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"WiFi on WAN" feature in mesh router

Nathaniel Gildersleeve

Junior Member
Nov 20, 2017
I am unsure of the correct terminology to describe the feature I am looking for. I would like to get a router that connects to my regular DSL modem. I would also like to occasionally hook my network to the internet via the " wifi hotspot" feature of my phone. I heard the term WiFi on WAN or bridge. I am hoping to upgrade to a mesh router system with this feature for my home but I am unsure of what the feature is called so it is difficult to pick the correct mesh router.


Platinum Member
May 14, 2002
Your easiest solution is to buy a 4G hotspot with a wired Ethernet. You then connect that wired Ethernet to the WAN port whenever you want to use it. Yes you will manually switch back and forth with that solution.

The other solutions are more involved or will cost you more money to the point of not being worth it.