Envy X360 13 Ryzen


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Nov 10, 2013
Anyone got this?

I have a general question regarding performance of the Ryzen 2500U in this laptop.

The most tasking thing I need the laptop to do is play Civ6 on FHD low. Since configurations and chassis do not have the same perfomance, which graphics benchmark should I be looking across the board to get the most accurate picture?

For example, Acer Swift 3 SF315 has a 15W cTDP Ryzen 2500U but it also has a single channel RAM.
Where HP Envy x360 15z has a 25W cTDP Ryzen 2500U with a dual channel RAM.
Yet the difference in FireStrike is only 1900 vs 2100. In some game benchmarks, this is approximately right, but in some, the difference is almost 2x. Which is expected, I guess.

Is there a way to gauge how this laptop will perform in Civ6 compared to the only known value I have, which is 30FPS HD Medium AF AA on the Acer?

A guy on reddit got an early one, and ran Firestrike, it was around 1500-1600. Which is kinda on the low side. It is a much smaller machine then the Acer (15.6 vs 13.3), but it does have dual channel RAM.

Another side question: does Ryzen support FPR? Strangely, in these new HP Envy machines, only Intel models get FPR, and AMD configs only get the infrared camera for windows hello. I far prefer FPR.