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  1. Question Extremely low Random IOPS on two SSDs

    Hello, I have two Samsung SSDs in my computer, an 840 Pro and 860 Evo, both are connected via a SATA3 interface configured as AHCI. The motherboard is an Asus P8Z77-V Pro, with an i7-3770K CPU. TRIM is enabled, MB and drive firmware is the latest. Both drives report sequential performance...
  2. X

    Solved! Samsung 850 EVO endurance and possible upgrades

    Hello! I've just tested my 250GB Samsung 850 SSD using Magician software and CrystalDiskInfo, here are the results: Samsung Magician: Drive Health -> 64.2 TB written - Good. CrystalDiskInfo: Health Status -> Good 82% 1) Should I be worried? I've read on some forums that this drive endurance...
  3. A

    Question NVMe SSD comparison

    XPG gammix s11 pro vs Samsung 980, which one to buy considering I am getting both for the same price
  4. F

    Question Samsung Magician can't update my 980 PRO

    I just switched from a 1TB 970 EVO Plus to a 1TB 980 Pro as my system drive. There is a new firmware for the 980 and I wanted to update it but for some reason in the Samsung software drive health is N/A, I can see the temperature, the serial number and the current firmware but it doesn't show...
  5. B

    MX500 1TB $89.99 (4-27 only), $184.99 2TB - Best Buy [Dead]

    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/crucial-mx500-1tb-3d-nand-sata-2-5-inch-internal-solid-state-drive/6254400.p?skuId=6254400 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/crucial-mx500-2tb-3d-nand-sata-2-5-inch-internal-solid-state-drive/6321004.p?skuId=6321004
  6. UsandThem

    Info Samsung launching new 980 (non PRO) DRAMless NVMe SSD **Updated with review links**

    https://www.tomshardware.com/news/samsung-980-ssds-spotted Maybe instead of releasing a new budget NVMe with the 980 naming scheme (which is a little confusing), Samsung should have just secretly switched the 970 EVO Plus components to cheaper, lower performing ones in order to lower the...
  7. A

    Question SSD: No format possible, not recognized

    Hi people, sorry for the long post, i need help! I have a ssd, Seagate Firecuda 520 nvme pcie 4 gen 4. I sent it together with my laptop back to the manufacturer because of spilled water and now it is back. The tests were OK they said. The SSD worked before i have sent it there (it was empty...
  8. C

    Question Current state of using compression on SSD's

    I've been helping building PC's lately, and I often see people with too small SSD's, at least when you take their 1 or 2 most played games into account. So that got me thinking back to Sandforce if anyone remembers (10 years ago or so). Those disks natively compressed content before storing it...
  9. Astrogene

    Question Which M.2 NVMe should I go for?

    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new here. So I'm currently building my new system and having mixed feelings on choosing which M.2 NVME SSDs should I grab 2*500 GB pieces of the following; Adata XPG SX8200 Pro Crucial P5 Noteworthy that here in my country (), they are both priced right around $70...
  10. Question Brand new ADATA SSD runs way hot and throttle!

    So i just got this SSD today , it's ADATA SU650 480GB and i was really surprised , at first i encountered a bug where data written was 700TB before even making a partition (spoiler alert : it's 25660TB after a couple of hours LOL) so this is not too much of a problem just a software bug but...
  11. A

    Question nvme very slow write speed

    I have a 3900x with a x570 mobo and 1TB sabrent rocket nvme m2 PCIe 4.0 disk. My write benchmarks are very very poor. Chipset and windows drivers are upto date. what gives ? how can i troubleshoot? https://ibb.co/SKFN03h https://ibb.co/JmDJZWG
  12. P

    Question Samsung 860 evo slow benchmark speeds

    Helo peepal! Recently i bought a samsung 860 evo 250gb ssd and slapped it into my laptop internal sata 3 port everything is working fine except for the speeds. Sequential reads are fine even sequential write are okish but what bothers me the most is the 4k random read/write those are really slow...
  13. C

    Question AT Bench : Samsung 970 Evo plus 2TB vs 1TB

    I was looking for the benchmarks comparing SK hynix Gold P31 to Samsung 970 line when i noticed this oddity. The 970 Evo plus 2TB has a considerable lower latency in ATSB Heavy workloads than the 1 TB model. In the light and Destroyer workloads, they are comparable. Wonder why this difference...
  14. U

    What should I do with a suspect HP EX950 SSD?

    Hey everyone. So I built my wife a computer last month, and I had used the HP EX950 SSD in it. However, it appeared to develop write errors early on & attempts to cool it off with heatsinks & fans didn't seem to prevent that. I even tried doing the firmware fix that's been floating around. I've...
  15. B

    Question Where can I find a M.2 SSD Screw?

    So I have the HP 15-da0511sa (Notebook) and the 5400rpm hard drive is really slow so I am planning on adding the Samsung 970 evo plus 256gb and transfer the OS to it to significantly increase the speed of my laptop. However, I opened up my laptop to make sure it supports the SSD (and it does)...
  16. A

    Question SSHD vs SSD + HDD

    Hello, I already have a SSD Samsung 860 EVO 256GB and old HDD Hitachi 500GB. I want to replace the HDD. I'm thinking of buying a SSHD Seagate Firecude 2 TB but I read many not good reviews about SSHD. So I'm thinking of buying a HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB + SSD WD Blue 500GB. Currently the SSD...
  17. F

    Question Im buying a new M.2 SSD for my system, but I have my boot drive (Samsung 860 EVO 500GB), what to do? (Read Thread for more info)

    I have a ASUS B350F STRIX motherboard, and I want to install a 1TB 970 EVO, HOWEVER, doing so would disable SATA6G_ 5 - 6. My bootdrive is in one of those two slots, so to allow my M.2 SSD to work properly, is it a good idea to to plug my boot drive into a different SATA port (all of them run at...
  18. S

    Question Upgrading Asus G11CD-K (desktop) RAM & SSD

    Hello, I want to upgrade my RAM from 16 GO to 32 GO, and setup an SSD with my existing HDD. I used crucial scan software to get the list of all supported RAM & SSD for my Asus G11CD-K (desktop) and here is the link: https://www.crucial.com/scanview/E23445F331D926C3 My questions are : for RAM...
  19. G

    Question How best to benchmark test NVMe in Linux?

    I am running Ubuntu 18.04 in a fairly new system. I recently bought a Samsung 970 EVO Plus to do some speed tests for work. While trying different things and not getting the results I wanted, I stumbled upon the great write up here...
  20. Giveaway! Seagate Ironwolf SSD NAS #RunWithIronWolf

    We have a massive NAS competition underway, and yes, we're talking terabytes. Up for grabs is the QNAP TS-932X NAS enclosure, Seagate IronWolf PRO 16TB HDD, and the IronWolf 110 SSD. Run with the biggest and the fastest. Seagate IronWolf drives provide 28% more capacity and up to 25% more speed...
  21. C

    Question On new computer I want Windows 7 on SSD and Program Files on HDD--how do I proceed?

    I'm setting up a new computer that will have a 250 GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD and two 1 TB Seagate Barracuda hard drives. I want the SSD to be the boot drive and have the Windows folder with the operating system (Windows 7 Professional 64 bit). I also want to have a few programs on the SSD...
  22. J

    Question I need to replace a broken part

    I have a Samsung 840EVO 500GB SSD. I need to read inside it. It presents a broken part, with a bubble on it. Something was wrong with electricity, this is a simple part that I could try to replace with a little soldier. But I need a replacement part. Please help.
  23. EXCellR8

    Solved! Expanding Booting Windows 10 Partition on Larger Capacity SSD

    Finally made the switch to an NVMe drive from a regular SATA-III SSD since the prices have come down, but I overlooked something. Macrium Reflect wouldn't allow me to edit the size of the partition that contains Windows when I cloned it over. I was trying to jog my memory but I thought that this...
  24. fleshconsumed

    Question How do I securely wipe SSD before selling it?

    I'm upgrading/cleaning out my basement and I want to sell a bunch of SSDs (SATA and NVME) ranging from 128GB to 2TB. When it comes to selling traditional hard drives I would always just do a complete format (0-write) prior to selling them to stop my private data from falling into the wrong...
  25. Ashinjuka

    Question Can't Enter BIOS with SSD Attached Following BIOS Update

    I'm working on an HP Pavilion 510-a010. It came with a 1TB spinner. My goal is to redeploy it with a Samsung 860 Evo 250GB. I disconnected the HDD, connected the SSD fresh out of the package, booted to my Win 10 USB installer, installed Windows 1809 to the SSD using default settings...
  26. U

    help me bulid a budget computer

    hi i'm looking to bulid a computer that can have like 60+ FPS or something for fifa 19 and 200- ish FPS for CS:GO my budget is 300 euros my budget is 300 euros (341.09100 USD) and i live in bulgaria thanks in advance also im very new to the pc bulding stuff so i would be very glad if you guys...
  27. D

    Question Which one is a better SSD from Intel DC P3600 1.2TB and Intel DC P4510 1TB?

    I have two options as a primary boot SSD for my CAD workstation: 1. Intel P3600 1.2TB, and 2. Intel P4510 1TB. Which one is better in terms of reliability, versatility, durability and performance? (Price is no issue..) As per specs; P3600 is 20nm MLC and P4510 is 64-Layer 3D TLC. Which one can...
  28. R

    Question SSD is slower and freezing on a 4 year old laptop

    Hi, I bought a Kingston SSD 480 gb and on the site the read and write speed are advertised as 500MB/s Read and 450MB/s Write https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B01N0TQPQB/ now I installed it in my laptop and did benchmark with Crystal disk 6 All the image links and tests and BIos andd other info...
  29. C

    Question Which SSD for my Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 5 Laptop (Nitro AN515-42)?

    I have Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 5 Laptop (Nitro AN515-42). It only Comes with HDD 1TB. 1.is it possible to add 1TB SSD on Laptop Extra ( Without making warranty void )? 2.What is the maximum capacity of SSD my Laptop Can support? 3.Is it possible to make that SSD Primary (Bootable) to install windows...
  30. incloud

    Nvme Support on Asus Maximus VI Formula

    Hi guys, I've been trying for weeks to get my Asus Maximus VI Formula bios to see my new EVO 970 SSD and am at my wits end. I've managed to create and flash a custom bios with the added Nvme support, cloned my drive, enabled and disabled CPM, pretty much everything I can find online. I didn't...
  31. T

    Samsung PCIe SSD Support for HP ENVY X360 M6 AQ105DX Convertible

    As per internal configuration of my laptop "HP ENVY X360 M6 aq105dx", I would like to know whether my lapotp Support PCIe SSDs (Like Samsung 960 EVO, 970 EVO). Below are the screeenshots attached. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2QihPbcpeYRR3F4UmIyRUJMRXhwWlJ4U2U1X0JCTTd3ZF93...
  32. D

    Slow speed SSD Samsung EVO 860 500GB

    Hey guys, I'm baffled as my speed is much lower than others. I bought the Samsung EVO 860 SSD 500GB and fresh installed Windows 10. My PC is HP(i5 quad, 6GB RAM, PCIe x1 with Vantec SATA-3 6Gb/s card, etc). Previously with onboard SATA-2(3Gb/s), my sequential read/write = 284/271 Mb/s. Now with...
  33. W

    Looking for a M.2 2242 SSD

    I have a lenovo Y510P and I would like to upgrade that ridiculous 24Gb SSD thats inside to something decent enough to install windows and a couple of programs, so that I can keep the 1 Tb HDD for mass storage. I don't know anything about these drives and also nothing about the different...
  34. B

    M.2 860 EVO 512 GB issue with write speeds

    Hi, I bought a new 512GB Samsung 860 M.2 EVO SSD mounted on the only slot I have on my AsRock Z170m Extreme4 motherboard with a i7 6700K. Writing speed are slower than the benchmarks I've seen on the internet. Like ~500/~300. I had a previous 840 EVO (3.5 drive not M.2) on a sata cable and the...
  35. B

    Connectin an m.2 to recover data

    Hi, I have an M.2 256gb SSD from Toshiba (model THNSNJ256GVNU, exactly like this one) which I must connect to a computer to recover data from. My computer does not have a M.2 connector, so I looked for an adapter. I've just bought an Akasa M.2 SSD to PCIe adapter card, connected to a PCIe 2.0...
  36. jsimenhoff

    Intel Optane AMA - Starts Wednesday at 11am

    Intel Optane AMA with the Intel Optane Team AnandTech is proud to announce the upcoming guest in our featured Community Series -- ASK ME ANYTHING. On Wednesday, September 26th through Thursday, September 27th the Intel Optane Team will join us in a live AMA on the AnandTech Memory and Storage...
  37. M

    Patriot Burst 480GB vs Kingston A400 480GB

    Hi. I use my ssd for gaming (own the EVO 850 250GB) and i need a second one. Right now there is a sale in a physical local store where i live, for the below ssd's Patriot Burst 480GB Kingston A400 480GB Both are priced at ~75 euros which i think is a good price, considering that Samsung EVO...
  38. P

    Which SSD do I need for this socket?

    Sorry for the novice question, have only ever bought SATA SSDs. my Asus Z97-A says it can take: - 1 x M.2 Socket 3 with M Key, type 2260/2280 storage devices support (supports PCIE SSD only) I'd assumed this Crucial one would be perfect, but according to Crucial's website it isn't compatible...
  39. I

    M.2 drive not visible in Bios

    So I finally got an ssd drive. I got an M.2 500gb Samsung 970 EVO. I installed all the drivers (don't know the name off the top of my head) and migrated with the Samsung utility rebooted but it booted into the old hard drive. I rebooted and pressed f8 and launched into my ssd. I got a blue...
  40. L

    PCI Speeds with 970 EVO and wireless card

    Hi, I am looking at buying a Samsung EVO 970 for my older desktop, as it doesn’t natively support NVMe. I want to buy a riser card to allow me to do so. Something like: · https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MYCQP38/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1&tag=linus21-20#customerReviews...