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Dec 2, 2021
Hello Everyone, i am new and have come here for help, i am going to be going to college for video game design and animation, and i need a new PC setup. Ultimately i want this new setup to be able to handle both gaming/streaming, and my schoolwork of designing and building video games (which includes the programming, graphics, and all of it), I'm hoping to just use a cougar Gemini x case as its designed for 2 PCs as this build would need to be separated into..., thus I would like PC #1 to be the mini PC that does all my actual gaming, and PC #2 to be the full sized one that will be for all my schoolwork (i.e. building video games from scratch to released) as well as basically being the stream machine doing all the video encoding and such for my stream so as to minimize the strain on PC #1 while it is handling the playing of the game.

some ideas/questions i have that i would like opinions on are:
1: using the cougar gemini x pc case
2: which other pc cases would one suggest for a 2 pc setup?
3: should the PCs be daisy chained together or just use a capture card (for the stream machine aspect of the build)
4: should i use only normal graphics cards or should i get a quadro graphics card
5: would the quadro card work for the encoding/stream machine workload

thx to everyone who helps, and im looking forward to your insights. :)