DisplayPort Alternate Mode (LG V30)


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Sep 1, 2010
I was away this past weekend and wanted to view some Amazon Prime video on a hotel TV, a modern Samsung 50" LED smart TV. I know that I can stream wirelessly using direct wi-fi, which is certainly usable, but the quality suffers a bit even if the phone is within 15 feet of the TV. I mean, it's fine, but I figured there could be a better approach with something hard-wired; with less video distortion.

After needlessly long and somewhat unresolved search into whether or not my phone, an LG V30, could output video from the USB-C port to an HDMI adapter I finally just gave up. I had gone to the local Best Buy and got a $25 USB type C to HDMI adapter and just plugged it in. When I do so, a message on the screen reads "connected to secondary screen" and there is video on the TV... but it just cuts out after maybe 20 seconds or so and just keeps reconnecting, seemingly no matter what I do. So, the phone does seem to support the video from USB-C (which I collect is dubbed "DisplayPort alternate mode") but a lot of phones don't support it.

Is there some way I could get this to work or is it just one of those features with very little and/or buggy implementation? I guess LG, from what I've read, has dropped support since the V30 so I guess it is possible that it will just never work properly. I'll just deal with the wireless connection but the video quality using the adapter is so much better. I'm wondering if it's just the adapter and not the phone but it's not that important to me; just wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on it.