Question Need help finding a power supply!


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Jun 8, 2020
So I'm looking for a power supply for my pc, the current power supply I have now Is just a random power supply & it doesn't have a 6 Pin connector that I need, also It's probably going to catch fire so best get rid of it now.

PC Specs Currently:
- i7 2600k
- Intel DQ77MK
- 12gb DDR3 - 1333
- GTX - 1050Ti

So basically I only want to upgrade my graphics card at the moment. I was looking at the 1650 Super as I am gaming at 144hz and I'm starting to play more demanding games lately and the card I currently have is not cutting it.

Let me know if you can recommend anything to me, I am looking in the price range of £50-£60.

I found this power supply in an old system
. , let me know if it's good enough for what I need, I will see if it's still working.

Thanks! :)
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