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  1. A

    Trump is coming back to the big stage according to Fox!

    According to foxnews, Trump will be seen again on the big stage. This will be at the annual CPAC conference, where he will be speaking. The conference will be kicking of on Thursday, February 25, and will go on to February 28. The article does state that Trump will be talking about Biden, but...
  2. Atari2600

    What happens the current administration when they are out of office...

    If it happens this election or next election (assuming Trump doesn't win and doesn't destroy the US constitution and impose a "rule-for-life").... There will be a lot of people out of their current positions that are vulnerable to unobstructed investigations into their conduct and dealings in...
  3. Fanatical Meat

    Bob Woodward’s Book & the thread of so much winning

    small except from fake news cnn Do any Trumpers still think he is playing 5 dimensional chess? Does anyone think this doesn’t sound like something Trump would do?
  4. S

    Iran sanctions: Trump warns trading partners The biggest trading partner of Iran is... China! ( Good thing Trump hasn't been pissing them off, if he wants them to fall in line and drop a trading partner! I hope both China and Russia...
  5. Grooveriding

    Cohen flips, states Trump knew of 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian intel agents in advance Mueller just needs to flip Manafort now for corroboration. Which looks likely as he's an old man facing the rest of his life in prison.
  6. Commodus

    Sarah Sanders and Raj Shah expected to leave White House

    According to CBS, Sanders is poised to leave by the end of 2018. Now, assuming this is accurate (and sorry, resident right-wingers, but these departure leaks historically have been), it raises a few questions. To me, there's two. Who replaces Sanders? I'm guessing there's a short list, but...
  7. norseamd

    Trumps personal assistant fired

    John McEntee, the personal assistant to Trump since the very beginning of the campaign, was fired Monday, and escorted out of the White House.
  8. P

    Trump Trade Tariffs Trump Makes First Big Trade Move With Tariffs Aimed at Asia Andrew Mayeda 2 hours 24 minutes ago The solar tariffs are lower than the 35 percent the U.S. International Trade Commission recommended in October after...
  9. Commodus

    Hypocrisy of Republicans on MLK Day

    It's Martin Luther King Day, which means one thing: Republicans paying lip service to an activist who they clearly don't understand, and who would oppose everything they do if he was still alive. For example, VP Pence laid a wreath at MLK's memorial, touting his dream of a country where all men...
  10. Texashiker

    Nice to see liberals acting like conseratives

    Usually, a conservative is associated with someone who resist change. With that in mind, it is nice to see progressive liberals acting like conservatives. When it comes to just about anything having to do with changing the obama agenda, liberals act like conservatives and resist change. What...
  11. Commodus

    2017 had the worst job growth since 2012

    Over the February-to-November period, there were 1.7 million new jobs, which sounds good... until you realize that it's the lowest growth since 2012, when there were 1.54 million added over the same period. There was significantly higher growth through, well, most of Obama's tenure -- including...
  12. JSt0rm

    Hardcore Prophecy: The Trump of Doom // hardcore history

    This is amazing. If you are familiar with hardcore history this guy edited dan carlins voice into a hilarious doom prophecy of trump...
  13. xgsound

    Wall prototypes - which one do you like ? They put up 8 prototypes for the border wall. Can any of them work? I originally thought/ hoped in March of 2016 that the wall would be completed in...
  14. Grooveriding

    Radicalized alt-right the_donald user kills parents for being 'leftists and pedophiles'

    Nice. His reddit history:
  15. Y

    Trump threatening to back out of NAFTA, but probably doesn't have the authority to do so

    Guess Canada & Mexico aren't bending to all his demands? Sure is going to be quite a show any way it goes. And Trump threatening both Mexico and Canada via tweets.
  16. Burpo

    The Exodus has begun.. CEO's vs Trump

    Seems many have had enough.. 2 more CEO's quit Trumps manufacturing council, including Intel's CEO.. in Monday's post, Krzanich said his decision was based on the worrying direction of U.S. politics. "I resigned...
  17. norseamd

    China warns North Korea: You’re on your own if you go after the United States

    Well hopefully this takes away any chance that North Korea would actually start a war. From the Chinese state newspaper...
  18. norseamd

    Anthony Scaramucci to give interview — in a den of lions

    Scaramucci decides he likes himself well done, crispy on the outside, and crispy on the inside.
  19. Grooveriding

    Trump evolves to chicken form
  20. Grooveriding

    FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home Just a nothing-burger here I guess. First the Russians hacking the DNC/Podesta emails...
  21. Grooveriding

    Trump's 'evangelical advisor': 'God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un’ Fanaticism is on the rise among the radicalized US evangelical right, as well as the radicalized portion of the GOP base - both groups moving further...
  22. norseamd

    Amazing week isnt it P&N?

    Trumps talks about a racist real estate developer & yacht orgies to little Boy Scouts, Trumpcare gets slaughtered, McConnell gets a little boo boo, Scaramucci goes full psycho, Preibus is no longer the Chief of Staff, Trump tells NYC cops to violently abuse individuals that they are arresting...
  23. Grooveriding

    Trump’s Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Information on Clinton
  24. Commodus

    Trump supporters saw Declaration of Independence tweets as an attack

    Yeah, yeah, it's BuzzFeed, but it's still priceless. And to be fair, some of these people deleted their tweets after realizing what they were objecting to. But it's telling (and a bit hilarious) that they thought reciting the Declaration of Independence was an attack on Trump. If you're...
  25. Grooveriding

    Russia Warns U.S. Its ‘Patience is Running Out’ Over Lifting Election-Hacking Sanctions Will Dump bend over and spread his cheeks for his daddy ?
  26. Grooveriding

    Russian hackers reportedly discussed how to steal Clinton's emails and transfer them to Michael Flyn May be why Trump is losing his mind on Twitter these past few days, or just mental illness has been flaring up recently?
  27. Grooveriding

    North Korea : 'Trump is a psychopath' may pre-emptively strike to distract from problems at home

    It's bad when NK is right about how deranged the POTUS is.
  28. Grooveriding

    More details about Russia's attack on the US become available

    A lot of the hearings I've seen about this have been a lot of politicians pissing on each other's legs, but they had a hearing that was more meat and potatoes, discussing details of what happened and how. The sad thing is that Trump calls this all fake news because he is so insecure in his...
  29. Grooveriding

    Another of Trump's lunatics denies reality on climate Sad. This is why the world is pointing and laughing. Individuals in positions of this prominence...
  30. Grooveriding

    Trump may have Special Counsel Mueller fired This is exactly Watergate if carried out. He'd have to order the DAG who thought he was needed to remove him, likely resulting in a refusal, so he'd have to fire him until he could put someone in...
  31. norseamd

    Terrorist attack in Iran

    A new chapter in Islamic Terrorism is now here. If ISIS starts launching terrorist attacks in Iran then we are about to see Iran being pushed to be even more involved around the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria. Even more worrying could be even more fuel being dumped on the fire that...
  32. Grooveriding

    Comey Told Sessions: Don't Leave Me Alone With Trump Comey covered all the bases.
  33. Grooveriding

    Jeff Sessions offered to and may resign This is good news. Trump's closest people are looking for the exits. He's becoming more erratic as Comey's testimony gets closer. On Thursday he's almost...
  34. Grooveriding

    Comey cleared to discuss conversations with Trump This is going to be good.
  35. Grooveriding


    I don't think this guy can even hit bottom. He just keeps on digging. :D
  36. Grooveriding

    Snowflake in Chief If you've ever looked at Trump's twitter feed, you've seen the replies being a lot of comedians roasting him. Looks like it's all become too much for the Snowflake in Chief to handle.
  37. Jaskalas

    Leader of the Free World

    I felt this deserves its own topic. In Trump's first foreign adventure our Allies got to meet our President and hear how he differs.... In return their press appears eager to cast shadows over the whole affair. From Merkel speaking up a stronger, more determined, Europe to Macron describing how...
  38. Grooveriding

    Another fanatic, sharing Trump's hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric, commits murder
  39. Grooveriding

    Kushner wanted to setup secret communications channel with Russia
  40. Grooveriding

    The (US)conservative mind has become diseased Alright, alright, alright.