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  1. S

    How can I upgrade my computer to maximize gaming performance?

    Currently using a GTX 1080TI, but want to make sure the rest of my computer is up to date! Processor is a Intel core I7 4790k and my motherboard is MSI Z97 GAMING 5. About to get myself a HTC Vive so want to make sure nothing will be bottle necked. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!
  2. A

    Computer won't boot. Dead CPU or Mobo?

    Hey guys, I'd like you to help me with a question I'm having about my PC. A few days ago I was on Youtube, the PC (described below) turned off out of nowhere, I tried to turn it on back but shutdown in 5 seconds. I tried to turn on again, but now the CPU_LED is stuck and I can not POST or even...
  3. D


    hi guys what is the best MSI laptop that is below 3000 dollars and doesnt have one of censored mechanical keyboards with no trackpad below it? thanks d0ge No four letter words in the tech boards. AT Moderator ElFenix
  4. M

    Having Trouble Capturing Lifelike Clothing for Graphics

    I'm having a hard time working with graphics to create life-like clothing for this game I'm trying to develop. Any suggestions? The clothing graphics do not seem to move fluidly like the characters do.
  5. Jaimee3point14

    Question about classful and classless IP

    Hey all, I am taking a networking course and am a little confused about something that is unclear in the course. Can both private and public IPs be classful and classless? or just public IP's?
  6. M

    Crystaldisk info explanation

    Hi everyone, I had some problems with my laptop for the last 2 weeks. I had win 10 and one day when I turned my pc on it took 10 min for windows to boot, usually it takes 25 sec (thats what 360 security says). It was super slow, it took 2 minutes to open one folder on desktop. I then fomated my...
  7. x58haze

    Ryzen build, sluggish

    I don't know what to do guys this is driving me crazy, it seems that my pc feels suglish even at steady or high framerates :/, also my English is not helping, I've do already windows ram test, gpu test, processor test and there was not problems at all I´m using windows 10, I did follow Tech...
  8. W

    Brake issues

    Hey so I hope I'm posting this in the right area. I have a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo, recently about once a day when i try to come to a full stop my brakes seem to stutter as in a similar situation to when you try to brake on ice and your ABS engage, but this is happening on clean dry...
  9. B

    unable to overclock

    Rig: Mobo: Asus P8Z77-V-PRO Cpu: i7- 3770k Gpu: Nvidia GTX 670 FTW Ram: Trident X 16GB (F3-2400C10D-16GTX) https://www.gskill.com/en/product/f3-2400c10d-16gtx Os: Windows 7 Pro 64 Cooling: Watercooled Programs: Core temp, Cpu-z, Prime95 link used \video ...
  10. S

    Need Help Locating Issue with Game lag....

    I have a good 1050 Ti NVIDIa Graphics Card, just got a high quality SSD and 2 sticks of 2133 Mhz 8GB DDR3 memory, and am trying to run Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (huge map, 100+ players on a server) smoothly, but it keeps lagging even when I set all graphics settings to very low. My system...
  11. L

    $1,500 for Rear Bumper cover replacement?

    Hey guys, I was recently involved in an accident where a guy swerved into my lane, causing the car in front if me and myself to brake suddenly, howver I was hit in the rear and pushed into the car in front of me. Insurance will cover the damage to the car in front of mine if they determine that...
  12. I

    Is my reciever powerful enough?

    I have a yamaha rx- v573. Klipsch synergy s-10(2*)polk audio TSiCS10, Polk csi300(2*). I have a polk psw10 sub. Does my reciever put out enough power. If not what would you recommend. Thanks.
  13. A

    USB Drives Not Appearing in 'My Computer' - Please Help! (Solved!)

    When I plug a USB flash drive into my computer, it makes the normal sound like when a USB device is plugged in but the USB drive doesn't appear in the Windows Explorer. All other USB devices seem to function properly (headset, mouse, keyboard, bluetooth adapter, etc.). My OS is Windows 7 x64...
  14. I

    Subwoofer help!!

    I know my posts have been bad but I am new to this whole thing. I am buying Klipsch synergy s-10, polk audio TSiCS10, Polk TSi300, Yamaha RX-V573 receiver. I need help finding a reasonably priced sub. This is costing $350. I want to stay under $500 total. I have $150 for a sub. I want it to...
  15. I

    Which would blend best?

    I am buying Klipsch synergy s-10, polk audio TSiCS10, Polk TSi300, Yamaha RX-V573 receiver. I need help finding a reasonably priced sub. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/5939267554.html https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/5990574074.html https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/5951179333.html...
  16. I

    Help!! Which should I buy??

    I am a college student who wants a better sound system. I have a limited budget and this is what I have found. For these systems what would you offer? Sorry for the long list but I know you guys can help me make a good choice! https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/5975581399.html...
  17. Q

    New axleback on impreza (Way too loud)

    I recently put on a new axleback on my 04 impreza thinking it would make it a small bit louder. instead, the Turbo XS axleback is super loud, louder than the catback on my Altima. I want to know if there is a cheap way to quiet this down without replacing the muffler, maybe under $100. I...
  18. M

    Good afternoon, PC question, could very much use everyones help, thank you

    Hello everyone, new to the forums and this subject. I have recently been watching ALOT of computer gaming videos (Uh oh) and now...well I would love to have a PC Gaming system! Haha. I have always been a Battletech/MechWarrior fan, since forever ago and MWO looks amazing. I of course would...
  19. R

    What is Adobe Acrobat DC? (how did it install itself?)

    That's basically it. I don't have adobe on my computer...today I turn it on and I see an icon for Acrobat DC. I never requested it. I never approved it. What is it? I mean I have repeatedly deleted adobe worms from installing themselves into my registry and so forth...but I am pretty sure I...
  20. T

    After Update Always 300/150mhz (gpu) R9 390, How to Change Again?

    Hey Community, after a new version update for my gpu I only have 300/150mhz and not 1050/1500mhz like before. I have a MSI R9 390 and overclocked it with Afterburner. I already de-installed the version and installed it again, but it still doesnt work and it's still on 300/150mhz. What can I...
  21. MrAltDennis

    Third Monitor isn't being detected

    I recently moved my computer and acquired a new monitor. I plugged it in but in settings the third monitor will not be detected. When i first checked the monitor wasn't in device manager but i would be wrong. The awkward thing is that when i open bios the bios menu opens on my main monitor and...
  22. D

    How to set up my homes Network through Cat5 outlets

    So I don't know how to word the question or I'm sure I could find specifics elsewhere but I'm stuck on this one. My parents had a house built 8 or so years ago, they had Cat5 wiring setup through the entire house with the phone lines and coax cables. They live in the middle of no where so for...
  23. C

    Good PC Build?

    Hi, I've recently decided to embark on a quest to build my first gaming pc. This being said, don't think I don't my way around one; I've done quite a bit of research. As it a starter build I've been wondering whether these are good specs to go with, and if I can get more bang for my buck. Here...
  24. K

    Electric ticking noise PSU or MoBo

    Hey! I have a strange issue with my new pc. The system works like it should, from the first boot forward, except theres a electric ticking coming from the PSU area. The sound is there even when the pc is turned off so its not a fan. Ive tried with 3 brand new power supplys and after a couple of...
  25. M

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I'M GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!

    Hi guys, I need your help urgently in trying to figure out this installation issue; I'm somewhat knowledgeable at computers, but still lack a lot of info. So I have an ASUS laptop Model-X552L and I order a new hard drive for it because every time I booted the computer the ASUS logo just kept...
  26. J

    (Urgent) New PC, powers off after 1 second.

    I recently took my inspiron 3847 parts, bought a couple new parts, and built my pc. I used these from my two year old inspiron: i5-4460, 1TB western digital HDD, 16gb RAM I bought these parts to improve the PC: Case, 400w PSU, Radeon rx 460, Gigabyte GA-H81M-D3V. All the parts were compatible...
  27. P

    I Need Your Help!

    Hi everyone, This is Palak Gupta from New Delhi, India. I've just joined the community/forum to discuss things that interest me. So, please help me to proceed further. It would of great help if anyone could make me understand the rules and guidelines to posting content in this forum. Thanks!
  28. cKGunslinger

    Video frame/VANC extraction with capture card and FFmpeg?

    This is a long-winded question, but maybe some who has some experience with video processing/decoding can at least correct my terminology and assumptions. I have SMPTE-292M formatted data coming out of a video port. In this data stream are obviously frame images (1280x720x30p) and some...
  29. S

    Modem/Router/Wifi questions

    Okay so to make a long story short I have 100 mbps Internet, and for whatever reason have trouble streaming 4K content. I had an older ISP provided modem/router combo... I've since replaced it with an Arris SBG6700-AC. I have a Sony Bravia X810C which is obviously a 4k TV which supports 2160p...
  30. T

    Openwrt, how to edit dnsmasq.conf file on router..

    My router log constantly shows: Tue Aug 23 13:27:47 2016 daemon.info dnsmasq-dhcp[1256]: DHCPINFORM(br-lan) 50:e5:49:ef:54:f2 Tue Aug 23 13:27:47 2016 daemon.info dnsmasq-dhcp[1256]: DHCPACK(br-lan) 50:e5:49:ef:54:f2 TiduZIB-PC over and over every minute I've...
  31. T

    Openwrt, how to edit dnsmasq.conf file on router..

    My router log constantly shows: Tue Aug 23 13:27:47 2016 daemon.info dnsmasq-dhcp[1256]: DHCPINFORM(br-lan) 50:e5:49:ef:54:f2 Tue Aug 23 13:27:47 2016 daemon.info dnsmasq-dhcp[1256]: DHCPACK(br-lan) 50:e5:49:ef:54:f2 TiduZIB-PC over and over every minute I've...
  32. C

    HElP !! my gigabyte dual bios is corrupted

    guys heres my problem my main bios is corrupted every time i open my pc my cpu will on and after 1 sec it will off then on again then off after 6-7 times of on off it will open then will say my main bios is corrupted then it say it will recover from back up bios but!! the update bar is stack in...