Opera PWNS all!!!!

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Aug 28, 2001
Originally posted by: Nik
Originally posted by: interwebgeek
Installed that free opera for about a day, some sites loaded all wrong. The interface annoyed me beyond belief. I actually use both IE and FF but not going to play with opera again, it feels like using a mac, dumbed down?

That's one of the biggest gripes I had about opera. It didn't render sites correctly. Sometimes you could refresh over and over and see different problems. :confused:
I complained about this on the free-reg-key day ... one of the sites having the problem was tv.yahoo.com with their grid listings but I believe yahoo has fixed the code because the problem no longer existed after a few days. (I guess someone on their side decided to give Opera a try that day too).

What other sites did you have problems with ? I'm running Opera 9 beta right now and it's likely fixed a lot of things you saw before its true mass release.


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Apr 3, 2001
This thread reminded me to install Opera on my Ubuntu box... No more putting up with Firefox crashes in linux! Woot..

I love the way Opera loads web pages as it downloads them..


Aug 28, 2005
Originally posted by: Nik
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has anybody found a good easy way to block inpage ads? I loved firefox's adblock extension but havent seen anything similar for opera yet.

Tried anything mentioned here: http://nontroppo.org/wiki/BlockAdvertisements ?

I use both Opera & Firefox and Opera, IMO just does it better. Built in e-mail client, highly customizeable UI, small memory & disk space foot print & installs everything into ONE directory. Firefox is a great browser too, and the extensions are something Opera should have.
I don't see how you say the mem usage is better, Anubis said himself 8.5 can get huge. IE never uses more than 30 megs for me.

I have eleven tabs open, not including the mail tab, and memory usage is at 36MB right now. Doesn't seem like a hog to me.
Yes, but also no better than IE, either.

I tried it, and I certainly didn't dislike it, I just saw no compelling reason to switch from IE. *shrug* Anyone wanna change my mind?

The only thing that's even remotely interesting to me is the integration of mail, but it'd have to be pretty damn good to take me away from Outlook.

Outlook is far more powerful and just as secure (if you're not an idiot) than Thunderbird.

Sure Outlook is more powerful then Thunderbird, but Outlook costs a ton of money and Thunderbird is free. I think what you were trying to say was Outlook Express maybe??

If you were were trying to say Outlook Express, then you are wrong Thinderbird is a much better app right now, OE is just outdated!!!

Don't put words in my mouth, peabrain. He said he uses Outlook. Not OE, Outlook. He's already got Outlook, why switch to a less functional, weaker program even if it's free? :roll:

Peabrain?? ROFL. I can see why so many people in ATOT usually bust your balls, you really are an a$$. If you already have Outlook, then I agree, Thunderbird isn't worth it all. Most people who build their own PC's for home use don't want to go out and spend a fortund on MS Office, therefore Thunderbird is free and a much better option.