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  1. Pyrrho

    Question How safe? External clean SSD with Win 10 installed -> Plugged to laptop with infected HDD

    Could someone well-versed in software security explain to me "realistic" results of the following theoretical situation? I have a laptop with win 10 infected intentionally by an average programmer to steal user's data. I also have an external SSD with Win 10, installed and set-up on a...
  2. gtrxpro

    Solved! My pc is up all day, will it damage my hdd?

    Hello! i was wondering that will my hdd get ruined because i am keeping it on for like 9 hrs. a day : | and i have 1 current pending sector too, is it bad? and im experiencing the diagnosing pc every time i boot up i started happening since the day i got 1 current pending sector is my hdd...
  3. Heis

    Question Questions about removing a bad HDD

    I have two storages, my 512 GB SSD (C: ) for my OS, and my 1TB HDD (D: )for games and anything else. My 1TB HDD is the issue here. I bought this HDD brand new 5 years ago for my gaming PC, and now the HDD is no longer accessible by my PC. When I go to "this PC" I noticed that my HDD drive...
  4. F

    Question Game Textures loading slow

    Firstly, I'm not a native speaker so probably I will make mistakes in this post. My problem is as it says in the title Game textures loading slow.For example I can see the grasses in front of me loading or spawn of NPC's.But here's something you need to know, Water was spilled(or poured) on the...
  5. A

    Question SSHD vs SSD + HDD

    Hello, I already have a SSD Samsung 860 EVO 256GB and old HDD Hitachi 500GB. I want to replace the HDD. I'm thinking of buying a SSHD Seagate Firecude 2 TB but I read many not good reviews about SSHD. So I'm thinking of buying a HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB + SSD WD Blue 500GB. Currently the SSD...
  6. S

    Question Upgrading Asus G11CD-K (desktop) RAM & SSD

    Hello, I want to upgrade my RAM from 16 GO to 32 GO, and setup an SSD with my existing HDD. I used crucial scan software to get the list of all supported RAM & SSD for my Asus G11CD-K (desktop) and here is the link: https://www.crucial.com/scanview/E23445F331D926C3 My questions are : for RAM...
  7. F

    Question Replacement RAID drive: Need exactly the same?

    I've a failed RAID drive , for which I wish to replace the faulty 4TB drive. AFAIK , the replacement drive has to exactly the same in size as the dead one. Off topic: I've a few questions on that particular RAID, which I would like to ask in a separate thread. The failed drive has the...
  8. H

    Question Sufficient cooling for HDD in Phanteks Eclipse P300A?

    Hi. I'm considering getting a Phanteks Eclipse P300A (http://www.phanteks.com/Eclipse-P300A.html) for my next build. One thing I'm concerned about - I do intend to populate the 2 bottom trays with 3.5" HDDs. However, it seems there is no fan sending air in their direction, leading to...
  9. badbanana

    Question paranoid with ssd

    so i got a new Samsung Evo 860 SSD replaced my primary laptop storage. works great. fast boot. as i get used to it, i came along discussions on the dos and donts of using ssd storage and one of them is avoid too much changes like writing on the ssd. as a result, i have relocated Windows' temp...
  10. Collider

    Question HDD Spin Down Utility / Status in Windows

    Does anyone know of any utility / program for Windows that would show which drives are spun down? or allow individual timeout spin down control for each HDD? Ideally i'd like a log of when my drives are spinning up / down.
  11. A

    Question Defrag software that sorts files by size

    Kinda long shot, but is there a defrag program out there that can move bigger files to the beginning of the HDD where read speeds are faster? I know it would take forever to defrag and it's of no use to the average user but it would be a great help to me :)
  12. A

    Question Fast 4TB drive at WD Blue/Red price level

    Hi guys :) I want to buy a fast 4TB drive at about the WD REd or Blue price level. WD Blue costs 100€ for me, Red 120€ and Black 180€ which is way too expensive. I've checked my existing 1TB and 4TB Blues using HD Tune and I've found a HD Tune benchmark for 4TB Black WD Black 4TB HD tune...
  13. I

    M.2 drive not visible in Bios

    So I finally got an ssd drive. I got an M.2 500gb Samsung 970 EVO. I installed all the drivers (don't know the name off the top of my head) and migrated with the Samsung utility rebooted but it booted into the old hard drive. I rebooted and pressed f8 and launched into my ssd. I got a blue...
  14. omega59

    Raspberry Pi3B USB HUB - HDD Help

    Hey guys. I have OSMC setup and with my new 2.5' HDD (Western-Digital-Passport-Drive-USB-3-0-WDBYFT0030BBK-WESN). I have a problem where it keeps crashing the OSMC with the blue-screen sad face randomly. From what I gather it is a power-insufficient issue. Looking at my PI's power supply it says...
  15. F

    Which 2TB HDD?

    The 6TB WD Black in my desktop PC croaked after 2 years. I will be sending it in under warranty, but I am not too hopeful I will be getting a new drive in return... seems others have been getting refurbished drives back on warranty claims. I've decided to back off the humongous drives and...
  16. psolord

    What is waking up my HDD(s)?

    Hello. So I have many HDDs in my system and since I do most of my jobs with my SSDs, I have set the HDDs to sleep after 20mins, both for energy saving and HDD life improvement. However during the day, I hear many spin ups, which is not good for the life of the HDDs. Not all of them spin up of...
  17. T

    HDD (IDE to SATA) is very slow in Windows 7, but fine in XP (Resolved)

    Having a bunch of working IDE drives, I got an IDE to SATA converter so that I can use them as a sort of scratch disk on my computer with no IDE ports. The problem is that in Windows 7 the HDD is very slow. Since I happen to have a working XP installation on this computer as well (dual boot), I...
  18. abungas

    2.5 inch HDD in 3.5 inch enclosure

    I know this may be a strange question, but I am wondering if it's okay to install a laptop HDD into a USB enclosure intended for full sized drives. I presume it is as you know sata power and data connectors are standard. My concern is that the 3.5 enclosure is powered with 12 volts, which IIRC...
  19. P

    External HDD suggestions - or build my own?

    Hi, I am currently looking to buy an external HDD (1TB). My requirements are -primary backup (all kinds of files) -is possible, would like to use on both PC+Mac(probably not possible unless I format, right ?) -don't want to use external power source -reliability (could sacrifice a little bit of...
  20. D

    Problem with hard disk drives

    Hello, I have checked my hard disk drives lately and I get warnings on two of them. I don't know what this means and it is the same warnings on both hard drives. Is there a way to fix this and what can happen if anything goes wrong?
  21. S

    Best NAS HDD

    Hey am looking for the best 10Tb NAS Hddrive for the streaming 4K movies, 3D Movies, PC Back-up and some document storage. I am getting a 12/16 bay synology with 10gigabit Ethernet. Thanks
  22. T

    What is This RAID?

    Hi, I read a review for an ASUSTOR NAS some months ago that I kept open on my phone, until my wife decided I had too many tabs open and closed them all. I've read tons about different RAID configurations, but I haven't found this one anywhere. I think they set up a four disk array with 1 SSD...
  23. M

    Crystaldisk info explanation

    Hi everyone, I had some problems with my laptop for the last 2 weeks. I had win 10 and one day when I turned my pc on it took 10 min for windows to boot, usually it takes 25 sec (thats what 360 security says). It was super slow, it took 2 minutes to open one folder on desktop. I then fomated my...
  24. P

    VivoPC X Tilt

    Hi everyone I recently bought an Asus VivoPC X. It's a good little gaming pc, but the pc design means it is not supported at the front, with a gap between it and the table, just with rubber feet at the the back. This means sometimes when I press the power button, even the slightest bit of...
  25. M

    Installing SSD (ide, ahci)?

    Hi anandtech Once again I turn to you in despair. English is not my native language and since I am not experienced with computers I hope my description is sufficient to pass an understanding of my issue. Recently I have been helping a friend installing a SSD and I did a fresh install of...
  26. Sam25

    OS Drive Cloning Query

    Hello, I wanted to clone and backup my currently running Windows 7 (x64, Ultimate) from my main rig to a separate drive for backup just in case my primary drive (120GB Samsung EVO SSD) on which I have my OS and programs installed suddenly had any issues. I would like to create a clone of the...
  27. C

    CHKDSK stuck 97% with ETA stuck at 7 seconds

    So last night, I tried recording a games and then suddenly it freeze don't know why.. but i can still open other programs like chrome and task manager but i can't see them because the display is stuck at the frozen screen but you can see the task bar so i decided to restart the computer.. After...
  28. K

    Purchases cable to access my drives firmware.

    For some reason the firmware is locked and I cannot modify it. Anyone have any ideas on how to unlock it?
  29. G

    Enclosure for multiple USB 3 portable hard drive

    I have many portable USB 3.0 hard drives (4) and I want to connect all of them at once to my PC. I have only 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 3.1 Type C port. Thus, I definitely need a powered hub. Here are my findings till now: 1. Powered USB 3.1 hubs are rare and I have not seen any supporting 4 USB...
  30. No this is Patrick

    Notebook freezes after swapping HDD with SSD

    Hi there, after upgrading my notebook with an SSD, it will freeze some minutes after boot. However, this happens only when running on battery. As long as the machine is powered by the PSU / charger, everything is fine. Here are the machine specs: Acer Aspire ES1-311-P6SJ, original setup with...
  31. S

    HDD Sounds when in Case (Fractal Design Define S)

    HDD: WD Blue 1tb 6gb/s 7200RPM 64MB Cache rest of system: gigabyte gaming 5 z170x gtx 1070 16gb ddr4 500gb ssd (where os is) i7 6700k All inside a fractal design s case. On this case, the HDDs and SSDs are screwed in vertically on the back side of the case, not horizontal in a cage. When...
  32. y0gurt

    Hot Swap Bay with Two HDDs on a Single Molex: Enough Power?

    Hey guys, I'm having a curious problem. Out of ease, I recently added two 5TB WD Black HDDs in my Hot Swap bay. After doing so, I noticed that the Windows load time had been increased significantly from a few seconds to almost a minute and a half. If I remove one of the HDDs from the bay the...
  33. O

    HDD slow, unresponsive after Hibernate (win 10)

    Oh wise ones! After resuming from hibernate or sleep the secondary mechanical HDD in my Win 10 desktop become extremely slow and unresponsive, and constantly at 100% in task manager. It still works, but is just slow. Opening folders can take a long time, programs take minutes to start, steam...
  34. D

    Dead NAS HDD... will replacing the PCB bring it back to life?

    Let me preface this with a summary of the death: power supply blew, taking motherboard, CPU, video card, and one of my hard drives with it. The HDD was less than 6 months old. The drive will not power up whether it is connected to known good cables internally or in an external enclosure. I can...
  35. C

    Weird sound from the PC

    Hello, about 2 weeks ago I started getting this weird, quiet sound coming from inside of my PC. It's barely unnoticeable and happens only several times a day, but I'm worried it may be my HDD failing. I managed to record it my leaving my mic near the case for about 15 minutes. I messed around...