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  1. terretdestroyer

    Question Need Help for College PC Build

    Hello Everyone, i am new and have come here for help, i am going to be going to college for video game design and animation, and i need a new PC setup. Ultimately i want this new setup to be able to handle both gaming/streaming, and my schoolwork of designing and building video games (which...
  2. Cardyak

    Discussion Microarchitecture Comparison Chart

    I’ve been slowly compiling a Microarchitecture Comparison Chart over the past few months. The purpose of this to estimate the IPC of different architectures and allow people to at least make a comparison between different architecture designs. I understand there are inherent limitations with...
  3. T

    Need grippy material that doesn't stick

    Hey, I am designing a bracket that goes around a cylindrical like post. it cannot be attached physically to the post and only held on by friction to the post but must be able to withstand a decent amount of downward force. Does anyone know of some rubber like material that i can put between the...
  4. nopainnogain

    Who's who in power supplies... nowadays?

    Many people say that we can trust power supplies made by brand "A" because they are OEM from the trusted brand "B" (even if they're not manufactured with the very same top-notch components used by brand "B" in their own units). But it is also said that some PSU are not made, only designed by...
  5. S

    Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Thread

    Via: Source: Impressive screen-to-body ratio if true.