Buying New SSD Samsung 950 Pro or Intel SSD DC S3500 M2


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Aug 24, 2016
Hi all,
i am building a new PC (An intel Skylake NUC). Looking for an efficient M2 SSD.

This machine would be used as a server with a lot of data being read and written to database.
Other than these, this machine would be used as regular machine where in few other processes would be running.

Looking for an efficient drive with top class random read and write speeds.
As of now, the 950 Pro trumps all charts with its performance, but i doubt its real time performance. Samsung is known to tune their products to outperform in bench marking tests.
Intel is known for making good products and the S3500 is a server grade SSD, onto which i am banking on.

But the recent introduction of PCIe SSD's and their outright performance, will they outperform intel S3500? Ran through multiple reviews, but couldn't find much relevance between these two drives.

Any other SSD recommendations?
Following are the mandatory features, that i am looking for.
- Power loss protection.
- Good - Exceptional random read/write performance.
- The machine will be on for 18 hours in a DAY. The drive must provide constant performance.

Not considering Toshiba OCZ 400 revo because of bad experience with OCZ in the past.
Crucial MX200. Will it be good? using Crucial M550 from the past 3 years. No issues till date. Can consider them, but they are out of stock.


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Aug 8, 2001
I went with 750 from Intel in 2.5" form factor because it has great heatsink as its case and I can place it everywhere in my case. It gets cooled constantly from intake fan.

You might consider this for your 18 hours a day scenario.

M.2 is so limiting in terms of cooing and placement.