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No Audio In Games From Speakers. Solved!


Oct 20, 2017
So am using the latest Windows 10 and i have this weird problem with the following games.
  1. H.A.W.X
  2. Amazing Spider Man 1
  3. Batman Arkham Asylum
  4. Planetside 2
The following games have no audio in game via speakers, but works just fine when headphones are connected through front panel. Please note that these are the only games that have this sorta problem, the rest of the games work just fine.
  1. Metro 2033 Redux
  2. Skyrim Legendary Edition (Heavily Modded)
  3. Paladins
  4. Cities Skyline
  5. Cities XL Platinum
  6. Warframe
  7. Lichdom Battlemage
  8. Hunted The Demon's Forge
  9. Mass Effect Series
  10. Singularity
  11. State Of Decay YOSE
  12. Terminator Salvation
  13. The Bureau - XCom Declassified
  14. XCom Enemy Within
  15. Crysis 2
  16. Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  17. Dreadnought
  18. Dungeon Siege 2
  19. Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning
These are the other games installed on my system and they all work just fine.

I Tried reinstalling and force recheck through steam, redownload the entire game but well nothing seems to work, I just have no audio output through my speakers but i always get audio when i connect my headphones through my front panel.

My system specs -
  • i7 8700
  • MSI Z370 Krait Gaming Motherboard
  • 2x 16 GB RAM DDR4 3200MHZ
  • GTX 1080 Ti MSI Gaming X Trio
  • 1x Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB NVME SSD's
  • 2x Samsung 860 Pro 512 GB Sata SSD's
  • 2x 3 TB HDD's
Thank you for the help. All these troubles just makes me want to switch back to windows 7 cause i never had such problem on windows 7.

It's a clean windows 10 installation not an upgrade from windows 7.


Oct 20, 2017
Found the solution, it was caused by Nvidia audio thingy which was rerouting the audio to my monitor. Disabling it in Nvidia control panel solved it.
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