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XCom TexMod Issues On Windows 10 x64 Help?


Oct 20, 2017
So, i use the mod called TexMod to mod XCom, I mainly use it to get better visual cues like brighter text, symbols so i don't need to strain my eyes looking for stuff on screen since i am visually impaired, and its really difficult for me to do so and uncomfortable.

I have used it previously, a few years ago when XCom was still new and had no problems and i was using windows 10 X64 Version 1511 at that time.

Tried running it in compatible mode for Win 7, XP SP2, XP SP1 and running as admin and no luck, am at my wits end here and have no idea what else should i do.

The thing is i still have an old i3 Laptop that's running the older windows 10 X64 Version 1511 which I have managed to keep it that way for experimenting, and Texmod seems to work just fine on that one.

Now i just cant seem to make it work, i mean when i launch it, it just stays there with a blank screen and nothing happens and it just stays like this forever.

Am currently running the latest version of windows 10 X64 on my main system.

My system specs are as follows -
  • i7 8700
  • GTX 1080 Ti
  • 32 GB (2x16) Ram
  • Z370 Motherboard
  • 250 GB Samsung SSD
  • 500 GB Samsung SSD
  • 2 TB Toshiba HDD (7200 RPM, 64 MB Catch)
Any help regarding the issue is greatly appreciated. The game is not the same for me without that Mod.
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