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  1. D

    Question No Power to Motherboard.. Seeking Help!

    Hi Thanks for dropping by and trying to help a new fellow member here. I have come across a weird problem. So here it goes: My PC Build: i5 12400 MSI B660m a pro wifi ddr4 G.Skill Ripjaws V 8gb x 2 3600mhz Deepcool AK400 Deepcool dq750 M2VL PSU Deepcool Mattrexx 55 4f Mesh All parts are new...
  2. Manave

    Question I replaced my old PSU but now my PC won't turn on

    Heres the story, i was not much aware about computers so i bought a budget Pre built PC. Its been 2 years since then and i saved up enough money to buy a brand new GPU, but after a little research i founded out that my PSU wont be able to run my new GPU which is an RX 570. I wanted to upgrade it...
  3. S

    Solved! Problem after assembling my PC parts

    Hello everyone, I have an Asus Desktop G11CD-K PC (the K is for Kabylake version) wich i disassembled to clean all its parts (including Graphic card fan, its Processor, CPU fan and replacing its thermal paste, and also its front components). After cleaning, I assembled it correctly, but to be...
  4. H

    Question How to Control a Power Supply's Fan Speed Either by Software or by Physical Intervention

    My old (we're talking 2007ish old) no name power supply doesn't spin fast enough (we're talking 40rpm, yes I actually counted it), and it's uncomfortably hot to the touch, it doesn't necessarily burn you, but it's hot enough to make you feel like something has to be done about it. I know how...
  5. E

    Question Computer momentarily turns off before turning on normally

    I have this problem with my Desktop PC since past 3 years when I replaced my faulty PSU with Corsair VS550 back in 2017. Everything was perfect before that with the previous PSU. Since then, every time I turn my PC ON, the front LED light turns ON, CPU and PSU fans etc. start rotating AND...
  6. M

    Question Help with psu please.

    Hi. I have an old system (i7-870 and AMD 6970) and i need a new psu. Max load wattage according to outervision calculator is ~500 w and minimum recommended ~550 w. Now where i live my choices are limited. I can find a few descent low budget psu's like the ones below 1.Be Quiet System Power 9...
  7. D

    Question Need help finding a power supply!

    So I'm looking for a power supply for my pc, the current power supply I have now Is just a random power supply & it doesn't have a 6 Pin connector that I need, also It's probably going to catch fire so best get rid of it now. PC Specs Currently: - i7 2600k - Intel DQ77MK - 12gb DDR3 - 1333 -...
  8. N

    Question Working on PSU cables with PSU Power switch on cause damage ?

    Reconnect , connect or check cable conections ,internal cable connections like 24 pin cable.or others ,with PSU switch on but PC powered off can cause any issue to the computer ? in my case I was only pushing the 24 pin cable to make sure the connection was good , I think was good anyway . the...
  9. P

    Does Power supply run through the UPS

    Suppose my computer draws 900W at full load, and I have a 850 watts UPS. I know if there is a blackout, and I am at full load, my computer will shut down. What I want to know is this: When there is NO blackout and I am at full load, can my computer actually draw 900 W or is it like the power...
  10. P

    PC crashing in different situations

    Hello all. I have a small problem that gets worse over time. The problem is that the PC crashing completely, I can not do anything in a given situation, the only option is the RESET or POWER OFF button. Sometimes I have to wait several seconds, because even after the reset and PC running I have...
  11. A

    Question My PSU makes this weird noise

    Hi, I'm new here and I wanted to ask about a possible fault in my PSU. I used an air blower to clean it last month (I now know that was a mistake). Since then, it's been making this weird noise. At first it was just after booting and then it would be mostly silent until I shut down and restart...
  12. C

    Is a 620W psu enough for a 449W system

    The PSU will be a Seasonic 620w 80+ bronze PSU juicing up a Ryzen 5 2600x and vega 64. Pcpartpicker says its enough but I don't know. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CTJ9P3 (the parts list.)
  13. H

    GTX 1050 equivalent GPU's?

    Hi guys. I currently have a GTX 750, which is obviously not as good as a GTX 1050. The reason I need something equivalent to a GTX 1050, is because that is what the minimum is for Windows Mixed Reality, and I am planning on getting a headset. I have found some alternatives to it that possibly...
  14. A

    Dual Power Supply Mining Rig

    Hey Guys, Sorry for the crap links below, the spam filter thought I was spamming if I left them as clickable URLs. What is left is the last part of the tinyurl. Just curious about a few things. I am currently selecting some parts for a mining rig and would like to use 2 quality 750 watt power...
  15. A

    Computer won't boot. Dead CPU or Mobo?

    Hey guys, I'd like you to help me with a question I'm having about my PC. A few days ago I was on Youtube, the PC (described below) turned off out of nowhere, I tried to turn it on back but shutdown in 5 seconds. I tried to turn on again, but now the CPU_LED is stuck and I can not POST or even...
  16. M

    Ryzen motherboard problems: no power to 5 different boards

    I've been building my own desktops since my youth and for the first time ever I was amazed by the difficulty of getting a new build to work. It all started a month ago when I purchased the Gigabyte AB350 Gaming motherboard, Ryzen 1600X, Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB RAM and a Corsair H60...
  17. O

    Please suggest a solution

    Hello members i am going to build a new system and the configuration is as follows : Cpu Amd a8 7600 Motherboard GA-F2A88XM-D3HP Corsair 8gb ddr3 1600mhz Wd 1tb harddisk Now there are two components Tagan stonerock 600 watt psu And powercolor hd 4870 1gb Graphic card. thease are from my last...
  18. W

    Coolant leakage Help!

    Hello, I have a Deepcool Genome case and sadly past few days, there was a leakage in the pump close to the cpu. The gpu and just one PSU cable have liquid, but not much. The GPU only have liquid in the heatsink and is not too much, it's more like humidity in the heatsink. But my real concern is...
  19. D

    No output on monitor or any usb components.

    My pc was working fine till last night.i watched a movie,turned my system off as always.went to bed.tried to turn on my pc the very next day.to my surprise,there is no output on the monitor.it had been working fine all these years.i have no idea what went wrong. When i switch it on :- -all the...
  20. MajinCry

    Good, quiet ~600W PSU?

    This Coolermaster B500 has finally gotten on my nerves, and I'm looking for something that's not as loud. Be Quiet!'s fans are pretty damn good, got two of them in my case and they make a very quiet whirr, unlike the CM fan that came with my Hyper 412s. Spotted this power supply on Ebuyer, and...
  21. P

    PC will not turn on sometimes just Green light will be ON

    I have a weird problem in my desktop. I have been using it for more than one year. Problem occurs from last week. Sometimes when I try to turn on my pc when I press the ON button just the green light alone will be glowing and red light will never come. Nothing will happen after that. I waited...
  22. J

    GTX 1060 3GB & WD Black 2TB Hardrive overheating badly

    I had a GTX 680 & it was over heating badly so i couldnt game, i bought a new GTX 1060 from MSI and it has this problem also. I then realized that my hardrive was also overheating badly! Please Help I cant seem to figure out whats up
  23. T

    Is this PSU good for my setup?

    My setup is listed below. One of the Outervision recommendations is EVGA SuperNOVA 750W GQ 80+ GOLD. Am I good to go with it? OuterVision PSU Calculator part list Motherboard: Desktop CPU: 1 x Intel Core i7-7700K CPU Speed: 4200MHz CPU Vcore: 1.2V CPU Utilization: 90% Memory: 2 x 16GB DDR4...
  24. H

    Dell Vostro 260s Power Issues. Help!

    I have a Dell Vostro 260s that went through a power outage and now fails to boot. To verify the power supply was bad, I took a SeaSonic M12II PS from my existing machine and used it with the Dell and it powered up with no issue. I have since purchased two different "Vostro 260s replacement...
  25. V

    Seasonic S12G 550w or S12II 520w?

    Need a recommendation between Seasonic S12G 550w (80+ Gold) vs S12II 520W (80+ Bronze) PSUs. I don't game. This will be used for Photoshop and 3ds max work with Photoshop running most of the time. I don't plan for an extreme overclock or multi gpu setup. Will mostly buy a Vega based GPU once...
  26. R

    power supply for Chenbro RM13704

    Hello everyone , what type of power supply or alternate power supply is suitable for Chenbro RM13704 or kindly check this link http://www.natex.us/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RM13704package-64GBBF&CartID=1 , i am going to buy this server and from India so i have little doubt if something...
  27. K

    Can a motherboard damage PSU?

    Ive been battling with PSU issues lately, and I was just wondering this: is it possible for a faulty motherboard to cause damage to a power supply and in what instance could this occur?
  28. K

    Electric ticking noise PSU or MoBo

    Hey! I have a strange issue with my new pc. The system works like it should, from the first boot forward, except theres a electric ticking coming from the PSU area. The sound is there even when the pc is turned off so its not a fan. Ive tried with 3 brand new power supplys and after a couple of...
  29. S

    Corsair CX500 Fan replacement Suggestions

    Good evening, I'm currently looking to replace my Corsair CX500 power supply fan. Reasons: 1. Since I replaced most of my case fans with BeQuiet fans, I started to hear fan bearing sound and it seems like it reached it's life-span's end, however psu is still kicking, so I want to keep it for...