Question startup apps crash and some other odd behaviours


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Aug 23, 2020
Something causing my startup apps crash and some other odd behaviours.Here are the problems I am fetching...

1.Wifi disconnects suddenly(can't connect again after many attempt)
2.If I open task manager
- after 4/5 sec it's not working.
-In Details tab, it is blank.
-When closing task manager it says not responding
3.Most of the startup apps stops working

4.Takes too much time after shutdown.During shutdown sometimes a soft noise comes from cpu for 1/2 sec.
-After restart
5.Some gadget not starting at startup

Note : None of this occurs normally.Pc normally starts and shuts down fast enough.
-Sometimes after couple of restart it is fixed. Though that's rare.Most of the time I have to give a fresh setup to fix this.


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Aug 25, 2001
Detailed list of hardware, and make/model of wifi card, and OS version?

Have you tried a "Fresh" installation of Windows, onto another (empty) SSD or HDD? Or tried a Linux "Live" USB stick (, and see if that boots and the wifi cuts out?

Is this a USB wifi or PCI-E wifi?