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  1. J

    Max Number of Drives Supported by Motherboard BIOS

    Recently, I was puzzled when the BIOS on my expensive Asus motherboard report only 20 drives when there were 24 plugged into multiple SATA controllers. No only are 4 drives not listed in the BIOS, but they are not reported to Linux and the OS sees only 20 drives. Furthermore, it seems fairly...
  2. Darklighter

    BIOS runs XMP @ 3200 - Windows 10 only runs 2133?

    Greetings, My friend's computer has the following parts: Gigabyte Z170A Gaming 6 Mobo (latest BIOS) Intel i7-6700K 32GB G.Skill DDR4 3200Mhz RAM The BIOS reads the XMP-enhanced RAM correctly at 3200MHZ, however, in Windows 10, both Windows TM and CPU-Z read it at the standard 2133Mhz. The...
  3. M

    MBR and boot loader code

    As i know MBR is created when we partition the disk. According the the doc: And here is my confusion. How can MBR contains a boot loader for the installed operating system while when we partition the disk there isn't any system installed yet?
  4. G

    I have to boot my computer twice to get to Windows. Why? (M.2 NVME SSD primary boot drive)

    Hello friends, I have the weirdest problem! I have an Asus Z170I Pro Gaming motherboard with an M.2 slot where I have placed a 512GB Samsung 950 pro as my primary OS drive. My secondary is a Samsung 850 pro SSD. Every single time I boot the system, it goes straight to BIOS. Every.Single.Time...
  5. C

    HElP !! my gigabyte dual bios is corrupted

    guys heres my problem my main bios is corrupted every time i open my pc my cpu will on and after 1 sec it will off then on again then off after 6-7 times of on off it will open then will say my main bios is corrupted then it say it will recover from back up bios but!! the update bar is stack in...