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    Question Nothing boots, after a failed Windows update

    Hey all, I'm having massive issues trying to get anything working after a failed windows 10 update. I'm currently not sure if it is a Windows issue, or a HW issue following the failed windows update, so wasn't sure where exactly this question should be posted. Yesterday, I applied the latest...
  2. B

    Can't see well full blurry BIOS screen

    שלום, עדכנתי את הגרסה האחרונה של הביוס עבור לוח האם של Z790 AORUS MASTER . לא יכול לראות היטב מסך BIOS מטושטש מלא וצבע לבן אפור של מבוא של ממשק משתמש BIOS חדש למרכז משתמש. בבקשה אני צריך לחזור למצב רגיל תודה
  3. K

    Question PLEASE HELP - After bios update PC goes to bios after every power on

    Hi folks, so few days ago I updated MB bios 3603 to 4802 (ASUS TUF gaming X570) and also updated AMD chipset in windows, I think there was also some windows update same time. After that whenever I power ON PC it goes to bios, once I just leave the bios (no changes made) and system restart all...
  4. Q

    Question Wake on WAN partially working

    Hi, I'm trying to set up "Wake on WAN" on my local dekstop PC. I've enabled the related settings both in the BIOS and in the ethernet network adapter's advanced settings, and the system works when I send the "magic packets" from a PC inside the network (wake on LAN). However, when I try to send...
  5. A

    Question How to fix GPU BIOS

    I have a Gigabyte Vision 3070 that is always running at 100%, gaming or otherwise. Trying to change the BIOS as it may have the mining version on it. But when trying to update the BIOS through vbflash it keeps saying it can't recognize a discrete ATI graphics card. Not sure what else to do...
  6. thathatedguy

    Question Black screen after enabling secure boot

    Recently I enabled secure boot inorder to play valorant, but after the restart my computer went dead. Now all it shows is "D-Sub, Power Saving Mode". So it's clear it's not a graphics card problem, right? I tried resetting cmos battery by removing it, waiting for an hour or so and then placing...
  7. B

    Question Any 'Danger' / 'Damage Potential' in Adjusting 'Sub-Timings' Exposed in Maxwell Bios Tweaker? [L2C, XBAR, SYS]

    Core / Mem will just artifact / crash, but since I've never adjusted these (L2C, XBAR, SYS) settings I have no idea if there is any potential for damage to occur if pushed 'hard' (or just setting some crazy high value). I'm also using Maxwell Bios Tweaker v1.36 and the card is the M2000 if it...
  8. R

    Question Updating TPM in Bios issue

    I have tried to update my TPM on my Asus PN50 with no success - for Win11 I followed instructions on how to do it in the Bios but nothing happened. I selected enable in Security Device Support and save and exit but nothing happened. In fact it seemed to least I could not tab...
  9. B

    Discussion So, How Does Flashing a GPU BIOS Actually 'Brick' the Card?

    I can guess on some 'basic' reasons: Power Outage / System Crash - Enter incomplete and or corrupt values in memory addresses such that the card can't figure out what to do anymore. Using a Different Card / Maker BIOS - Different order of memory addresses and or different sizes of memory...
  10. L

    Question vbios CrossFlashing GTX 1650 Super works fine until installing Nvidia drivers/or green static,Stock Rom all Fine

    Hi, to elaborate on the title, I flashed my Zotac GTX 1650 Super with a Asus GTX 1650 Super Bios which has a higher power limit of 120W as opposed to 100W power limit of Zotac So i could achieve a better Overclock and squeeze a bit more performance Techpowerup - Zotac Bios of my card with the...
  11. H

    Question x570 boards for zen 1

    Currently i'm OC'ing my Ryzen 7 1700 and im really limited by my motherboard, i've seen some x570 boards taht run with zen 1, is there a way to find out wether the board supports zen 1? because the support is basically unofficial and only possible becuase the motherboards had some memory left...
  12. M

    Question BIOS hangs during boot if Intel Virtualization is turned on

    When Intel Virtualization from BIOS is turned on, BIOS hangs during cold boot and asks to enter the BIOS settings. Even if I don't change any settings at all, Intel Virtualization is turned off automatically, I it boots just fine, and Windows works properly. But of course, anything requires...
  13. B

    Question Windows and BIOS reporting different BIOS versions. Why?

    Hello, I've recently updated the BIOS on my Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Gaming x470. Previously it was version F2, updated to F31 and downloaded the EC FW update to handle the newer 3000 series processors. When using CMD prompt, it's reporting F31, but when I restarted to update to F40, the BIOS...
  14. C

    Question How do you disable onboard LAN on Asrock B450 Pro4 ?

    I've looked all over the Bios menus and I can't find the option to turn it off. I'm not new to computers or Bios interfaces and despite being completely sober at the time, I couldn't find it. Does anyone have a similar B450 Asrock board and can tell me the path to that option?
  15. K

    Question The Offset voltage is changed to 0.1250V by BIOS of Ryzen. The cause of its bug and a mechanism were specified.

    The Offset voltage is changed to 0.1250V by BIOS of Ryzen. The cause of its bug and a mechanism were specified. -Offset problem - Basic : 0,0250V << Probably. XFR: 0.0500V TB: 0.0500V Question) Why is Offset changed to 0.025+0.05+0,05 = 0.125V? 1) Vcore and 2) Base Offset 3) TB and 4) XFR...
  16. F

    Question Im buying a new M.2 SSD for my system, but I have my boot drive (Samsung 860 EVO 500GB), what to do? (Read Thread for more info)

    I have a ASUS B350F STRIX motherboard, and I want to install a 1TB 970 EVO, HOWEVER, doing so would disable SATA6G_ 5 - 6. My bootdrive is in one of those two slots, so to allow my M.2 SSD to work properly, is it a good idea to to plug my boot drive into a different SATA port (all of them run at...
  17. X

    Question Computer Freezes, POST Issues, Crashes

    I don't even know where to begin with the issues I have been experiencing with my new build. It has been running smoothly for about a month, then randomly started some major issues with freezing, artifacts, POST issues, BSOD, WHEA errors, etc. Build: Intel i5 9600KF (have have a K model coming...
  18. M

    Question dg41cn bios eeprom? W25Q16BVAIG intel

    hi all, i was tweaking with ram clocks and cpu speed in some software and cmoputer isnt booting up ,not starting at all.. some said i might have corrupted the bios.. so i am thinking may be is it possible to fix th ebios with epprom ch software usb from aliexpress? the bios chip is W25Q16BVAIG...
  19. R

    Question Bios settings for ROG Strix X399-E Gaming

    Hello dear people of this forum, I am kinda new to BIOS and all that stuff (former Mac user) and I am looking for an advice. I would like to apply some best settings in Bios for FAN speed vs overclocking my CPU. Currently I am running my CPU at stock settings, default settings in BIOS. My fan...
  20. M

    Question What does updating the bios of an Asus TUF Plus get me?

    Buying the TUF Plus b450M but I wonder what I get if I immediately update the bios. Some owners swear that should be the first thing you do. I think that means update Bios first, then install your OS, then either W10 Pro 64b will update it's drivers itself or you need to do that. Does update the...
  21. K

    Fresh rig windows 10 install freezes during startup

    I just built a brand new pc. i7 9700k corsair 3000mhz cl15 2x8gb msi gtx 1080 gaming 8g x FD design define s MSI MPG Z390 Gaming pro carbon ac 2x FD included fans, 1x noctua nf a14 fan noctua nh d15 2xnfa15 fans seasonic prime ultra titanium 750w wd black 2tb, some old samsung 1,5tb crucial...
  22. P

    Asrock taichi x399 stuck in BIOS while updating from usb

    Hello everyone hope ill get some solution , Asrock taichi x399 was not showing any sign or display and all chassis fan was not working first so i tried to remove CMOS battery and fan started working but gpu fan was running like jet engine at full speed and no display at all no beep , so i...
  23. EXCellR8

    MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium Dead?

    I've a second hand MSI Z170 board that is giving me grief with a post code of 71 (late south bridge initialization?) and I can't get it to POST at all. The board is the Z170A XPOWER Titanium with dual BIOS but neither of them seem to work; code is the same. I've cleared the CMOS, tried different...
  24. Ashinjuka

    Question Can't Enter BIOS with SSD Attached Following BIOS Update

    I'm working on an HP Pavilion 510-a010. It came with a 1TB spinner. My goal is to redeploy it with a Samsung 860 Evo 250GB. I disconnected the HDD, connected the SSD fresh out of the package, booted to my Win 10 USB installer, installed Windows 1809 to the SSD using default settings...
  25. B

    Question Total system shutdown in bios???

    Hello I'm totally stuck. Im running windows 10 on an asus m2n32-sli with a amd phenom II x4 820, and a amd rx 570. I know, I have some older hardware... the system runs great, except when I enter the bios. Once I enter the bios I have maybe 5-20 seconds before the entire system shuts down...
  26. incloud

    Nvme Support on Asus Maximus VI Formula

    Hi guys, I've been trying for weeks to get my Asus Maximus VI Formula bios to see my new EVO 970 SSD and am at my wits end. I've managed to create and flash a custom bios with the added Nvme support, cloned my drive, enabled and disabled CPM, pretty much everything I can find online. I didn't...
  27. M

    changing bios chip

    Hi I have a 970A-G46 motherboard when i was updating the bios it froze so i manually shut it off and now there is no post i want to change the chip but it is soldered on i could technically do it i have the tools but will that fix it?
  28. I

    Disabling CSM in bios tanking GPU performance?

    I recently noticed that my BIOS was running in legacy mode, and I wanted to switch it to UEFI mode because I originally thought it already was and I've read that it's better. So first I converted my HDD from MBR to GPT using the windows MBR2GPT tool and that worked fine. Then I went into my...
  29. K

    How to unlock multiplier and Turbo on QDE4 and B85?

    I read this topic And people on Xeons can mod their bioses to change multipliers to maximum on 4 cores. My problem is that i have QDE4 engineering sample and it is 4770K. But my motherboard Gigabyte B85 D3H...
  30. C

    Can't enter bios despite clearing cmos/battery

    I have a gigabyte h170n-wifi motherboard, and I am really just trying to be able to run oracle VM on my computer. I get an error: "Raw-mode is unavailable courtesy of Hyper-V. (VERR_SUPDRV_NO_RAW_MODE_HYPER_V_ROOT)" Troubleshooting lead me to believe I need to enable virtualisation in the...
  31. J

    Motherboard seems to not support wake on USB keyboard/mouse

    I have Asus Prime Z370-A and it seems that it may not support waking up a computer on sleep by USB mouse/keyboard (and there is no PS/2 port so that's not an option either). This USB wake feature seems to be not really documented, which is terrible. This is one of the most important features to...
  32. RunForestRun

    What data is stored on the motherboard?

    I have installed Windows 10 on my desktop PC. My question is: Does Windows 10 store any data in the UEFI or motherboard itself, and if yes, what kind of data? I'm asking this because I'm looking to format my system as completely and thoroughly as possible. How should one go about this?
  33. Collider

    RX 560 & RX 570 POST Conflict

    I have a setup with RX 570 & RX 560 GPUs. The problem is that 1 / 3 times RX 560 will not be detected and when booted into Windows RX 560 cannot be seen. Then just by rebooting it becomes visible. Seems completely at random. I have tried other RX 560 & RX 570 cards to rule out possibility of...
  34. I

    M.2 drive not visible in Bios

    So I finally got an ssd drive. I got an M.2 500gb Samsung 970 EVO. I installed all the drivers (don't know the name off the top of my head) and migrated with the Samsung utility rebooted but it booted into the old hard drive. I rebooted and pressed f8 and launched into my ssd. I got a blue...
  35. D

    ASUS Prime X470 - Fans stay on after shutdown.

    Having trouble trying to fix this. When I shut the system down, whether from Start menu or Power button, the case and cooling fans keep running. The only way to turn them off is to shut off power at the PSU. I've reset CMOS via the jumpers per ASUS spec and reviewed Windows power options...
  36. A

    Bios unlock code for Precision M6500

    i have been trying to unlock for a long time now. I even went to dell official website and left a message to their support about it. I've sent them every possible information i could give, i as well googled and tried the unlock codes i could find which were about dell bios unlock codes. Anyway...
  37. P

    Faulty BIOS chip?

    So it all started yesterday when i was trying to fix my motherboard which had a corrupted ME area that was causing lots of overclocking issues. Since a normal bios reflash couldn't fix it I decided to follow this( guide. After setting up...
  38. S


    So after Installing new Graphics card in my Pc it wont boot i only see the Big circle main Light while the small red one don't which usually blinks when my computer is working. We already look inside and every fan is spinning including the fan in the Graphics card. We already try a lot of things...
  39. M

    Need Help OC ASRock B360 Gaming K4 + i7-8700k (delid)

    Hi all, Posting here regarding my brand new build, the build was being able to OC the rig for better performnace overall. I have not built a PC for three years so all good bar one thing. The build parts relevant are: - i7-8700k (delidded) - ASRock B360 Gaming K4 - G.Skill Ripjaws V - Corsair...
  40. H

    Disable Bios Startup Errors??

    Hi guys. I received a Dell Optiplex 390 about a year ago, and have added more RAM, a GPU, and a better HDD to make it a gaming PC and its been working out great until recently. This is not a HUGE problem, but I would like to fix it if it's possible. I recently purchased a new Corsair case for...