Bios options in Kaby Lake laptop


Junior Member
Dec 3, 2016
Hello everybody,
I recently got a laptop Dell XPS 9360, which means it is the same as the old XPS with a Kaby Lake 7500u processor. I would like to mildly undervolt the CPU/iGPU to run the laptop as quiet as possible. So far, I was only able to change voltage via software, e.g. using Intel XTU. However, I could not find any voltage or clock option in the bios. I always have laptops from my job, so it is the first time in a long while that I can actually access bios on my laptop, and I remember well the good old days when one could change these parameters directly at bios. Now, either I am dumb and I am not able to access some 'advanced' options in bios, or just Dell closed this possibility. Has anybody tried to change voltage or clock in a recent XPS (say skylake or kaby lake)? Do you have such an option in your bios? In any case, do you have any suggestion about permanently undervolting without software?

I somehow dislike the software option, not to mention that XTU is very unclear about for instance when and what custom profile it applies after boot.

Thank you for any help