Russia on brink of ... NOPE! Russia INVADES Ukraine!

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Jan 8, 2001
A couple of advances in the south. Inch by inch everything is a cinch!

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I am wondering this Kherson area will ever be the staging post for a big push, or if its just another pressure point on the Russian defensive line. Or possibly both pending ork numbers.
Depends on who we’ll the lowland are drying out. It was the ideal location for the UAF to begin their offensive, and the Russians knew that, hence the plan to blow the damn and force the UAF to come down from the north into a well executed defense in depth (there are still some competent Russian generals around).


Dec 15, 2015
U-turn on the whole Poland thing. They sorted the grain issue and 'clarified' talking points regarding weapons.


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Apr 24, 2022
U-turn on the whole Poland thing. They sorted the grain issue and 'clarified' talking points regarding weapons.
Obviously this happened right before elections just to satisfy the far right. I hate politics .
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Zor Prime

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Nov 7, 1999
U-turn on the whole Poland thing. They sorted the grain issue and 'clarified' talking points regarding weapons.
As they should, you shouldn't break contracts ... they need fulfilled to term. Further contracts at the moment seem unlikely.

This didn't happen overnight, there's been gradual tension building between Poland and Ukraine as the Poles don't find Ukraine as being grateful. This rift recently experienced resurgence half a year ago.

As shown in that article, even back then you have Polish officials saying things such as, "we will help Ukraine because it is in our interest ..."

Of course nations only have interests in the end, but to say it flat out leaving no doubt is very pointed.

This language however isn't entirely unexpected. There seems to be Poles still miffed about having their countrymen slaughtered by Ukrainians.

And yeah, I believe Poland does have an election coming up next month. What better way to rouse the base than to whip things into a frenzy. Some of this could be political posturing as mentioned by dainthomas.
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Aug 21, 2003
The Europeans should help Ukraine set up an improved (more range via better propellant and GPS corrected INS guidance) Tochka-U line. It would not be that difficult and is entirely deniable.
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Jun 23, 2004
This is a shitty look for Biden.
Biden's plan from day one has been to provide a trickle.
Give the Ukrainians just enough so they do not outright collapse. They do not "lose".
But always delay, or hold back the things they need to win.

The only reason Ukraine has deep strike capability into Crimea today, is that UK and France stepped up and provided the sort of missiles Biden dithers on.

The fallacy is that, if Biden's planned stalemate comes to pass, and Russia can secure the land bridge, Crimea will be lost. With Crimea goes the Black Sea and all the grain transport. Goes the space NEEDED to provide air defense for ports and food storage. Kherson will continue to be shelled by short ranged weapons. Odessa bombed. Not retaking Crimea leaves open a huge, gaping wound that Russia will exploit for their next round of invasion.

Russia does not seek peace, Russia continues to affirm that they want nothing less than the entirety of the former Soviet territory.
Forcefully stopping Russia today is the only way to avoid the Genocide across Europe that Russia has planned.
Biden's dithering weakens the defensive effort, and emboldens enemies who fight for the sheer taking of life.
We are losing lives to this policy.

We must hit Russia harder. There can be no substitute for providing / using, everything at our disposal. Lest we be complicit.

Russia's State Duma says it would eventually fight all post-Soviet states



Jul 17, 2003
Idk, McCarthy, ever the spineless piece of cowardly shit, seems to have changed his mind a bit. He refused Zelenskyy's request for a joint address and he also refused a classified briefing on Ukraine from the Biden guys. Embarrassing, you fail again Kevin. Listen to them moan about money now, amazing. Kinda looks like another round of desperate opportunism about to play into the hands of fascism to me. They intend on more hostage taking.

What can you expect from magats though? These people who see democracy as the enemy and who have embraced fascism and defended treason, they were perfectly fine paying vastly greater sums of money for Afghanistan, a place that did kill Americans remember.


GQP needs to be obliterated at the ballot box.
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Oct 9, 1999