Question Windows 10 drives to new 11 pc

Jun 15, 2009
Just have a simple question.

I have a new pc that runs windows 11. I want to save 2 drives from my old computer and install them on the new one. Old pc was windows 10, new one is windows 11.

My question is, can I just mount the old hdds into the new windows 11 pc without it reformatting my drives and losing all my data?

old pc has a non supported processor or something, why I can't upgrade it.



Sep 7, 2001
The easy way would be to get them into an external enclosure or docking station connected via USB. Since you have two drives, a dual bay/drive docking station would work, such as (just an example, not intended to promote this brand, there are many others):

USB 3.0 to SATA Docking Station for 2.5" or 3.5"' HDD/SSD

This would eliminate the potential problem that your system might try to boot from one of the drives when connected to the motherboard SATA ports, if either of them were ever setup as the system boot drive in the Windows 10 PC. That would then require you to go into the UEFI/BIOS setup and meddle around with priority of the boot devices, unless you are comfortable doing that. Even if it were to boot from one of the other drives, it should not result in alteration or harm to any userland data.