Gigabyte Gaming 3 Motherboard does not boot.


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Oct 3, 2015
First of all my first set of RAM was not working. So I got a new one after RMA. This new memory was working fine and all 16gb was detected in BIOS and CPUZ. But windows shown 8GB of the 16GB was hardware reserved. I tried most of the ways mentioned in forums to remove that hardware reservation, but none worked.

Tested few solutions, got new problems.

Tried inserting only one RAM. It worked fine. All 8gb was usable. But not the same with 16gb.

Tried re seating the processor. When removing the cpu fan it was held on with the processor tightly. I left it alone for few mins and tried to remove with small rotations. But it didn't work and the processor came out with the fan all of a sudden without even removing the lock. I released the processor from the fan and checked for bent pins. Nothing is bent or dislocated. In a fear I re seated the processor, the computer booted and worked fine. But still only 8gb was usable.

Reflashed bios with an older F5 version (through BIOS, not through Windows). The latest version is F6. After the reflash my computer did not boot. Everything turns on and all fans are working fine. But it doesn't boot. I tried removing the CMOS battery and leaving the computer without it overnight. It still didn't boot. Tried resetting through jumper too.

My motherboard has LED indicators to show the boot problems. The CPU LED error indicator is on after the bios reflash. Did I destroy my processor by removing it by force? Or motherboard is bricked with corrupt bios? Even if the bios is corrupted shouldn't the dual bios kick in and work? I am using a very old 9600GT gpu. Will that be any problem? I am in a dead end to make any decision. Any suggestion will be helpful.

PS - My ram is in the QVL list and tested to work in 3200mhz. But it was working only at 2400mhz.

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CPU: AMD RYZEN 7 1700 3.0GHz 8-Core Processor ($318.33 @ OutletPC)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AB350-GAMING 3 ATX AM4 Motherboard ($109.89 @ OutletPC)
Storage: Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($99.88 @ OutletPC)
Storage: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($65.48 @ PCM)
Case: NZXT S340 (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower Case ($66.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Power Supply: SeaSonic S12G 550W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply ($64.89 @ OutletPC)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit ($138.88 @ OutletPC)
Other: Zebronics GT 9600 512mb (Purchased)
Total: $1011.34
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