Question Im buying a new M.2 SSD for my system, but I have my boot drive (Samsung 860 EVO 500GB), what to do? (Read Thread for more info)


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May 24, 2020
I have a ASUS B350F STRIX motherboard, and I want to install a 1TB 970 EVO, HOWEVER, doing so would disable SATA6G_ 5 - 6. My bootdrive is in one of those two slots, so to allow my M.2 SSD to work properly, is it a good idea to to plug my boot drive into a different SATA port (all of them run at the same speed according to the manual)? I am afraid of corrupting files or anything of that sort while doing so. If I do get a boot error I should still be able to access my BIOS by pressing the keyboard button that I usually use to acess my BIOS in a normal situation (DEL or ENTER) right? Its a pretty dumb question but I need the confidence to go do it with no worries.


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Mar 6, 2011
Yes, try it on a different SATA port (other than 5 & 6) and it should boot. Afterwards connect your new M.2 disk.

However you should also migrate your OS to the new disk, if you think you can do that.