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  1. Linux23

    Build me a VR gaming PC

    PLEASE when you POST threads asking for input on system builds tell us... 1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing. Used for VR to power an HTC Vive 2. What YOUR budget is. A price range is acceptable as long as it's not more than a 20% spread...
  2. R

    Intel Skull Canyon

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some SFF suggestions to replace my old laptop. It's used for Photoshop and the usual computer stuff (no/light gaming). Currently it can't handle PS without a lot of lagging even when i have no other programs running. I like the idea of getting a SFF PC and a Tablet...
  3. S

    Hardware.fr compares 6 generations of Intel HEDT (2008-2016)

    Haswell-E (left) / Broadwell-E (right) Applications Average Gaming Average http://www.hardware.fr/articles/946-1/intel-broadwell-e-i7-6950x-6900k-6800k-test.html Intel's 45nm/32nm Bloomfield/Gulftown from 2008-2010 still performing surprisingly well, matching/beating 220W Vishera at stock.