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Dell Vostro 260s Power Issues. Help!


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Apr 29, 2017
I have a Dell Vostro 260s that went through a power outage and now fails to boot. To verify the power supply was bad, I took a SeaSonic M12II PS from my existing machine and used it with the Dell and it powered up with no issue.

I have since purchased two different "Vostro 260s replacement power supplies" from online retailers, and both fail to boot the machine. Both power on the amber motherboard light indicating 5v power, and when jumping pin 13 and 14 both replacement power supplies turn on.

The only visual difference I can see between the old power supply that no longer works, the Seasonic, and the other two replacements are that the SeaSonic and the old previously working power supply have two wires in pin 3, a black ground wire and a brown wire. Picture is attached for reference.


Is this missing wire the issue, or is there something else I'm not accounting for?