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Jan 23, 2016
I have two storages, my 512 GB SSD (C: ) for my OS, and my 1TB HDD (D: )for games and anything else. My 1TB HDD is the issue here.

I bought this HDD brand new 5 years ago for my gaming PC, and now the HDD is no longer accessible by my PC. When I go to "this PC" I noticed that my HDD drive doesn't have a bar that shows how much space I've used and when I click on my HDD (D: ) to get into the folder, it gives me "File or directory is corrupted and unreadable": :the-file-or-directory-is-corrupted-and-unreadable.png (366×168) (
I've tried the command line "chkdsk /f d:" (d is my drive) and it is giving me this: file-record-segment-is-unreadable.jpg (357×132) ( It is giving me "File record segment is unreadable" for pretty much everything.

I’m thinking I might just straight replace the HDD. Based off a bit of my own research, I’m convinced it is done. I don’t have any important files on it that I want to recover anyways. That being said, I do have a few questions about replacing the HDD.

1. Do I need to tweak anything in the windows settings to let windows know I don’t want to be using the HDD anymore? Like since the letter D was set do I have to uncheck anything or unassign the letter D? Or can I just straight up unplug it from my case without having to touch any settings?
I’m wondering this because I’ve never done this before and not sure if I need to do anything to windows before taking away the HDD.

2. This question kind of links to the first in terms of doing something to windows first before removing HDD. Will I need to uninstall the programs that were on the HDD from my Uninstall Programs tab under control panel? I still see some of the icons under Uninstall Programs that belong to my HDD which is confusing me since if my PC can’t recognize the drive, why do they still appear there? What will happen if I uninstall them? Or will unplugging my dead HDD make these programs completely disappear?

3. I’ve noticed that there are still Icons of the games on my desktop that are from my HDD. The Icons are currently blank white and when I right click them, it takes 5 minutes + for a drop-down menu to show. Whereas when I right click the icons that are on my SDD, the drop-down menu is instant. Why is the drop-down menu for icons on my HDD slow to appear? Will unplugging my HDD make these icons disappear?

4. All in all, my computer feels a bit buggy ever since this HDD issue appeared. Such as right clicking the icons for drop-down is slow to appear. Opening up File Explorer and going to This PC and right clicking the HDD, the drop-down menu there is also slow to appear. One time after many restarts in my trouble shooting attempts, after right clicking an icon that was located on my HDD my screen turned to a blank white with my windows apps that I have opened only appear on the bottom left and the entire task bar was gone and desktop icons gone with only white at the back. Every time I start up my computer it would give “Scanning and repairing drive (D: ) 100% complete”(I can eventually log in though to get to my desktop). I assume every time windows starts its detecting that my HDD has issues and it’s trying to repair it every time, that might be why I’m getting this message? It would look something like this: windows-10-scanning-and-repairing-drive-c-stuck-at-100-750x430.jpg (750×430) ( Could the HDD be causing these buggy issues or is there something else that may be causing it?


Jan 4, 2021
You don't need to do anything, and you can just remove the drive. If you have installed some system/driver related files there, Windows might complain, but given that your drive already unreadable, it's not going to be any worse.

Download CrystalDiskInfo and see what it says about the drive.
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