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Question Access a Bluetooth-only device wirelessly from a non-Bluetooth device using SSH(with a full featured Android device as a 'middleman')


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Oct 7, 2018
I am faced with a strange problem(at least,strange to me).

I have a laptop(running Arch Linux), which does not have Bluetooth capability(let's call this device A). I also have another computer which has Bluetooth as its only means of communication(let's call this device B).

I need to access device B wirelessly using SSH. Now without anything else this would be impossible, but I happen to have the following resources at
my disposal -

i) A full featured (WiFi and Bluetooth) Android device
ii) A wireless home network

The option which I am keen to use ,and which seems to be the simplest, is to -
-Connect the phone and device A to the home network (using WiFi)
-Use Bluetooth tethering to tether device B to the phone
-Access device B over the home network from device A using SSH

However the problem here is that when I tether device B to the phone, even though the phone is on the home network, device B does not appear on the home network.

How can I make the tethered device B accessible from the 'parent' home network?
If this is not possible, is there any other way I can make my connection?

Any suggestions?


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Jul 6, 2007
Why wouldn't a PC (your parents') equip with any wired or wireless adapter, yet it has bluetooth?

Buy a USB Wi-Fi adapter.
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