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  1. D

    Please help

    Hello yesterday i updated the avg antivirus free and i clicked ok and i got the avg browser . I couldnt unistall it and i found a guide in internet . At . And i typed in windows powershell this command cd %appdata% cd ..local rmdir...
  2. Sarikaapunj

    books to learn Java

    Hi, I am interested in learning programming. Can anyone help me with some good java books. looking for positive response thank you.
  3. terretdestroyer

    Question Need Help for College PC Build

    Hello Everyone, i am new and have come here for help, i am going to be going to college for video game design and animation, and i need a new PC setup. Ultimately i want this new setup to be able to handle both gaming/streaming, and my schoolwork of designing and building video games (which...
  4. H

    Any Programming Books to recommend?

    Heya, would like to take your suggestions on any good programming books ya'll are into? Few of the books that tops my list would be: Bob Martin's "Clean Code" Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" Michael Feathers' "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" Java Script: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan
  5. K

    What is a good Euro 600 Budget PC Build?

    Please help make a build list for me. First time building a PC looking for recommendations. Programming/Gaming/Editing What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. Gaming (League, Fortnite, GTA V, Rainbow Six...
  6. Q

    Why are there not a place to Start for People Interested in Natural Language Programming? is "The Place to Start for Operating System Developers," not "The Place to Start for People Interested in Natural Language Programming." Why are there not a place to Start for People Interested in Natural Language Programming?
  7. H

    Question Unix - Changing directory from within a script

    Hi, This is a unix bash shell scripting question. I have been trying to execute the below command by changing directory and then copying contents of one directory to another by doing some file name manipulations in between. However this isnt working since as soon as the statement completes it...
  8. R

    UDP Protocol Implementation

    I'm currently migrating a program I already have which is currently using a TCP base architecture but the server currently needs to send more packets per minute than before. The packet loss is not a problem, only the order which is solved by using a message buffer. What I have so far: A...
  9. H

    custom pc for programming - no gaming

    hello there, i am new so please ignore any mistakes. current hp laptop+extra monitor Current amd a4 4300m 4gb ram 500 gb hdd 1gb 7670M dGPU+512Mb 7420G iGPU 1366*768 + 1280*720 monitor Upgrade cpu: ryzen 1500X or 1600 or ANY OTHER SUGGESTED motherboard: ASUS PRIME-B350M-A ram: 2X8 GB DDR4...
  10. N

    JavaScript Help

    Let me start by saying I know absolutely NOTHING about javascript. I've got a one time problem and don't know where to start. I'm trying to set up a semi-automated PDF for people at work to use. There is a quantity field and a 'fee' field. I'd like to put some javascript in the 'fee' field...
  11. K

    Quicksort parallel

    hello everybody I want to use quicksort in parallel form for my project but I really don't want to use the NVIDIA sample for that matter because I have to give a full hour speech about how exactly every part of my code work and the NVIDIA sample is extremely general and hard to understand. Does...
  12. Cogman

    [ABCs of Programming] B is for Big Oh

    What? In the A is for Algorithms thread I wrote a little about Big Oh. However, I thought the subject deserved a little more attention. If you are looking at getting a job programming, many companies that will interview want to know if you know your Big Oh. A brief recap. Big Oh describes...
  13. Cogman

    [ABCs of Programming] A is for Algorithms

    What? Algorithms are the recipes of programs. They define the step by step instructions for how the program operates. The choice of algorithms can have a profound effect on both the time it takes to run an program and the amount of memory that program uses. There are many trade offs when it...