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  1. Y

    What will you do with money left over from upgrading to RYZEN?

    Even with Intel's incoming response on comparable parts, what will you do with the money you save when upgrading to Ryzen? Better components? Leave it in the bank? Buy a mocka latte?
  2. Comdrpopnfresh

    Ryzen.... Other than consumer desktop CPUs?

    What's the word on AMD's new architecture when it comes to laptop/embedded/mobile and Server Processors? Having a broader sense of Ryzen's underlying architecture applied to other domains and how it compares to similar offerings would go a long way in gleaming a sense of, and demonstrating...
  3. Atari2600

    AMD Zen - Key Dates and Information

    Trying to summarise what we know. This first post will be updated on an ongoing basis to present information and links. I hope posters will add information to the thread itself which can then be pulled up to the first post for all users to have a one-stop-shop for the latest data. While its...
  4. Adul

    AMD - Ryzen with Autoover clocking

    Looks interesting. If the IPC is comparable to core 4xxx series from intel, I will definitely be looking to make a switch. I been wanting more than just 4 cores. I do like the name. Seems appropriate...