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Question Where can I find a M.2 SSD Screw?


Junior Member
Aug 13, 2020
So I have the HP 15-da0511sa (Notebook) and the 5400rpm hard drive is really slow so I am planning on adding the Samsung 970 evo plus 256gb and transfer the OS to it to significantly increase the speed of my laptop. However, I opened up my laptop to make sure it supports the SSD (and it does) but there is no screw there to screw the SSD in. So can I buy a screw somewhere online (in the UK preferably) or do I just have to rely on the bottom cover to keep it in place?IMG_20200813_084947[1].jpg

Billy Tallis

Senior member
Aug 4, 2015
The M.2 form factor standard doesn't require a specific screw, and you can't entirely trust a notebook vendor to go along with the standard anyways. Most likely, the screw you need is metric M3x0.5 threading, or maybe M2x0.4 (it's hard to tell from your picture whether the holes are too big for that). You'll want at least 2-2.5mm of thread, or an overall screw length of 4mm or more.