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  1. itbend

    Hi, ive finally decided to not have any devices with Big tech OS on it. But for my gaming computer with SteamOS i ran into issues

    Hi, Okay, i guess SteamOS is kinda BigTech too, as valve is not small. But at least it is a private company and the operating system is open source.. As topic says, i am too tired of big tech companies screwing me from infront and from behind. So ive decided(Not just decided, ive actually...
  2. mr overpaid

    Underutilization of hardware in Fortnite

    I’m running it an issue when playing Fortnite on performance mode. The game only utilises 30-40% of my cpu and gpu, so I feel like I’m leaving performance on the table. When I play the game with DX11 or DX12 I get much higher usage, around 80-100%. I prefer to play on performance mode as it...
  3. geanny

    Which is better for graphic design Asus TUF dash f15 2022 VS MSI katana GF66 12UG ?

    Which is better for graphic design? MSI katana GF66 12UG-285NEU ------------ CPU: 12:e gen. Intel® Core™ i7 12700H-processor Max.turbo speed : 4.7GHz Number of cores: 14-core Cache: 24MB Functions: Multi-threading technology, Intel Smart Cache, Intel Deep Learning Boost (DL Boost)...
  4. gon4aloxd

    Question Cpu being overused and gpu not even being nearly used.

    Hi there! Since I have purchased my pc in 2017 I have finaly factory reseted windows for the first time yesterday but all it did was bring me problems. Whenever I try to play games my cpu usage is 100% and gpu almost nothing and that shouldnt happend at least it didnt before. Now im playing...
  5. X

    Question CPU underperforming in games

    Hello I have recently upgraded my CPU from a R3 1200 to a 3300x. Complete specs are as follows- CPU- R3 3300X RAM - 2x8 GB DDR4 2400MHz in dual channel (CMK8GX4M1A2400C16R) GPU- MSI GTX 1650 D6 AERO ITX OCV1 PSU- CX 450 MOTHERBOARD- MSI B450M PRO VDH MAX (BIOS 7A38vB4 - AGESA My older...
  6. terretdestroyer

    Question Need Help for College PC Build

    Hello Everyone, i am new and have come here for help, i am going to be going to college for video game design and animation, and i need a new PC setup. Ultimately i want this new setup to be able to handle both gaming/streaming, and my schoolwork of designing and building video games (which...
  7. Nobece

    Question Looking to buy a new gaming mouse, can I pair a wireless straight to the USB B of the new xbox?

    Howdy all, Firstly yes I am a console gamer bit older so I find consoles are simpler to handle and perfect for how often I play. But wanting to transition off the controller and more towards the keyboard and mouse so I can play a bit better and have a little more freedom now that games on Xbox...
  8. jainamss

    Question Does the NATIVE resolution of a monitor affect FPS?

    Hi, I currently have a 1280x720 monitor and mostly play valorant. My specs are 1080ti, i5-9400F and 32GB ram. On the native res of the monitor I mostly get 240fps. I wanted to buy a new 1920x1080 native resolution monitor, but I was wondering if buying it will decrease my FPS a lot. Or will the...
  9. hentaiweeb

    Question Wifi crashing in laptop when gaming. Please help!

    Laptop: asus tuf fx504gm i5 8300h So recently I've started to observe something really weird with my laptop. Whenever I start playing any game, I only am able to play for like 10 seconds and my WiFi gets disconnected and becomes invisible. As soon as I quit the game wifi gets reconnected. If it...
  10. cornyflake

    Best games of all time that you always keep coming back to?

    What are your favourite games so far that you keep coming back to? The old ones or the new ones? Just simply curious to see what are the gaming experiences are and what are the main titles that left the biggest impression.
  11. O

    Question Helpl opening ports for call of duty warzone hub3.0

    having a network issue with warzone and activation advised me the only thing left to try is port forwarding but it’s proper confusing for me. They’ve sent me the port numbers but I have no clue which box to enter them on my router can anybody help im not very good with routers I’ve attached...
  12. P

    Games Repeatedly Cut Out, Please Help!

  13. J

    Acer Chromebook 14" HD Display 16GB - Sale $189.99 Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C99D, Intel Celeron N3060, 14" HD Display, 4GB LPDDR3, 16GB eMMC, Metal Chassis, Sparkly Silver, Google Chrome Ships in 1-3 days business days On sale for $189.99 ($60 savings or 24% off) Regular price: $249.99...
  14. J

    Boltune Wireless Earbuds Upgraded Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo Amazon - Boltune wireless headphones on sale $36.99 Wireless Earbuds [Upgraded] Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo [USB-C Quick Charge] IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Headphones 40Hours Playing Time Bluetooth Earbuds Built-in Mic Single/Twin Mode...
  15. Kh.Ali Abbas

    Question Want to Build a new Gaming PC

    Hey Guys, I'm new to Computer building(and also on AnAndTech Forum) but been gaming since PS1 and Xbox. So this is the 1st time I want to build a PC Gaming setup. My requirements are Fast 4k Gaming and Future proofing a system for atleast 5 years. Here's what I found so far to build my PC...
  16. V

    L.A. Noire Complete Edition - $8.99 - 70% off

    . I loved this game back in the day. If you missed it the first time around check it out for only $8.99. L.A. Noire is a violent crime thriller that blends breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience. Search for clues, chase down suspects...
  17. V

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition 70% off - $14.99 on Steam

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition Buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends January 27 -70% $49.99 $14.99 Add to Cart About the Game Game of the Year EDITION The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year edition brings together the base...
  18. rootstereo

    Wild Terra Online 2: New lands. Indie Game in Development That I would like to share.

    Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Hello friends! My name is Javi and I'm part of Juvty World. A group of indie-game developers, I'm making this post to share our lastest game made by Unity. The game is actually in alpha stage of development and I'd like to share this great game we are developing and...
  19. Vattila

    Speculation: i9-9900K is Intel's last hurrah in gaming

    Independent test results for Intel's 8-core i9-9900K are just around the corner, and the general consensus and expectations are that it will put Intel further in the lead with the "world's best gaming processor". However, like most technology analysts and avid followers of x86 CPU architecture...
  20. jsimenhoff

    Intel Optane AMA - Starts Wednesday at 11am

    Intel Optane AMA with the Intel Optane Team AnandTech is proud to announce the upcoming guest in our featured Community Series -- ASK ME ANYTHING. On Wednesday, September 26th through Thursday, September 27th the Intel Optane Team will join us in a live AMA on the AnandTech Memory and Storage...
  21. W

    What GTX 1060 to get

    Hi folks, I am looking to upgrade my current video card. Since price are dropping I would like to take advantage of it. I play one game mainly and it's World of Warcraft. With my current set up and I am not planning on upgrading the cpu for at least another 2 years. I see that my best bet...
  22. I

    Is this a good deal on Craigslist?

    Hi I’m very new to pc’s (switching from ps4). I was wondering if I should build my own pc or buy a used one. I found an intriguing one on Craigslist. Here are the specs he listed... Cpu: amd ryzen 7 1800x. Ram: ddr4 gskill 16gb ddr4 3200 kit. I have it running at 3100 mhz at the moment. Cpu...
  23. EXCellR8

    Ryzen 5 Upgrade Options?

    I'm tossing around the idea of upgrading the quad core Ryzen 5 1500X processor in my B350 gaming computer, since the 2nd gen 6-core plus processors are so cheap; the performance in some games does lack a bit as configured. This computer also uses the other Vega 64 card so upping the processing...
  24. S

    Suggest Me the Games

    Hello guys can you tell me some supported games for my Laptop? System Info , Windows 10–64 bit, RAM-4gb DDR4 , 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7200U 7th Gen processor . Graphics - Intel Hd 620 (2gb) + AMD radeon R5 M330 (2gb). Which games are best to play? I mostly like Open world,racing and Rpg.
  25. C

    PC Build

    Last quality check before i purchase and build. Build will be used for light gaming, surfing, streaming, a workstation that can game at 1080p. Amd build for the physical cores and the ability to multitask better, keeping the build under $1k. No suggesstion is a dumb suggestion, open to any and...
  26. G

    what to upgrade for streaming games

    Hey guys, I just started gaming on my PC and I want to start streaming, but OBS is laggy as hell and I know its because of my hardware as when i built it its wasn't for gaming at all. My question is do I have to upgrade both GPU and GPU pr can i get away with just upgrading 1 of the 2. I was...
  27. T

    Advise on hardware upgrade

    I have an old windows computer with this hardware: Mother: ASRock H97 Killer CPU i5-4690 Memory 16 GB DDR3 1600 GPU AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Hard Drive Samsung 850 Evo 480 GB My main use of this computer is basic gaming: Civ 6 and GTA V. But I'm thinking about using this computer for some...
  28. O

    Old gaming pc as htpc vs nvidia shield

    Novice Member Hi I have an old gaming rig that I am thinking of using as a plex server. However I have just seen that the nvidia shield can now run in server mode. My question is, what would be a better setup? Both options would use a wd 4tb external hardrive usb 3.0 Computer specs Cpu - i7 950...
  29. H

    GTX 1050 equivalent GPU's?

    Hi guys. I currently have a GTX 750, which is obviously not as good as a GTX 1050. The reason I need something equivalent to a GTX 1050, is because that is what the minimum is for Windows Mixed Reality, and I am planning on getting a headset. I have found some alternatives to it that possibly...
  30. skaughtz

    Would this CPU swap result in any noticeable gains?

    So I have two systems that I am considering swapping components: Light gaming rig A8-7670k GTX 1050 2x4GB G.Skill Ares DDR3 1833 (mobo has 2 slots) SSD Internet/music rig Pentium G620 Radeon HD 6670 4x2GB Hynix DDR3 1066 (mobo has 4 slots) SSD It occurred to me the other day that I might have...
  31. I

    Switch/Hub/or a seconds router

    Evening everybody, I have been looking through the internet but I got even more confused and haven't seen an answer I liked. My dilemma is that I have a router/modem combo but I already ate up my 4 slots and while I like wifi, I want to be able to plug in more items to it around 6-8. I have...
  32. H

    Are laptops powered by the snapdragon 835 capable of playing DirectX 9 games?

    Qualcomm and Microsoft say their new x86 emulation is so efficient it can run Windows and x86 programs at near native speed. But can it actually run any DirectX 9 games or does each game need to be individually rewritten to work on the 835 x86 emulator? Qualcomm said their Adreno GPUs are...
  33. P

    Spec Me A $1100 (Or Less) 1080p Beast

    [UPDATED] Please build me a 1080p based PC with a black and white theme if possible on PCPP. Whenever I try to build one on PCPP I spend too much. The budget is $1100, and please use the ASUS DUAL GTX 1060 6gb and a nice case with a tempered glass side panel. Disregard all of the comments...
  34. A

    Gaming pc running slowly :(

    Hello, why is my gaming pc running slowly? It started like 2 weeks ago when i played H1Z1. I have almost everything on low graphic settings (pro settings) i have like 140 fps but it feels like i have 50 but it says on steam fps counter that i have 100-140. It's just not on H1Z1, it is on dayz...
  35. G

    Will this graphics card run on my motherboard

    I used speccy to find out my specs on my mother board, it is a foxconn model 2ADA version 1.0 Specs for pci are Slot type PCI Data lanes 16x Slot designation PCI express x16 slot Characteristics 3.3V, shared, PME I bought NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX960 How much performance will I lose or will it even...
  36. Robert Cast

    Gaming Laptop Advice Needed

    Hello everyone! My current computer specs: $400, four-year-old HP laptop OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version: 10.0.16299 Build 16299 Processor: Intel® Pentium® CPU N3540 @ 2.16GHz, 2159 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Drive: C: Description: Local Fixed Disk Compressed: No File...
  37. J

    Best motherboard for gaming

    I want to know about the best motherboard for gaming. Moreover, the gaming motherboard that doesn't go out of order due to over heating.
  38. L

    Lineage 2 new PC version is around the corner !!------Special Halloween news here~

    Lineage 2 new PC version is around the corner !!------Special Halloween news here~Exciting ,right? It is new to newbies indeed,but YOU must know it once you’ve played and combated heroically in real game! There you will find the same characters as the very beginning Lineage and even the second...
  39. DeadlyTitan

    Ryzen5 1600 vs i7 3770(non K) For Games

    I originally wanted to buy an i7 8700(non K), but the non availability of cheaper non overclocking motherboards drove me towards Ryzen5 My current choices are i7 3770, or go Ryzen 5 or Wait for Non overclocking motherboards to appear for i7 8700 So, between R5 1600 and i7 3770 which one of...
  40. W

    Are Gaming Chairs the most overrated gaming products or not? Let's get it over with!

    A lot of my friends go for $1000 or $3000 gaming chairs, which serve the same purpose as a normal gaming chair. Which comes down to my question that isn't they the most overrated products out there or does they serve a real purpose? Kindly share your thoughts with me.