Question is a zadak 512gb ssd worth it?


Junior Member
Aug 21, 2023
Currently in my pc I have a 500gb hdd and the truth is that its speed does not convince me much and that is why I plan to buy a minimum 500gb sata ssd since I do not use more for now
and I was looking in the stores of my country which ssd suits me and I found this zadak twss3 ssd of 512 gb at 26.85 dollars (converting the price of my local currency to usd)
It is supposed to be on sale and I really think it is a good price for that amount of storage since at least here at those prices or less I can only find ssds between 100 and 200 gb
that's why I come to ask if this ssd is worth it
its reading is 560mb/s and writing is 540mb/s