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  1. U

    Intel Graphics drivers not installing "Not Supported"

    I used Intel Driver update utility to try to update my drivers, but I get an error saying my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements and is unsupported but clearly is supported. I tried installing the zip and .exe version on the Intel driver website and I got the same error.
  2. thepaleobiker

    Does Ryzen potentially "kill" the unofficial consumer Xeon DIY PC builds?

    I've recently been following all the historical adulation and love for Xeon CPUs that could directly fit consumer boards (LGA 1366 or 2011) or the more recent ones that could easily overclock via BLCK (LGA 1151 on C232 chipsets), especially the E3 series of quad-code hyperthreading CPUs. From...
  3. MajinCry

    Running 4 RAM sticks on Z170?

    This computer's on the fritz, and it feels fairly long in the tooth, so it's time for an upgrade. Trouble is, I'm looking to have the full 64GB of RAM supported by Skylake, but 2x16GB to begin with. Was told by AsRock that Z170 can't run RAM at it's full rated speed, when using all four...
  4. MajinCry

    Draw Call Performance In Fallout 4

    Riding on the back of my previous thread, where users ran an old instancing demo to investigate AMD's draw call performance, I'm extremely curious as to where Ryzen falls in a "modern" game; lots of draw calls, lots of background processing, and huge draw distances. The reason why, is that all...
  5. thepaleobiker

    What is the maximum all-core Boost Clock on i5 7500 ?

    The Kaby Lake i5 7500 has base clock of 3.4 GHz and maximum Boost Clock of 3.8 GHz : I'm assuming the 3.8 GHz is for a single core : What is the max all-core boost for the i5 7500 ? I cant seem to find this information anywhere...
  6. X

    Ryzen-A Fail for Gamers?

    Many have expressed amazement on just how AMD was able to catch up to Intel with Ryzen, especially with the 1800X, in the computing and productivity sectors. However, from a purely gamer's perspective, it is almost impossible to miss the fact that 1800X trails Intel's 7700K slightly to...
  7. L

    [HELP] When a game doesn't see the GPU

    Hello! I have a problem running UT2004 on my Dell Inspiron 7559 laptop. It works in OpenGL mode, but certain things are not possible there, so that's only a last solution. The problem is that when the renderer is D3D 8, the game only runs on the integrated Intel 530, even when it is instructed...
  8. 1

    Intel Cannonlake Leaked - It's 3D

  9. thepaleobiker

    Coffelake Thread : Rumors, and Specs

    Hello Everyone, I know Ryzen is sucking out most of the oxygen in the room regarding the anticipation and "truer" competition in the CPU market. I've a few questions I'd like to put forth to those in the latest know how about Intel's potential first opportunity to respond to Ryzen - CoffeeLake...
  10. R

    computer doesn't recognize all my ram

    I have a new Skull Canyon NUC and my computer states I have 8gb ram when I have 16 installed (2x8). what trouble shooting steps can I take? Thanks!
  11. A

    SSD Intel 730 vs Intel s3510 (Boot time= 2s vs 5s)

    I was reading Intel specifications for both SSDs. http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/ssdc/hpssd/sb/Intel_SSD_730_Series_Product_specification.pdf http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/solid-state-drives/ssd-dc-s3510-spec.html The 730 has 2s boot time and the s3510s has...
  12. MajinCry

    [Part 1] Measuring CPU Draw Call Performance

    (Part 2 - Much more appropriate settings!) Before Intel released their Core 2 architecture, their CPUs had the same level of draw call performance as their AMD performance equivalents. Trouble is, Core 2 was several times (>3x) better at handling draw calls then it's predecessors, as well as...
  13. S

    Suitable motherboard for Intel i3-530 LGA 1156 socket processor?

    Hi Guys, so all of a sudden my Intel DH55TC motherboard just won't turn ON :-( I have performed all the procedures mentioned in various walkthroughs and troubleshooting but none of it helped. On powering the cpu the motherboard's green light is ON but the power button isn't making it start up. I...
  14. S

    New Intel RST RAID 10 rebuildling but no disks are failed

    I just set up a new RST RAID 10 array comprised of 3x HGST Ultrastar 7k4000 4TB drives and 1x WD Green 4TB drive. I plan on swapping the WD green out, but I was sent a bad drive so it'll do for now. So, the problem is that I created the array and initialized it. I started copying about 2TB of...
  15. C

    Should I use Intel RST?

    hey all, I a putting my new rig together and I am wondering if I should try to use intel rapid storage or not. I've never used it before but am certainly willing to try if there are benefits. I have the following drives that will be installed: 960 evo 500g (boot drive) 2x 850 evo 500g 840 evo...
  16. superstition

    Zen to be soldered

    http://www.bitsandchips.it/52-english-news/7784-our-leak-confirmed-am4-cpus-will-have-the-ihs-soldered This is great news (for everyone except the liquid nitrogen people and those selling delidding machines/services).
  17. superstition

    Must-have features for overclockers

    Let's make a list of some features that are not on every board/CPU/platform, etc. — but should be. (Let's get the obvious ones out of the way: Good VRMs/MOSFETs/socket temps/copper level/PCB thickness/BIOS quality) 1) Windows/Linux software that lets someone boot to BIOS. I've used the ASUS...
  18. C

    Bios options in Kaby Lake laptop

    Hello everybody, I recently got a laptop Dell XPS 9360, which means it is the same as the old XPS with a Kaby Lake 7500u processor. I would like to mildly undervolt the CPU/iGPU to run the laptop as quiet as possible. So far, I was only able to change voltage via software, e.g. using Intel XTU...
  19. clocand

    5 yo PC Build/Upgrade Help

    Hello. I've been a member here for 5 years and, in short, have been waiting several months for BF to upgrade my MOBO/GPU/CPU and would like some advice for the best deals/compatibility. Also, if you would recommend replacement of other parts (i.e. RAM) I'm all ears, as I'm not sure how long...
  20. Ketchup

    Intel, it's time to step away from the i's

    Isn't 7 generations of i7/i5/i3 enough? Wasn't the original intent simplicity? Now we have dozens models per generation, generations are overlapping, and determining generation by model number is just about impossible now. Anyone else think it's time to move on to something new here...
  21. Y

    JPR: More gamers are playing on Radeon graphics than Intel and Nvidia combined.

    Ran across an interesting article on concerning the GPU market as a whole. The quantifying of steam data and sales data does paint a more comprehensive picture of the GPU market. nvidia is the biggest discrete gpu vendor for PC gaming while AMD is doing quite well for itself being the biggest...
  22. C

    Good PC Build?

    Hi, I've recently decided to embark on a quest to build my first gaming pc. This being said, don't think I don't my way around one; I've done quite a bit of research. As it a starter build I've been wondering whether these are good specs to go with, and if I can get more bang for my buck. Here...
  23. B

    Intel Iris Pro on 65-W TDP: availability?

    Intel processors with Iris Pro Graphics (P)580 with 65-W TDP: Core i5-6585R, 6685R, i7-6785R, Xeon E3-1585 v5. Iris Pro is also available in 35 and 45-W products, but my experience with Core i7-4710HQ taught me simultaneously using the CPU and GPU will exceed TDP rating and throttle the...
  24. superstition

    Surprise. OEMs not just tricking AMD buyers

    The latest mandatory configurations from Dell's "Premier" for a major influential university: Let's do the Time Warp again with Apple, too: At least people can add a second stick of RAM to the Dells (although that won't happen in the vast majority of cases). Good luck prying open...
  25. S

    Battlefield 1 CPU Performance (DX11 vs DX12)

  26. superstition

    The rumored 5.1 GHz Xeon quad E5-2602 V4?

    This was talked about by a lot of tech sites in January but I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything since. Rumor has it that only deep pockets customers like the NSA will have access. Is this a good idea? It seems really odd to restrict the sale of CPUs to domestic consumers and only sell...
  27. K

    Can't change graphic card. Dedicated card doesn't work

    Product Name: HP Notebook 15-ay057nw Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Hello. Few days ago i bought a new laptop. HP Notebook 15-ay057nw. Everything was okey but not the graphic card and performance. I can't play games !!! ;/ Laptop uses only Intel HD Graphics. I have the newest...
  28. A

    New laptop with GeForce 1060 - Adobe CC apps crashing

    Hi. Hi. I just recently received my new Sager NP8152-S laptop. It was custom built with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 display card. The laptop arrived with Windows 10 Home installed, with drivers installed, no bloatware. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and yesterday I installed Adobe...
  29. superstition

    Will SME, SEV, and hw SHA be CPU game-changers?

    I guess AMD chose to put AVX-512 and such on the back burner in favor of this. A smart move? So, we have government that gets upset when e-mail isn't private and controlled for it and enterprise (business and government) that gets upset when its data isn't private and controlled. As for the...
  30. EXCellR8

    PowerEdge 2900 Motherboard

    After months of getting our admin staff to abandon their office server, a tired Dell PE 2900, I was finally able to pull the plug on the old dinosaur machine that it was. The server is still in decent condition so I got the idea of reconditioning the tower as a workstation with a couple Xeons...
  31. T

    Why Intel 14nm was named ...14nm?

    1) Could someone make clear this question please? I know that different chip-makers differently name their manufacturing process, and it is rather a marketing term. Wikipedia says that the naming of this technology node as "14 nm" came from the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors...
  32. R

    sff build

    Hi folks, I'd love some input into a new computer I'm looking at buying/building sometime before xmas. I've never built a computer before and would prefer to avoid starting from scratch if possible. I have a crazy small apartment and want a sff style pc (I would also consider a laptop 13-15")...
  33. norseamd

    How do Global Foundries/Samsung 14 nm, TSMC 16 nm, and Intel 14 nm all compare?

    There are at least 3 majors foundries in the computer business, and that is not even counting countless other more minor foundries. There are 3 current major lines from these 3 major foundries in the 14/16 nm node process, but these are more marketing terms and broad category alignment than...
  34. V

    Awaiting Intel 200 series chipset motherboards?

    I'm not NEEDING a computer. Just badly wanting one / and I'm wondering whether the 200 series chipset is anything worth waiting for? The Kaby Lake CPUs are up and coming and I hold out, I'm just not sure whether I want to... But if the chipset is coming in tandem in January, then I can be...
  35. S

    Intel Coffee Lake and Cannonlake in H2-2017, Icelake in 2018 (DigiTimes)

    Mainstream 6C/12T next year, followed by a new CPU architecture in 2018? www.digitimes.com/news/a20160904PD201.html Original Coffee Lake 'leak' from PC Watch in July (mobile roadmap):
  36. J

    Help: How do I overclock my i7-6800k ?

    Hi, I am a total noob in overclocking. I want to overclock my i7-6800k to around 4Ghz. I've read and watched youtube but I am still uncertain. Can you guys give me a step by step things to do? I kept reading that I need to increase the multiplier then test then increase again until i get an...
  37. K

    Buying New SSD Samsung 950 Pro or Intel SSD DC S3500 M2

    Hi all, i am building a new PC (An intel Skylake NUC). Looking for an efficient M2 SSD. This machine would be used as a server with a lot of data being read and written to database. Other than these, this machine would be used as regular machine where in few other processes would be running...
  38. W

    Overclocking for the first time, running into problems :(

    Hi everyone, I just finished building the following box the other day: - Intel i7-6900k (3.2GHz trying to OC to 4GHz but would like to go to 4.2GHz) - Asus Rampage 10 Edition 10 (Lastest BIOS flash) - Corsair DOMINATOR Platinum Series 64 GB DDR4 3200 C16 - Corsair Hydro Series H115i - Corsair...
  39. superstition

    Should AMD spin off high-level SIMD to a separate chip?

    Consider the following: 1) CPUs used to do the work of GPUs. We can see from the evolution of the discreet GPU the advantages of having them separate: a) nimbleness – upgrade GPU without having to upgrade CPU/board b) more chip space – more space to use for transistors from having separate...
  40. AtenRa

    Deus Ex MD - CPU Thread Scaling and performance

    General Deus Ex : Mankind Divided thread for CPU thread scaling and performance. First official review from GameGPU.ru, i will update the OP with every new review available. Just a reminder, Deus Ex official DX-12 will be available via a patch on the 5th of September. So the numbers bellow may...