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  1. W

    Question Can I use USB 2.0 cable and USB 2.0 port for a USB 3.2 SSD (accepting that speed will be slower)?

    Can I use a USB 2.0 cable, plugged into a USB 2.0 port, for a USB 3.2 SSD? I accept that speed will be slower. Just want to make sure that there won't be data integrity issues (reading/writing to the SSD), and that enough power is supplied to the SSD. The cable is a 30" phone charging cable...
  2. mysteryy234

    Question Flash drive problem

    Okay so, the problem I had was I took a windows 10 bootable usb drive I had and that I used rufus to make. reformatted it to fat32 through command prompt and cleaned it before i did a full format. I wanted to use it to play music off it to my radio and other devices, however nothing would read...
  3. A

    Question AOC E16959F USB monitor not working

    I bought this monitor for travel purposes and I haven't gotten it to work yet. It's well past the return date so I'm hoping to get it working. I am using it on a work computer so I'm limited to what I can do myself. I do want to be as prepared as I can be when I contact our IT department about...
  4. velrinblack

    Question USB graphic card driver linux

    Hello I've bought a USB to HDMI adapter (external graphic card). I don't know, where to find drivers. My device PID is 6021 and VID is 534d. It's name is MACROSILICON USB extscreen. My Linux distro is Ubuntu (newest version 20.04). Please help. Thanks in advance.
  5. N

    Question Gigabyte GA-Z77-DH3: USB ports and DPC Latency

    Hiya. I've been struggling to make any music since I upgraded to Windows 10 due to very poor performance from my USB audio I/O. I've had a Propellerheads 'Balance' audio interface since it was released and I love it but as soon as I got Windows 10, things got bad. Really bad. The stutters...
  6. C

    Question Ho do I set the USB ports on Asrock B450 Pro4 to not supply voltage when computer is turned off?

    I noticed that my USB audio interface remains on after I shut down the computer, which forces me to unplug the USB cable every time. I think I've turned off all deep sleep functions in the Bios and remember in the olden days you could choose whether you wanted to still have power supplied to the...
  7. J

    Amazon Lightning Deal - iPhone Charger, Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable 3ft - $6.79 iPhone Charger Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable, [3ft Apple MFi Certified] USB Charging/Sync Lightning Cord Compatible with iPhone 11 11 Pro 11 Pro Max Xs MAX XR X 8 7 6S 6 5, iPad and More Lightning Deal priced at $6.79 No referral links...
  8. K

    Hp Spectre X360 - usb drive detection on start using the bios secure boot option

    Hi, I bought a second hand HP Spectre X360 13" (2016 model), I installed Windows 10 on the system a few months ago using the 'legacy mode', however, now I wanted to reinstall using the 'secure boot' option on & 'legacy mode' off. For complete picture's sake, I will also be installing Ubuntu/...
  9. EXCellR8

    DisplayPort Alternate Mode (LG V30)

    I was away this past weekend and wanted to view some Amazon Prime video on a hotel TV, a modern Samsung 50" LED smart TV. I know that I can stream wirelessly using direct wi-fi, which is certainly usable, but the quality suffers a bit even if the phone is within 15 feet of the TV. I mean, it's...
  10. WelshBloke

    So. Weird problem.

    I have a 1tb HDD that I can see in a usb cradle but if I plug it into a sata port I can't see it in Windows device manager or Disk management. It shows up in the BIOS as connected and exhibits the same behaviour across several sata ports. Crystal disk info gives it a good report through USB but...
  11. omega59

    Raspberry Pi3B USB HUB - HDD Help

    Hey guys. I have OSMC setup and with my new 2.5' HDD (Western-Digital-Passport-Drive-USB-3-0-WDBYFT0030BBK-WESN). I have a problem where it keeps crashing the OSMC with the blue-screen sad face randomly. From what I gather it is a power-insufficient issue. Looking at my PI's power supply it says...
  12. P

    USB ext 500GB Problem

    I think this is the right forum, "Memory and Storage" that is, But I have a 8-9 year old Seagate USB 500GB ext slim drive. It was xfering/playing fine with movies and music stored on it, but now, although it lights up, it is not recognized by my laptop or desktop or a media device (MxqPro)...
  13. D

    Varying usb hub with DC input?

    Hey guys im looking for a usb hub with usb 2.0and 3.0 does anybody have any ideas or links?
  14. abungas

    2.5 inch HDD in 3.5 inch enclosure

    I know this may be a strange question, but I am wondering if it's okay to install a laptop HDD into a USB enclosure intended for full sized drives. I presume it is as you know sata power and data connectors are standard. My concern is that the 3.5 enclosure is powered with 12 volts, which IIRC...
  15. A

    USB drive Corrupted?/Unreadable

    so I tried to make a usb bootable drive but it failed.I used rufus.Now that drive is not read on my pc. It shows up on device manager as usb mass storage But when it shows up on 'my computer'and I try to right click it ,'my computer' starts not responding Same with disk management and diskpart
  16. Ken g6

    Linux installed to USB drive won't boot

    I'm trying to get my HTPC with an ASUS H110S2 motherboard to boot Xubuntu 17.04. For complicated reasons, I can only use an M.2 drive internally, and I don't have one of those. So I'm trying to install to and boot from a hard drive connected by one of these to a USB3 port. The USB stick I use...
  17. B

    USB Readonly disk

    Hi, I need your help on overcoming a difficulty with a 4gb usb pen drive. Recently I've inserted that USB disk into a Windows XP computer to copy files into. The computer took a loooooong time to install drivers and recognize the pen. I thought that something wrong was going on, and removed...
  18. J

    Problem with booting Tails OS from usb

    Hi there, I just purchased a Dell Inspiron notebook and want to run Tails from a bootable usb (iso image was successfully installed on the usb). When adding usb as a boot option in the BIOS (had to go to legacy boot), it prompted me to enter the name of the file to use. I chose BOOT64.EFI and...
  19. rfsapiens

    USB Optical Mouse not recognized error 28 Windows 8.1

    Hello people, I have a Hp pavilion 15-E003 laptop with Windows 8.1 and from since some weeks ago I can use my usb optical mouse or any other mouses. Everything works fine in all my usb ports except the mice. I tried almost everything so far... -going to bios / uefi and disable xhci mode -...
  20. Y

    Slow write speed/new USB 3.0 Sandisk 16GB thumb drive

    I just received in 2 USB 3.0 Sandisk Flair drives and the max transfer rate I can get is 9MB/s. It starts at 36MS/s which would be great but within about 15 sec it drops to about 9 the entire transfer. I have an Asus laptop on Win10 that has all 3.0 usb slots. I have tried formatting as FAT32...
  21. iStein

    Can anyone recommend a USB mouse with a built in USB port(s)?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a USB mouse with a built in USB port(s)? I see plenty of gaming mice studded with buttons, but I haven't seen any mice --- or reviews of --- with built-in USB ports. I'm surprised none have surfaced, Cruzer Fit USB drives have become popular over the last 2 years.
  22. EXCellR8

    2TB external drive connectivity Win10

    I have a desktop external drive at home that is finicky when it comes to being detected by the OS. Sometimes it's fine, and my cloud folders sync without issue on startup, but other times I need to turn it off and then back on 2 or even 3 times before I can actually use it. When it doesn't...
  23. R

    Windows 10 cuts off USB headset microphone

    I'm having an issue I thought was isolated to my Kingston Hyper X Cloud II headset; the microphone keeps turning off after a few minutes of use. Windows reports no errors. Nothing. The only thing I notice is while sitting in the recording devices tab the mic is working and then it just stops. As...
  24. A

    USB Drives Not Appearing in 'My Computer' - Please Help! (Solved!)

    When I plug a USB flash drive into my computer, it makes the normal sound like when a USB device is plugged in but the USB drive doesn't appear in the Windows Explorer. All other USB devices seem to function properly (headset, mouse, keyboard, bluetooth adapter, etc.). My OS is Windows 7 x64...
  25. A

    USB ports (except for USB 3.1) disabled suddenly but work after power reset

    This is first PC build and I am having issues where my USB ports would disable as soon as I run a game or any high power draw situation. I have my keyboard, mouse connected via USBs so I am forced to shut it down since my computer is not responsive. After I physically turn the CPU switch off and...
  26. G

    Samsung S32D850T USB ports stopped working

    Have the above monitor. No issues for at least 8 months. Recently, after a pc reboot, noticed my mouse wasn't working (which is plugged into the monitor). Anyways, after much troubleshooting, discovered none of the ports on the monitor are recognized. Tried different cables, different ports...
  27. hojnikb

    Guess TLC isn't good for storage after all

    So earlier this year i bought a cheap flash drive (8GB) with toshiba 15nm TLC flash and AlcorMicro AU6989SN-GTA flash controller. Curious to see how well it fares with read degradation, i've filled it up with h2wtest test data and ran a speed test. This was the result After 48 days it looks...
  28. althaz

    Z170 board with lots of USB ports?

    So I've been trying to find a good Z170 board, but I'm struggling to find one with a decent amount of USB ports for some reason. Hopefully somebody more up-to-date that I am can help me? What I'm after: - A good Z170 motherboard - Reliable - 8+ USB ports (at least 2 need to be 3.1 full speed...
  29. J

    Could I use a cut USB cable?

    Hello, I found an internal card reader in a pile of old PC parts. The cable coming out the back says it is a USB 2.0 cable on the side, but the end is cut off. It has four colored shielded wires (red, green, black, white) and about 10 unshielded wires. Is there any way I could connect this to a...
  30. T

    Issue with USB Key not mounting to drive letter

    I have Windows 10 with the latest updates I have used this USB on this machine for over a year. Other USB Keys mount fine, just not this particular one. Today, I put in the key, I see from the Windows 10 Eject Icon that it is there but has no drive letter assigned. I did some searching and...