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  1. B

    Question Apple devices no internet-Windows devices have internet

    I attached a second wireless router to my main wireless router. When connected (to WR-1) with any device I can reach the internet on WR-1(main wireless router). When connected to WR-2(second wireless router) with any windows device/computer can reach internet. Iphones and Ipads show...
  2. sudhanshudeshpande84

    Question How can we best protect our computer network using proxy servers?

    How can we best protect our computer network using proxy servers?
  3. sshorab

    Question Slow Ethernet speed

    My Router ethernet speed is really slow, when I use to measure the speed it hovers around 500 kbps or less. But weirdly the upload speed is 40 Mbps. Furthermore when I connect to the Wi-Fi the internet speed is normal as usual. What could be the cause for the slow speed on my ethernet...
  4. A

    Question Formula to calculate the latency between nodes within a cluster

    In my problem, there are n-number of clusters. Each cluster contains k-number of nodes. The number of nodes can vary in clusters. I have to select the cluster whose nodes are closely located (closely located in terms of latency). For this purpose, first I have to calculate the closeness of nodes...
  5. T

    Question Need help with options

    I have 3500 sq foot total that covers 3 floors, What are my options to connect devices to monitors? What and how many routers would be the best options so can connect 2 tvs and be able to have video conferences other devices
  6. D

    Question 7750 SR - Alcatel

    Hello, I was curious if anyone has any tips on command reference for things like checking sub-interface creation, VLAN creation/assignment, etc... for an Alcatel 7750 router. I know fumbling my way through that show port "x" will show port details, I have found how to display the config in...
  7. W

    Question query NNTP strings

    Hi, I have a log from a newsgroup NNTP header from a newsgroup message containing 3 string/numbers which I would like to further investigate Xref: newsgroupname:<NUMBER> Injection-Info:logging-data="<NUMBER>" AND Message-ID: <STRING> is there a...
  8. F

    ASUS RT-AC3200 and Hulu access

    Since the latest firmware, it seems I am having difficulty logging into hulu's service. It happens on my phone when on wifi and also with the fire TV and Roku. All give me an error to the effect of check your internet connection. Should I go back to the previous firmware can I. I was curious if...
  9. F

    Downloading on new router hogs all the bandwidth

    After installing my new Asus RT-AC68U, its been great except when I'm downloading something. I'm the only one connected to the ethernet, and so when I download a game. Everyone on the network gets slowed down by a lot. Loading pictures on social media takes time. I get 60MBPS download and...
  10. F

    Alternative modem for the Asus AC68U?

    I recently purchased the Asus RT-AC68U to replace my old Verizon Fios Actiontec M1424. I turned my Actiontec into a modem bridge but unfortunately there is bottleneck and a few issues. Whenever I'm downloading games on my PC, which uses Ethernet. All the WiFi clients are slowed down by a...
  11. A

    Wireless Network for Security Cameras

    I am getting ready to install a number of wireless security cameras to record 24/7 and have a few questions. Will this bog the wireless network down? Should I dedicate a wireless router or AP for the security cameras? What is the best setup to maintain optimal wireless connectivity of all devices?
  12. M

    Switch keeps locking up, even after replacing it

    I have 9 devices connected to my 16-port switch, including my laptop for testing. The switch then connects directly to my router about two feet from it. The problem is the switch will lock up or cause all my devices connected to it to lose network connectivity. This is verified by me...
  13. I

    Increasing bandwidth on existing fiber cable

    Can you increase the bandwidth of an existing fiber with 100Mbps media converter by just replacing with the 1Gbps media converter? I got two buildings about 200 meters apart connected with fiber with 100Mbps media converter, which was installed many years ago. This is causing a bottleneck, and...
  14. O

    Save me (can’t access the internet with more than 3 LAN wired devices connected to an 8-port switch)

    Problem: I can’t access the internet with more than 3 LAN wired devices connected to an 8-port switch (ie, the fourth device never works (and the fifth too of course), no matter the device). Description of Problem: Our house has eight separate LAN outlets throughout the house for various...
  15. D

    Switching to Cat5e Ethernet Help

    I recently decided i wanted to use the existing ethernet connections in my home to connect some devices (Laptop, PS4, etc.) with faster speed, but one look at the cabinet with all of the Cat5e and Coax cables and I was lost. I have an Xfinity Gateway (Arris TG1682G). All the rooms I want the...
  16. S

    Asus RT AC-5300 WIFI ROUTER

    dear all i am using linksys e 1200 before it works fine for me but it has short signal range thatswhy i buy asus acrt-5300 as you also know it have 8 antenna for long range, i configure it and after configuring internet works fine in all client pc but when any user use local server application...
  17. S

    Network Setup Questions

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and have some questions about a potential new network setup. I live in an area where I can get gigabit internet and I want to plan for how the rest of my current networking has to change to allow for more bandwidth. I know the gigabit internet is available to my house...
  18. L

    Home/SMB network design

    I am building a new house where I would also like to have a small business with standard pc services (i.e. building and fixing). I am trying to design the network for the house and I would like to get some input on what hardware to use. Networks & Requirements Home network a couple of PCs...
  19. P

    Modem suggestion for BSNL/Airtel between the price range 2000-3500

    Hi all, I am planning to replace my old modem. After some research, I finalized the below two modems. TP-LINK TD-W8968 300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router - TP-LINK : After going through some of the...
  20. R

    Does cable modem w/ voice no router exist?

    Anyone out there find any cable models that have voice jack but no router capabilities? I don't want to use the Comcast modem but I need the phone jack...but prefer to use another router (so the router built-in to the modem is useless for me).. any ideas?
  21. A

    Which wifi system is the best? google wifi/orbi/eeor?

    Want to buy a wifi system ,but cannot sure which is the best one. I need it easy to use and well signal. I looked at the introduction of these pages:
  22. R

    Need help with switches

    Hi guys, it's my first post and a bit of a nooby question. But at the moment I use a basic switch which plugs in to my router then allows me extra ports to connect to my network. My question is, do large mounted switches work this way? As in proper network switches? Do they simply plug into a...
  23. B

    Dynamic routes

    Hi. I've just got a new job as a testing engineer. In short, I test the functionality of routers and I don't exactly know how to test dynamic routes. My goal: to set up a simulation of a scenario where dynamic routing is used on a RUT950 router and to see whether it works or doesn't. Can anyone...
  24. A


    I am stuguling to come up with a solution any help is appreciated thanks
  25. S

    Layer 2 Failover

    Hi How can i setup layer2 failover? My Network setup: Distance between Site A and Site B is 2 km. Both sites are connected via wireless link. As a backup line, we also have layer2 fiber link between these two sites. Primarily I want to transfer all traffic on wireless link only and do not use...
  26. S

    Computers Inconsistently Recognize and Talk to One Another

    I could really use some advice on a Windows 10 networking problem. I have 3 computers. All 3 can access the internet, but vary in the way they recognize each other or not, and in whether or not they can see shared files on the other. All 3 run Windows 10 Pro. C5 desktop connected to gateway...
  27. N

    How do I map my external IP to a new server?

    I would really appreciate help on this. I have a server (server 1) that is up and running using an external IP. We just received a new server (server 2) to replace the old one. We need the external IP that was mapped to server 1 to be mapped to server 2 so we can decommission server 1. My...
  28. B

    Experienced Network Engineers

    Ladies and Gents, I recently landed a position as a Mid-level Network Engineer with a reputable consulting firm. However, all my job experience, although extensive, was gained in my last 4 years in the military. I have performed Systems/Network Administration and Engineering roles, with a...