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  1. I

    Question Windows 10 drives to new 11 pc

    Just have a simple question. I have a new pc that runs windows 11. I want to save 2 drives from my old computer and install them on the new one. Old pc was windows 10, new one is windows 11. My question is, can I just mount the old hdds into the new windows 11 pc without it reformatting my...
  2. JayMX

    Question Virtualization Machine - Intel or AMD?

    Hello I am looking to build a new computer which I want to use as a VM host - I use Windows Hyper-V (hypervisor) sometimes VirtualBox too. Doing some research (not extensive) I read that latest big/little Intel CPUs have issues with Virtualization in that p/e cores are assigned in a random...
  3. A

    Windows 10 and multi-monitor nightmare.

    Just hooked up a second monitor(a 22-inch Dell 1080p LCD),and a lot of my browser windows constantly open on the 2nd monitor. My main monitor is a Samsung 32-inch S32D850 1440p LCD. (This is with pretty much all the browsers I use- Opera 86, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.) Any idea why...
  4. Win11

    Question Windows 11 nightmare - Randomly crashing on new-build

    PROBLEMS: Windows 11 randomly crashing just prior to login screen and sometimes on Wake-Up - Shows black screen and no response. Windows and Hardware Specs Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 Installed on ‎10/‎12/‎2021 OS build 22000.493 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack...
  5. scherzo

    Question Safe to delete Apps.ppkg?

    The following's copied and pasted from ―――――――――― 1. I must reduce HD disk space. How safe is deleting Apps.ppkg? Its size is 3.6 GB. I must double check because another program file usmt.ppkg MUST NOT be deleted. 2. I read this abstruse explanation of...
  6. senturion

    Question Things Microsoft can learn from Linux (in 2021)

    Disclaimer - I am primarily a Windows guy and all of my career has been 80% centered on the Microsoft world of software for small businesses, enterprises and the like. Over the past year I've been primarily using Manjaro Linux with Gnome3, Plasma5, XFCE and i3 as well on my personal laptop. I...
  7. Matt_Stevens

    Question Windows 10 loop won't end, how to save some files?

    Hi, all. My folks never listen to me and of course, they have not been backing up their personal files to the second hard disk in the Windows 10 PC. Never mind that's why I installed that drive. Their Win10 seems shot. It's in an endless disk repair loop and cannot get booted into a functioning...
  8. S

    Question Budget laptop to replace Lenovo B50

    I have a Lenovo B50 which I owned for about 6 years and paid $200. I later on replaced the HDD with a SSD. It worked very well for me except that right now the parts are probably coming apart. The power connector doesn't connect all that very well but more importantly recently the wifi keeps...
  9. M

    Question occasionally windows stalls, goes to a black screen for 3-4 seconds and comes back while playing a video

    Hey all, Win 10x64, 32gb ram, rtx 3080 I have a problem that occurs everyone once in a while playing a video file. Doesn't seem to matter what video player i use. When the problem occurs, whatever video I am playing will freeze and the computer itself will becomes very laggy. Within a couple...
  10. T

    Question Windows 10 Unable to Boot on Dell Dimension E521 (Possible Motherboard Issue)

    So I have a Dell Dimension E521 from the mid-2000s. I decided to mess around with it. It has: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU (64-bit) Dell 0UW457 Motherboard NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE GPU I had upgraded the system from Windows Vista to Windows 7 awhile back and set it aside. I come back to it...
  11. F

    Question High end video editing desktop. $4500 budget

    1. What YOUR PC will be used for. Video editing. UHD -1, 4K eventually for biz website and Youtube. 2. What YOUR budget is. $4500. 3. What country YOU will be buying YOUR parts from. USA 4. IF you're buying parts OUTSIDE the US, please post a link to the vendor you'll be buying from. We can't...
  12. S

    Cannot change folder permissions without getting this error 0X80070057 Windows 10

    I was looking for why my folder permissions weren't applying, and I found this error when hovering over File ownership and clicking Personal. I think it proves that this is why it wont change the permissions of my folder.
  13. K

    Fresh rig windows 10 install freezes during startup

    I just built a brand new pc. i7 9700k corsair 3000mhz cl15 2x8gb msi gtx 1080 gaming 8g x FD design define s MSI MPG Z390 Gaming pro carbon ac 2x FD included fans, 1x noctua nf a14 fan noctua nh d15 2xnfa15 fans seasonic prime ultra titanium 750w wd black 2tb, some old samsung 1,5tb crucial...
  14. K

    Hp Spectre X360 - usb drive detection on start using the bios secure boot option

    Hi, I bought a second hand HP Spectre X360 13" (2016 model), I installed Windows 10 on the system a few months ago using the 'legacy mode', however, now I wanted to reinstall using the 'secure boot' option on & 'legacy mode' off. For complete picture's sake, I will also be installing Ubuntu/...
  15. A

    Question Can't connect Windows VNC Viewer to Tigervnc on Ubuntu guest on vSphere

    I'm trying to VNC from my Windows PC to my Ubuntu 18.04.1 guest running on vSphere 6.7.0 on the same network (subnet and just can't. I'm guessing this is an ESXi issue, but it could be Windows or possibly Ubuntu. Client side: -Windows 10 (wifi) -VNC Viewer 6.19.325 Server side...
  16. balloonshark

    Article "Boost Windows 10 Performance with Retpoline Spectre Mitigation"

    More info here:
  17. B

    Question Total system shutdown in bios???

    Hello I'm totally stuck. Im running windows 10 on an asus m2n32-sli with a amd phenom II x4 820, and a amd rx 570. I know, I have some older hardware... the system runs great, except when I enter the bios. Once I enter the bios I have maybe 5-20 seconds before the entire system shuts down...
  18. D

    Question Unable to turn on HDR in Windows 10

    In the display settings,I am able to turn on HDR and WCG at 1080p but when I change the resolution to 4k and try to turn it on ,the screen flickers and the HDR and WCG toggle automatically goes back to OFF. Details on hardware and software below - OS - Windows 10 DISPLAY - iffalcon 55K2A(4K TV)...
  19. M

    Question X99a Sli plus RAID Won’t allow Boot

    Installed two new and identical SSDs and went through BIOS to set up RAID 1. Completed setup and tried to boot with boot order UEFI Windows boot manager followed by UEFI BD/DVD. All others are disabled. My old boot drive is still plugged in and works when RAID is turned off. I am running Windows...
  20. K

    Question Windows 10 and Xeon gold 6130

    Ordering a Dell Precision 7920 with Xeon Gold 6130 16C and I can't get good info whether I can run Windows 10 Education or Enterprise instead of their offered version, the newer Windows 10 Pro upto 4 core. Anyone know?
  21. F

    Gigabit Ethernet LAN windows 10

    Hi, thanks for your attention! I'm a total beginner at networking, having only ever set up a lan on windows xp using a crossover cable hehe. I currently have two computers connected to the same router via a wired connection and can't figure out how to get them to connect to to each other for a...
  22. Y

    Latitude E5400 Bluetooth unavailable

    I own a Latitude E5400 with Windows 10. There is no option to turn on or use Bluetooth.The Bluetooth Troubleshooter tells me that this device is not Bluetooth capable,which is not true since I have used Bluetooth with Windows 7 on this device .The problem has been present ever since I installed...
  23. fralexandr

    AMD driver killing input devices in windows?

    For some reason when I went to update my AMD graphics drivers upon restart all of my input devices failed to work in Windows. Furthermore, sometimes the computer would fail to recognize inputs and not enter bios, after which Windows would fail to load. I tried 18.6 at this time. Windows 10...
  24. Tirthankar Bose

    File path too long

    I am trying to load some code. I have a type def cluster. When I try to load it with my top level VI I can't because the "file path is too long" Any sugestions?
  25. T

    Easiest way to install Windows 10 on computer being sold?

    So, I can install Windows 10 left and right until I'm blue in the face with no problem. However, Windows 10 Pro requires a user name and password to get to a point where I can toss on any additional software or drivers... So, how do I easily install Windows, drivers, and software on a system...
  26. S

    Any good free application to lock specific applications in Windows 10

    Hello, I have a steam link that I use to stream games to my bedroom TV from my Windows 10 HTPC which is setup in my living room. Each time I have to unlock the PC to be able to stream via steam link. I was wondering if there is any free application that I can use to lock specific applications...
  27. DeadlyTitan

    Help with weird windows problem with Chrome browser

    So i have this weird problem with chrome browser, the popup window when you are trying to upload something looks very different, and its giving no indications as to what files i have selected and its kinda annoying without any visual cues, Lets see Here's how it normally looks and this one is...
  28. theknight571

    Wifi Adapter Disables While Connecting

    I'm working on an older (3-4 years) HP laptop with a Realtek RTL8188EE wifi adapter. It's running Windows 10 with all available updates. (At least all that I can get it to recognize and install) Apparently this issue has been going on for awhile but was just recently brought to my attention...
  29. phillyTIM

    HomeGroup replacement?

    What do you guys replace (or will be replacing) HomeGroup with, now that feature has been taken out of Windows with the April 2018 build? I have a client who uses the file & print sharing between her main desktop (Windows 10) and 2 laptops (Mix of WIndows 10 and a Windows 7 for now) ; and I...
  30. Ketchup

    Can't Access File Server From 1 PC

    Starting about a week ago, I lost access from the PC in my sig to the computer we use as our home file server (Windows 10). The odd part though, everything else in the house - other computers (wired and wireless), Roku and streaming devices, can connect to it just fine, and if I add a wireless...
  31. Ketchup

    Windows - So now we have to Get an App from the Store if we want the hope of making it Default?

    I just noticed in 1803 that the "pick whatever default app you want" option of previous versions of Windows may have finally come to an end. If you try going through the Control Panel, Default Apps, Associate a file or protocol with a Program, it just brings to to the Default apps page of...
  32. K

    Random pause w/ sound hang in games

    Wall of text incoming! I'm not sure which forum this question honestly belongs in, so I'll try in the 'computer help' area. I've had issues off and on with what I believe are hard drive accesses since I built the system. However, I'm increasingly wondering if it is a motherboard issue. In a...
  33. DeadlyTitan

    XCom TexMod Issues On Windows 10 x64 Help?

    So, i use the mod called TexMod to mod XCom, I mainly use it to get better visual cues like brighter text, symbols so i don't need to strain my eyes looking for stuff on screen since i am visually impaired, and its really difficult for me to do so and uncomfortable. I have used it previously, a...
  34. E

    Windows 10 default gateway, ignored

    I have windows 10 installed, I have 2 NIC (well 2 active NIC with access to networks) The first is gateway which is where I want to route all external traffic the second is which also has as the gateway So if I trace it goes...
  35. DeadlyTitan

    No Audio In Games From Speakers. Solved!

    So am using the latest Windows 10 and i have this weird problem with the following games. H.A.W.X Amazing Spider Man 1 Batman Arkham Asylum Planetside 2 The following games have no audio in game via speakers, but works just fine when headphones are connected through front panel. Please note...
  36. H

    How to create a digital signature for the WIN10 x64 driver?

    Hello forum! I have a device from a silicone developer and WIN10x64. With this device comes the driver with a good digital signature. But I need to rename the device name "silicone cp210x" to my name "Example" in the device's installation driver. I'm using a utility - CustomUSBDriverWizard.exe...
  37. R

    New Mid/High-End Keeps Crashing with Clean Windows Installation and Drivers

    Hi guys, I’m having troubles with a new mid/high end PC and can’t find the problem, so I’m here for help… Basically, it hangs up, sometimes with a BSOD and sometimes I just have to manually reset it. This started to happen 2 months ago, when windows got updated. That time, the BSOD had a...
  38. C

    How to Install Windows 10 from a HDD on the Same HDD

    Currently I have Ubuntu installed on my system and 250GB of free space. I want to install Windows 10 on that free space but I don't have any CD/DVD or USB to make a bootable disk. So can I install Windows on that free space from that same system's HDD? Its a laptop with 1TB HDD from which 250GB...
  39. Ketchup

    Is Microsoft Doing Away with Backup and Restore (Windows 7)?

    This would be on Windows 10. The facts that it is only available in the Control Panel and that it has Windows 7 in parenthesis isn't very reassuring. The reason I ask is that #1 I like it, and #2 I just set up a backup for a second computer and if I am going to have to find something to...
  40. A

    Windows 10 Spinning Down and then Spinning Up HD

    I have a HTPC that I recently reformatted to Windows 10 Pro from Server 2008 R2. I noticed now that the Storage HDDs spin up and then back down every 30 minutes or so. This is with no activity. I would expect the Storage HDD to spin up only when I try to access it. I never had a problem when...