Question Budget laptop to replace Lenovo B50


Jan 15, 2003
I have a Lenovo B50 which I owned for about 6 years and paid $200. I later on replaced the HDD with a SSD. It worked very well for me except that right now the parts are probably coming apart. The power connector doesn't connect all that very well but more importantly recently the wifi keeps disconnecting with no way to reconnect. It might be that the windows 10 OS updates is not working well with the device. Anyway I was looking at a new laptop with similar specs except for having a better trackpad if possible. I just used the laptop for websurfing and some very light gaming. The only things the laptop needs to have is:
1. 15" monitor(which is what I have right now)
2. keyboard backlight
3. Touchpad as good as possible
4. SSD
5. Below $300 (maybe $500 if touchpad is good)
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