/EPYC nodes and products into 2021

    I've been thinking about how Zen, Zen+, Zen 2, and Zen 3, all relate to each other. A leaked slide from AMD points to AMD taking a sort of tick tock approach, only naming it "inflection" and "optimization". This has been semi-confirmed by James Prior mentioning it. According to this cadence, we...
  30. M

    Selecting best RAM for Ryzen 2600

    Hi! I am sorry for a bit noob question - I want to find and finely tune the fastest RAM possible for Ryzen Zen+ 2600 in the ITX case (Cryorig Taku or SilverStone SG13). So my questions are following: 1) What ITX X470 motherboard to choose to get most from the RAM? I am thinking between ASUS...
  31. N

    AMD Family 17h (Zen) DRAM controller specifications

    Hello everyone, I'm a computer engineering researcher and I'm currently working with DRAM fault analysis and mapping. My workstation has an AMD Ryzen 5, which uses the 17h microarchitecture (AKA Zen), so given that I'm starting pretty much from scratch I'm only trying to learn about this...
  32. M

    Possibly New Information on The Next Generation Ryzen Threadripper

    So I found this article http://www.techtigy.com/amd-tells-us-the-release-date-f... It mentioned AMD possibly releasing the new CPU at the end of this year and possible prices to has anyone heard anything?
  33. jsimenhoff

    AMD AMA - Starts at 12PM EST on Wednesday May 9

    AMD AMA with Senior Enthusiast Team Manager James Prior AnandTech is proud to announce the upcoming guest in our featured Community series -- ASK ME ANYTHING. On Wednesday, May 9th through Thursday, May 10th we’ll be hosting James Prior, Senior Manager for the AMD Enthusiast Team, in a live...
  34. IEC

    Ryzen 2700X 8-Core Socket AM4 CPU (YD270XBGAFBOX) - $280.49 AC ends 1PM PST

    This is via Newegg's eBay storefront: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMD-RYZEN-7-2700X-8-Core-3-7-GHz-4-3-GHz-Max-Boost-Socket-AM4-105W-YD270XBGAFBOX/292522923343? 1) You must be an eBay member, and have the eBay mobile app installed. There is currently a promo running until 1PM PST with a (coupon...
  35. mjdupuis

    Ryzen Mini ITX Cooler Recommendations

    New Build, (preorderd): Ryzen 2600X Asus ROG Strix X470-I G. Skill Trident Z 3200 cas14 2x8GB Fractal Define Nano S Moving from previous build: Seasonic X-650 K3 Corsair MP500 NVME boot drive Asus Strix GTX 980 What ITX cooler would you recommend? I may be trying an OC eventually but won't be...
  36. goldstone77

    GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Sanjay Jha to Pass Baton to Industry Veteran Tom Caulfield

    Following Significant Technology, Capacity and Expansion Milestones, GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Sanjay Jha to Pass Baton to Industry Veteran Tom Caulfield Mar 09, 2018 https://www.globalfoundries.com/news-events/press-releases/following-significant-technology-capacity-and-expansion-milestones Sanjay is...
  37. goldstone77

    AMD using TSMC for CPUs and GPUs

    Malta Tour Shows GF Rising Ryan Shrout 2/7/2018 00:01 AM EST https://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1332945 7nm LP will be used for mobile processor applications... What about the other applications like desktops? Maybe, TSMC will be producing 7nm CPUs for AMD.
  38. F

    ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard stopped working after one night?

    I recently purchased an ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard for my new build but had to RMA it because I had thought it was not turning on, and ASUS ended up sending what I believe to be a new one. It turns out I had forgotten that I need to short the PWR_SWITCH pins on the motherboard to get the cpu...
  39. goldstone77

    Ryzen 2600 spotted

    Looks like a 200MHz lift in frequency over last year. Not much. https://wccftech.com/amd-2nd-generation-ryzen-5-2600-asus-crosshair-vii-hero-x470-leak/ This thread has quickly turned into a troll thread. OP make his contributions to the current, Ryzen 2 thread here...
  40. V

    Upgrade to Ryzen now or wait a few months?

    Hello! I'm currently using: AMD FX-6350 @ 4.0 Ghz. Radeon HD 7850 2Gb. 8GB 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM. 2 x 1TB HDD. 1080p Monitor. I was thinking to upgrade CPU, Mobo and RAM only and wait for the next gen GPUs since they are not that far away, my 7850 can still live through those months (and I can use...