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  1. B

    Question How to choose which DHCP to assign IP

    Hi, Our office network have 2 internet Wifi routers attached. Both have their own DHCP servers enabled and both have different IP range (Wifi Router A = 192.168.9.xx & Wifi Router B = 192.168.3.XX) Sometimes when a laptop connects to Wifi Router A, it gets assign an IP from Wifi Router B. This...
  2. sshorab

    Question Slow Ethernet speed

    My Router ethernet speed is really slow, when I use FAST.com to measure the speed it hovers around 500 kbps or less. But weirdly the upload speed is 40 Mbps. Furthermore when I connect to the Wi-Fi the internet speed is normal as usual. What could be the cause for the slow speed on my ethernet...
  3. tgiorgis

    Question Looking for Ubiquiti XR9 radio modules

    Hi! I'm currently trying to locate some Ubiquiti XR9 radio modules. Does anyone know where I could find some? Looking for any advice or information that could help. Anything is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. D

    Question Guest Wireless network not working on Ubiquiti UDM Pro

    Hello Everyone, I have setup a network as defined in the below diagram. There are 2 wireless networks: Network 001 (Internal Network) Network 002 (Guest Network) with Captive Portal. (vlan 10) Both of these networks work fine at Location 001, however Guest Network does not get an IP address at...
  5. J

    Question What is the correct color coding for an Atheros AR5BXB72 in a Dell E6430?

    I am using an Atheros AR5BXB72 Wi-Fi card that I pulled out of a MacBook Pro so I can use my Dell E6430 to get 5Ghz Wi-Fi. When hooking up the antennas, I noticed that the card itself didn't have any color coding and had numbers on it. My laptop color-coded the antenna cables. I was wondering if...
  6. abbasdr

    Question DAP-1950 WiFi Range Extender Firware Help

    Hi, I have DAP-1950 WiFi Range Extender. I am in Canada. The extender was dropping connection, slow download/upload speeds, so I decided to update the Firware to Firmware (1.02) from this DLink Page; https://support.dlink.ca/ProductInfo.aspx?m=DAP-1950 After the update the Range Extender...
  7. hentaiweeb

    Question Wifi crashing in laptop when gaming. Please help!

    Laptop: asus tuf fx504gm i5 8300h So recently I've started to observe something really weird with my laptop. Whenever I start playing any game, I only am able to play for like 10 seconds and my WiFi gets disconnected and becomes invisible. As soon as I quit the game wifi gets reconnected. If it...
  8. M

    Question startup apps crash and some other odd behaviours

    Something causing my startup apps crash and some other odd behaviours.Here are the problems I am fetching... 1.Wifi disconnects suddenly(can't connect again after many attempt) 2.If I open task manager - after 4/5 sec it's not working. -In Details tab, it is blank. -When closing...
  9. R

    Question Network Issues - Wifi & PLEX Drops

    Hello Network Pros - I'm relatively new here and this is my first post. I am having weird network drops and Wifi Issues. Below is the network mapping of my home devices, before I jump into the problem. All arrows are connected using CAT6 shielded cables. I run PLEX media server on my Desktop...
  10. M

    Question How to re-enable WiFi that was disabled through a physical key

    I have a F8 key in my keyboard and I disabled my WiFi using it and now that key is broken and not working SO is there any way to enable WiFi that was disabled using that F8 key back using any software hack?
  11. N

    Question 10G non-blocking switch for WiFi 11ax communications

    I want to connect a test device to send traffic WiFi 802.11ax so I'm looking for a switch with the following specs: • Switch 10G copper • Wire Speed, non-blocking’ switch • Number of ports: Minimum number of non-blocking ports (I only need 4 ports at the moment) Also, my budget is a bit...
  12. D

    Question Turn ethernet NAS to built-in WIFI?

    Hello AT community, I am currently looking for large storage solutions which provide access not just through a home network but through internet. If I can share links to files to people over the internet, that would be great as well! Although, it is not a requirement for me. I have looked at a...
  13. T

    Question Losing Networking when going from WiFi AP to Router WiFi

    Hi all, I made a hasty networking diagram to describe this issue below: Appreciate any help, I'm out of ideas :/
  14. Y

    Question Access a Bluetooth-only device wirelessly from a non-Bluetooth device using SSH(with a full featured Android device as a 'middleman')

    I am faced with a strange problem(at least,strange to me). I have a laptop(running Arch Linux), which does not have Bluetooth capability(let's call this device A). I also have another computer which has Bluetooth as its only means of communication(let's call this device B). I need to access...
  15. F

    Downloading on new router hogs all the bandwidth

    After installing my new Asus RT-AC68U, its been great except when I'm downloading something. I'm the only one connected to the ethernet, and so when I download a game. Everyone on the network gets slowed down by a lot. Loading pictures on social media takes time. I get 60MBPS download and...
  16. O

    TP Link TL-WN781ND Driver for windows server 2016

    i recently assembled a server with TP Link TL-WN781ND PCI wireless adapter. But the driver is missing for Windows Server 2016 Std Edition. Can someone please help because windows is not detecting my hardware
  17. A

    Wireless Network for Security Cameras

    I am getting ready to install a number of wireless security cameras to record 24/7 and have a few questions. Will this bog the wireless network down? Should I dedicate a wireless router or AP for the security cameras? What is the best setup to maintain optimal wireless connectivity of all devices?
  18. theknight571

    Wifi Adapter Disables While Connecting

    I'm working on an older (3-4 years) HP laptop with a Realtek RTL8188EE wifi adapter. It's running Windows 10 with all available updates. (At least all that I can get it to recognize and install) Apparently this issue has been going on for awhile but was just recently brought to my attention...
  19. A

    Wi fi issues with secure ports

    Hi guys, Posting this under networking because I think that's likely the underlying issue but I have a very odd error that I can't resolve. Starting yesterday I am getting 0X800CCC1A errors on outgoing email - your server does not support the connection encryption type you have specified...
  20. R

    Lenovo Thinkpad wifi card BIOS whitelist

    Hi Anyone knows if situation remains as before regarding Lenovo Thinkpad 2018 range? As you know, if you purchased a Thinkpad notebook, you couldn't use another wifi card besides ones at their service parts list (usually not newest models). It's a pity as you couldn't improve wifi reception by...
  21. N

    "WiFi on WAN" feature in mesh router

    I am unsure of the correct terminology to describe the feature I am looking for. I would like to get a router that connects to my regular DSL modem. I would also like to occasionally hook my network to the internet via the " wifi hotspot" feature of my phone. I heard the term WiFi on WAN or...
  22. S

    Ethernet "Unidentified network - No internet access"

    Last night, my ethernet just entirely stopped working after disconnecting from TorGuard, and nothing has worked to fix it so far. Windows troubleshooter tells me "Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration". I am almost always connected to TorGuard, and have encountered issues like this...
  23. S

    getting wifi signal through the floor

    Hi all! This is my first post here, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules :) Also: non-native English speaker. Straight to the point: I have a router (crappy one given by ISP) in my living room on the ground floor of this building. I also have a basement, that is under my living room, where I've...
  24. B

    One powerful/expensive router vs multiple cheaper APs?

    Hi there! I'm trying to figure out if I should get one very powerful wifi router (something like the TP-Link AC5400 was recently on sale for $135) or two cheaper routers (2x ASUS TM AC1900s, which are selling for $55 each on sale), with one set up as an access point. I have a two story 2000sqft...
  25. D

    Weird WiFi behavior

    I recently bought a new router (Tenda F300), because the old one started failing. I set it up as usual, PPPoE and everything. Everything was working great until I turned on my wired PC and noticed that the WiFi speed drops down to around 1mbit/s. I tried absolutely everything from restarting the...
  26. T

    Can a wifi network use both WPA and WPA2?

    The building I am at now provides wifi, and when connecting iPhone I get the 'security recommendation' message about making my wifi use WPA2 AES. Anyway, I contacted the building manager who spoke with the internet people, and I was told both were enabled to allow more devices to be able to...
  27. A

    Which wifi system is the best? google wifi/orbi/eeor?

    Want to buy a wifi system ,but cannot sure which is the best one. I need it easy to use and well signal. I looked at the introduction of these pages: https://10techdogs.com/best-wifi-systems/ http://www.pcmag.com/roundup/350795/the-best-wi-fi-mesh-network-systems...
  28. R

    no 802.11ac in a smartphone....does it matter?

    Hi folks, I'm in need of a new cell phone and am looking very hard at the Moto G5 plus - excellent price point. My main hesitation is a lack of 802.11ac. My 4 year old S4 has it so I thought it strange for a new phone not to have it also. I can't find anything about it in an reviews they just...
  29. C

    Home networking options

    Hey all, question-loaded post here from a novice about home networking options. Did some homework but want to see what this forum thinks. Seems if I want to extend wifi coverage in my new home I have 3 options: cat 6-run ap's, powerline extension, wifi mesh system. 1. Of the three, it seems...
  30. A

    I have a joint in my wan cable can that affect anything

    so the cable which comes in my home has a joint(cut and then joined using tape) so will that affect anything? my wifi router doesnt work due to that (internet guy said) my internet speeds are slowed (same) the internet guy said to change the cable should i change the cable or is he trying to...
  31. Collider

    Slow Wifi After OSX Sierra 10.12.3 Update

    I recently updated my Macbook Pro to Sierra 10.12.3 and my wifi has been extremely slow since. Running SpeedTest.net I only get 2MB Down / 3MB Up. Other devices on the same wifi network get 60MB Down / 30MB Up which is my regular speed. Things I tried that did not resolve the problem: -...
  32. N

    Wireless Access Point, Secured but No Internet

    Hello all. So I live in a 2-story home and the WiFi doesn't get a great signal upstairs. So I bought a wireless router to use as an access point upstairs. Here is the router model: http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/TL-WR841N.html. I read multiple articles on how to set this up and I...
  33. R

    Help finding router to share one wifi connection

    I am living in a rv park, with free WiFi. However i am only allowed to connect one device for the duration of my stay. To first connect to the WiFi I must enter my access code and agree to terms on a browser (like a hotel). Once that code is used only the device that entered it will be allowed...
  34. S

    Modem/Router/Wifi questions

    Okay so to make a long story short I have 100 mbps Internet, and for whatever reason have trouble streaming 4K content. I had an older ISP provided modem/router combo... I've since replaced it with an Arris SBG6700-AC. I have a Sony Bravia X810C which is obviously a 4k TV which supports 2160p...