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  1. Dayman1225

    Intel SSD 760p(TLC) And 660p(QLC) Leak Online.

    Intel SSD 760p And 660p QLC Leak Online - TomsHardware Seems the 760P will range from 128 GB to 2TB and the 660p 512GB to 2TB Seems like the 760P ranges from $90~ to $900~ pricing wise from TigerDirect. Rumor has it from a TomsHardware source that a 512GB QLC SSD(660p) will cost $100~...
  2. DeadlyTitan

    64 GB committed charge in windows 10 Pro?

    So i built a new system with 32 GB ram (2x16) and installed Windows 10 pro on a 250 GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD and when i checked my task manager i see committed charge a bit too high (64 GB), so the question is, should i let it be? i left my page file as system managed cause well am not bothered by...
  3. DeadlyTitan

    Newly purchased samsung SSD warranty says expired help.

    https://imgur.com/a/Qe3dP As the title says i have purchased a new SSD last November and have not installed it in the system yet cause at that time i was still awaiting for my other system parts to arrive. after getting my GPU and while waiting for my ram and motherboard to arrive i started...
  4. A

    Should i partition Samsung 960 pro 500gb or buy 3 separate SSD?

    Hi guys i do video edit most of the time and some photoshop, 4k and cad / 3d rendering, reason why i need 3 ssd is because first of all to be organized 2) for OS and APPS - 120gb 3) for current project and source files - 256gb 4) for media / scratch / cache disk - 60gb now i have this cheap...
  5. A

    Is m.2 nvme overkill what I need?

    I currently edit footage taken from the GH5 which can record up to 400 Mbps. Samsung 850 Evo can already hit read/write speeds of 500 Mbps so would that be enough to smoothly edit my footages off of or would the Samsung 960 pro still benefit me? Plus there is a very nice sale for the 1tb models...
  6. P

    Loss of SATA SSD's with 2 M.2 Drives Installed in RAID 0

    I recently build a new PC with an ASUS Prime Z370 A Motherboard/Core i7 8700k with 2 Samsung Pro 960 NVMe 512GB SSD's installed in the two M.2 ports configured as RAID 0. I also installed 2 Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSD's at SATA 3 & 4 and a Blu Ray Drive at SATA 2 (I avoided SATA's 1, 5 & 6 since...
  7. Dayman1225

    Intel Outs Unannounced 1TB BGA SSD, 64L 512Gb NAND Die

    Intel Outs Unannounced 1TB BGA SSD, 64L 512Gb NAND Die Post to the topic. Don't just drop large, colorful links and leave. esquared Anandtech Forum Director
  8. D

    Need Advice about motherboard for LIDAR Surveying

    I am spec'ing out a computer for my work desktop PC that my company will purchase. I am processing very large LIDAR point clouds for surveying purposes. Please advise on where I can go to compare motherboards. I would like to have a complete list of motherboards that have these boxes checked...
  9. Y

    The most power efficient SATA SSD (480GB to 1T )for laptop

    this last 6+ year, I have play and tested a lot of different SSDs, intel x25-m x25-e 520 530 (1500 pro ) S3500, and E7000(S3520). samsung 840 , 840 pro , 840 evo 850 pro, micron m500, m600, Sandisk extreme II, x400, z400s , toshiba's HG6 and so one. I buy them play test a bit and then sell...
  10. DeadlyTitan

    GTX 1080 + SSD or GTX 1080 Ti.

    As the title suggests, which one would be better for gaming? i play at 1440p @ 144hz but anything close to 60 is acceptable, so a strict 144fps is not mandatory. my system specs are as follows i7 8700(non K) Asus Prime Z370 32 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz Cas 16 Ram (2 x 16 GB) 240 GB SSD (Boot drive)...
  11. jsimenhoff

    SSD Giveaway with OCZ Storage, Enter Now!

    Is your rig getting a little slow? Have a build that could use an upgrade? Time to replace that aging hard disk drive with a brand new SSD! We teamed up with our friends at OCZ Storage to present our AnandTech readers a trio of 3 Toshiba SSD prizes! Want to win a new SSD? Read on. In this...
  12. PeterScott

    WD SSD Dashboard is Broken Garbage: Return Drive?

    I bought a 1TB WD Blue SSD, a couple of days ago and should still be able to get a full cash refund (I haven't read the fine print yet). I dual boot on Windows 7/10. WD SSD Dashboard crashes instantly on Windows 7, and can't detect the drive on Windows 10. So the SSD management software is...
  13. X

    How to get/decrypt an SSD PSID from the drive itself?

    Hi everyone, I'm now looking for a way to get an SSD PSID (Physical Security ID) from the inside of it. I know it is an hexadecimal identifier to lock the SSDs from piracy issues. Supposedly from what I know, if you erase or modify the SMART Values on the inside of an SSD twice, it will...
  14. T

    Samsung 850 EVO 1TB only reading 111GB in disk manager...

    Ok, so I bought the 850 Evo 1TB a few days ago from BEST BUY for 330 bux (price match), clean installed Windows 10 on it, after an hour of updates the pc was running super smoothly. Checked drive size -> 111GB. Went to disk manager to check for a mysterious partition...none. Total size 111GB. I...
  15. E

    Configuring SATA RAID 1 on ASUS Z270E

    I am building a new workstation using an ASUS Z270E Motherboard. SATA Drive Configuration - Port 0 - 275GB SSD Port 5 - 1TB SSD Port 6 - 1TB SSD Running Windows 10 Professional on the 275GB SSD (Drive C) My intention is to create a RAID 1 setup for Drive D, comprised of the two 1 TB SSD I...
  16. A

    ssd caching..

    Hi, I am building a new computer and I am getting two 960 evo ssd's for the setup. The plan was to set one drive as system/boot drive and use the other for programs and games and such.. and in addition I am also going to have one or two larger hdd's (from my old computer) and I was thinking...
  17. T

    What is This RAID?

    Hi, I read a review for an ASUSTOR NAS some months ago that I kept open on my phone, until my wife decided I had too many tabs open and closed them all. I've read tons about different RAID configurations, but I haven't found this one anywhere. I think they set up a four disk array with 1 SSD...
  18. D

    Need Gaming Laptop for School!

    I need to buy a gaming laptop for college because they are good for viewing and editing videos too, and I have to buy it before school starts in two weeks. I've been looking around and have discovered a few specs that I think are important, but I don't have enough knowledge about specs to feel...
  19. A

    Can I set up Windows recovery to install to SSD direct?

    Hello AT geeks I have a laptop that is under warranty. Due to desperately wanting an SSD over spinning rust, I chose to remove my optical drive and put in a caddy, thus preserving the 3 year warranty. The SSD is in, I booted through the HDD and initialised it as a GUID drive (as opposed to...
  20. P

    Samsung 960 evo boot problem with mobo Gigabyte 970 gaming

    Hi, I installed windows 7 64bit on this samsung ssd via diskpart,i have loaded as well the nvme drivers,i can see the driver in bios mode but it cannot boot the windows.So i just want to ask if there is any possibility that this mobo does not support nvme drivers as booting devices and sees...
  21. B

    Tracking 64-layer SSDs

    Eventually, SSDs will become cheap, 1 TB/200 USD and under, one day.... Hopefully, 64-layer flash will take the market to that point. So far, Intel SSD 545s has been released, in 512 GB and 2.5-in: Newegg In the works are siblings Western Digital Blue 3D (Newegg) and SanDisk Ultra 3D (B&H)...
  22. X

    Crucial and Samsung's V-NAND process node ?

    Hi all, Since 3D TLC SSDs came on the scene, manufacturers tend to avoid telling which process node they're using. The only thing i've see, is that Samsung's 2nd generation V-NAND do use a 40nm process node. And... that's it, nothing else since; apart from telling how many layers they do have...
  23. M

    Installing SSD (ide, ahci)?

    Hi anandtech Once again I turn to you in despair. English is not my native language and since I am not experienced with computers I hope my description is sufficient to pass an understanding of my issue. Recently I have been helping a friend installing a SSD and I did a fresh install of...
  24. douglaswilliams

    Ideal block size for a modern NVMe SSD?

    Hello. I'm cloning Win10 installation on a new PC from a hard drive to a Samsung 960 Evo. It seems like I've heard that block size (or sector size? ... or page size?) should be different for performance reasons on a hard drive vs SSD. 1. If I just clone the HDD to the SSD, will it copy over...
  25. B

    Acer ES1-572 ownder doubt exp. hardware

    I need an answer from an acer ownder . Question does the ES1-572 (2017 model) support an additional memory ram and an additional hard drive (SSD 2,5"). I want to buy one and upgrade its memory from 4Gb to 8Gb and add a SSD to boost it up. Thank you,
  26. E

    Cannot store more than 100GB on 480GB SSD

    I have 480GB SSD. Both BIOS and Win7 show 480GB but I cannot store more than 100GB. It says disk full. What could be wrong?
  27. Sam25

    OS Drive Cloning Query

    Hello, I wanted to clone and backup my currently running Windows 7 (x64, Ultimate) from my main rig to a separate drive for backup just in case my primary drive (120GB Samsung EVO SSD) on which I have my OS and programs installed suddenly had any issues. I would like to create a clone of the...
  28. C

    Will dropping to SATA2 exacerbate or hide random read performance differences between SSDs?

    Let's consider two different SATA3 SSDs and put them in SATA2 ports. Will the delta in random read showed by benchmarks increase, decrease or stay the same?
  29. MajinCry

    Best <£120 M2 SSD For Read Perf?

    With games getting huge (Fallout 4 is over 30-bloody-GB in size), I figured I'd best buy an SSD to go along with my RAMDisk. Use the RAMDisk for the important files, and the SSD for the rest I can't fit in. Was eyeing the 960 EVO, but those random read speeds seem completely wank: The SM961...
  30. D

    960 Pro 512GB m.2 for improved desktop VM performance?

    I'm hoping someone with VMware Workstation 12+ or ESXi experience could chime in on this. Right now I'm running an i5-4690k, 24GB memory, 850 EVO 256G C drive, 2TB WD Black drive for VM/Games, on a GA-Z97X-SLI motherboard. Host is Windows 10 Pro running on C drive. Guest is Windows 10 Pro...
  31. A

    Ryzen build ram and ssd help

    Ok, got a taichi ordered, once I know its shipped im buying the rest of the build. This is a bit last minute I know but I'm looking for some help. Im thinking of getting this ram...
  32. S

    Need Help Locating Issue with Game lag....

    I have a good 1050 Ti NVIDIa Graphics Card, just got a high quality SSD and 2 sticks of 2133 Mhz 8GB DDR3 memory, and am trying to run Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (huge map, 100+ players on a server) smoothly, but it keeps lagging even when I set all graphics settings to very low. My system...
  33. jsimenhoff

    AnandTech OCZ SSD Giveaway

    Now’s your chance to win a trio of super fast SSDs, courtesy of our fine friends from OCZ. We have the 512GB RD400 PCIe SSD, 512GB VX500 SSD, and the 256GB RD400 PCIe SSD all up for grabs. Be sure to enter the raffle linked here for your chance to win. The sweepstakes will run until 12pm EST...
  34. B

    Has anyone owning an SSD ever seen a benefit in gaming?

    In performance I mean.
  35. F

    DMI overclocking with BCLK possible?

    I'd like to know if it is possible to increase the DMI bandwidth on a P55 board (ASUS P7P55D-E) by increasing the BCLK. The reason for this is my plan to use an m2 NVMe SSD in my second PCI-e x16 slot (only 4 PCI-e 2.0 lanes available) with an m2 to PCI-e adapter. Now, the problem with the...
  36. M

    If a laptop supports TLC M.2 SSDs, does it automatically support MLC?

    If specifications of a laptop say it supports TLC M.2 SSD drives, is there a reason why that laptop should NOT automatically support (as in recognize in BIOS, etc.) MLC M.2 drives as well?
  37. B

    sony vaio pro 13 ssd

    i have sony vaio pro 13 svp13215pxb my original ssd stop working so i search for replacement so my question is the intel p600 SSDPEKKW256G7X1 can work with my loptop ?? i cant buy the same as original because of my budget please help here is my original ssd http://i.imgur.com/L6M2ov2.jpg
  38. A

    SSD Intel 730 vs Intel s3510 (Boot time= 2s vs 5s)

    I was reading Intel specifications for both SSDs. http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/ssdc/hpssd/sb/Intel_SSD_730_Series_Product_specification.pdf http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/solid-state-drives/ssd-dc-s3510-spec.html The 730 has 2s boot time and the s3510s has...
  39. CyberCat3

    2 * Samsung 960 EVO 250 gb in raid 0

    Hi, I would like to get a really nice SSD setup, but I was wondering, would 2 * Samsung 960 EVO 250 gb in RAID 0 be better or worse than a single 960 EVO 500 gb? I know RAID 0 doubles the chance for your storage setup to die but does this count for SSD's? Since they wear off in a different way...
  40. M

    Do NVMe SSDs Require Cooling?

    Typically components do not unless OC'd. I am not aware of the enthusiast arena OC'ing SSD's yet (not the bulk anyway), which leads me to suspect that there is no need to overclock them for normal use. But would an NVMe SSD ever have to thottleback with normal use does anyone know? If...